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11 Inspiring Cricut Explore Air 2 Projects of 2021

If you just bought your Cricut explore air 2 and you don’t know what to do with it or you are all out of inspiration then you are in the right place because in this article we have talked about 11 of the best Cricut explore air 2 projects.

All of these projects can be made by beginners and they are perfect for anyone who has some experience with Cricut explore air 2 because all of our ideas are unique, creative, and fun to make.

Wood signs

Wood signs are a very fun and convenient project that you can work on using your Cricut explore air 2.  Moreover, these signs can also help you customize your workspace or your room. If you use your Cricut to design wood signs you can print your favorite quote on them and hang them on your door.


If you have kids designing pajamas is perfect for you. Designing pajamas can be very fun and all of your hard work will be worth it when your kid wears them.

You can print cute and funny sayings on the pajamas and also design them with fun and cute patterns.

Paper flowers

Paper flowers is another project that you can work on using your Cricut explore air 2. You can get creative with this project such as you can make an entire bouquet of paper flowers which you can use as gifts for mother’s day or father’s day.

You can also design a single big flower or make a lot of small ones. Some similar ones were also done in Best Cricut Maker Projects


Designing labels is a very fun and entertaining project. You can design labels for your kitchen, cleaning items, and even your room.

If you design labels with your Cricut Explore Air 2 you will have a fun time and the end product will help you organize your home. Another fun idea is designing labeled hangers these are perfect for weddings.


If you have used your Cricut explore air 2 and you are familiar with its functions then you have probably designed mugs before. If you haven’t designed mugs before you should definitely give this project a try.

Designing mugs is a perfect beginner project but even if you have designed mugs before you can design some more to improve your skills and have an extra pair of cute coffee mugs in our house.

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Like mugs, glasses are again something that we frequently use in our house hence you can design and customize your glasses and make them much cuter.

You can also customize glasses for your kids. Even though designing water glasses or wine glasses can be a bit difficult it can easily be done if you have a little bit of experience.


If you can’t find a good pair of socks that has the perfect design then make your own design.

Making socks is one of the most fun projects to work on using your Cricut. Making socks is very fun you can print a funny saying underneath your socks or make matching socks.

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Greeting cards are another item that we frequently use hence why not make them ahead of time. You can easily make greeting cards with your Cricut explore air 2. Moreover customized gift cards are the best. They are the perfect gift.

Holiday decorations

Holiday decorations are another fun project that you can work on.

Whether it is Christmas or Halloween you can use your Cricut to decorate your home depending on the holiday. If you use your Cricut to design holiday decorations it will save you a lot of time and money.


As summer arrives flip-flops become more trending and famous hence designing your own flip-flops will allow you to have fun in the process and it will save you a lot of time. The process of designing flip-flops is very easy and fun and you will also love the end result. Making flip-flops is the perfect answer to the question, what can I make with my Cricut explore air 2?.


If you can’t find the perfect earrings to work with your dress then you have the perfect opportunity to use your Cricut and make your very own wood earrings. You can use your explore air 2 to cut wood and engrave it. Hence use your Cricut maker to design some cute and elegant wood earrings.

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In this article, we have talked about 11 of the best Cricut projects that you can create using your Cricut explore air 2.  You can almost customize anything using your Cricut explore air 2 but if you are all out of ideas you can use our list to guide you.

Our list of the best Cricut projects is perfect for beginners but even if you are not a beginner and you have experience with your Cricut you can use still use our list. Hence make sure to try creating a new project from our list every time you run out of ideas.


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