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Cricut projects are easy and simple

Some of the Cricut projects do need a bit of experience but if you have some basic skills you will be able to easily make them. We know that using your Cricut is very fun but not knowing what to do with it can be very frustrating hence use our list of the best Cricut projects whenever you run out of ideas.

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What kind of Cricut should I use to make shirts?

If you just want to design and make shirts then a Cricut mini is perfect for you but we highly recommend that you invest one time and purchase the Cricut maker as it will open a lot of options.


If you love reading books or you are a student you know that bookmarks are a necessity but usually, bookmarks are plain and boring. Hence why not design your own bookmarks using your Cricut maker. You can easily design personalized bookmarks that are both cute and fun to make.

Folder pockets

This is again an item that is a necessity for a student or anyone who works. We all know that organizing files can be very boring hence why not make it a bit more fun by using your own folder pockets. You can design these folder pockets however you want. You can also use glitter to design them.

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Lunch notes

Lunch notes are very easy to make and the end result is very satisfying. If you pack lunch for your kids making lunch notes is the perfect Cricut project for you. You can design them by writing a quote of their favorite movie on them or maybe just a simple “have fun”. We guarantee that your kids will love these cute lunch notes.

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You can easily make different types of centerpieces with your Cricut maker. Whether it is for your dinner table or just a decoration piece for your study table, you can make all kinds of centerpieces with your Cricut maker from succulent holders to candles.


Can’t find the perfect clutch that matches your outfit? Use your Cricut maker to help you design one for yourself. Making clutches is again a very fun and easy way to use your Cricut. You can buy a plain clutch from any store and design it however you want.

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Sleep mask

Get rid of those boring sleeping masks and use your Cricut maker to design one. Sleeping masks are an item that almost all of us use commonly. Hence design a sleeping mask for every day of the week.

Gift bags

Personalized gift bags are the best. Designing a gift bag with your Cricut maker is again very fun they are also perfect wedding gifts. This is also a perfect idea for anyone who attends a lot of birthday parties. If you use these personalized gift bags as wedding gifts you can also try to make a collection of personalized gift bags.


Finding pillow covers that match your couch can be difficult and many people are not satisfied with the end product but if you have a Cricut then you don’t have to worry about finding a pillow that matches your couch.

To design a pillow cover all you have to do is buy a plain cover and design it according to your liking.


Customizing hangers is one of the most fun things to do. These hangers are also perfect for weddings. Moreover, you can also design them to help you customize your closet. These customize hangers are also perfect gifts.

Paper flower bouquet

Giving someone flowers is the best gift ever but flowers usually don’t last for a very long time. Hence if you have a Cricut you can make paper flowers these flowers will be more long-lasting. Paper flowers are also perfect gifts for mothers’ day, father’s day, and birthdays. This is a very fun and easy DIY project.

Cuff bracelets

If you are looking for the perfect cuff bracelet but you can’t find the right one then making a cuff bracelet is a perfect project for you. Cuff bracelets are easy to make yet the process is very fun. You can add charms to them, engrave them or even add glitter to them to make the bracelet more glamorous.


Customize your doormats using your Cricut. This is one of the best Cricut projects as it is very simple and entertaining to make. You can make a doormat for every room or you can select themes. These doormats are also amazing gifts that you can give to your friends and family.

Hanging planters

If you want to buy planters but you can’t find good ones then design them yourself. You might have seen diamond-shaped hanging planters in shops since these are trending these days but they are also expensive.

Hence designing planters will help you save some money and will also give you a cute accessory for your room.

Cork labels

Designing cork labels is a bit difficult but it is very fun and entertaining. We guarantee that if you use your Cricut to design these cork labels you will have a good time and the result will also be amazing. Cork labels will also help you organize your kitchen. You can design them by writing the name of the product you will keep with them.


Keychains are something that everyone uses. No matter if you are a working adult or a student you will need a keychain. Hence why not design your own keychains, you can also design matching keychains for you and your friends. Even though you can make different kinds of keychains using your Cricut it is best that you make leather keychains as they will give you the best result.

Wood signs

Wood signs are another fun way to make your workspace less boring and designing wood signs using your Cricut is even more fun. That is why we recommend that you make wood signs using your Cricut. You can design them by printing your favorite quote on them or printing a cute pattern on them.


Use your Cricut maker to customize your water bottles. This is an activity that you can do with your kids. This will be a fun project for everyone and it will also give them the opportunity to design their water bottles themselves. Designing water bottles is very fun and easy. These bottles will also make your kitchen look more organized.


Make marathon blankets using your Cricut. Making marathon blankets is very entertaining to make. Even though it is a bit difficult but you will get the chance to use infusible-ink which is a very fun material to work with even if you don’t have infusible-ink you can still design blankets using simple vinyl.

Spy bags

Spy bags are another accessory that is a very fun project to make with your kids. You can also design your favorite movie-themed spy bags for example harry potter spy bags. Spy bags are a bit difficult to make but designing them is very fun hence we highly recommend using your Cricut to make spy bags

Pencil holders

This project again is a cute way of customizing your workspace. Pencil holders are very fun and convenient to make. Your Cricut will allow you to make them however you want. Moreover, you can also design them according to your favorite movie or cartoons.


In this article, we talked about the 20 best Cricut projects. Most of the projects that are mentioned above are easy to make and you will have a lot of fun creating them. Hence we highly recommend that you try all of these projects.

Make sure to check our list of the best Cricut projects whenever you are out of ideas and inspiration.

Frequently asked questions

What can I make with my Cricut maker?

Cricut maker allows you to make a lot of different projects. You just need some materials to create amazing projects. The answer to this question depends on your crafting skills. If you are really skilled you will be able to make a lot of different projects but even if you are just starting there are a lot of projects that don’t require crafting skills.

Should I buy a Cricut?

A Cricut allows you to easily cut materials. Hence if sewing is your profession then buying a Cricut is a very good option. Moreover, Cricut also makes designing much more fun and entertaining. We recommend that you buy the Cricut maker as it allows you cut a lot of different materials.


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