best permanent vinyl for cricut

10 Best Vinyl Cutter Machines【Tested & Reviewed】

 Having the best vinyl cutter for your business is one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make 

Before you can even consider one of these craft projects, you should have an idea of what type of project you will be doing, as well as an idea of your own capabilities.

Quick Comparison Guide

Vinyl CutterRating Price
Cricut Explore Air 2 9.6/10 [Editor's Choice] Check Price
Cricut Maker 9.6/10 Check Price
Cricut Joy DIY Machine For Quick Vinyl9.6/10 Check Price
Brother's ScanNCut DIY Cutting Machine 9/10 Check Price
Cricut Maker 3 9.4/10 Check Price
Silhouette's Cameo 4 9/10 Check Price
Mophorn Heat Press and Vinyl Cutter Machine8/10 Check Price
VEVOR 28 Inch Vinyl Cutter Machine 8/10 Check Price
USCutter Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand 9/10 Check Price
VEVOR 14 inch Vinyl Cutter Machine 7.4/10 Check Price

Trying to determine which is the best vinyl cutter can be frustrating. There’s nothing worse than investing in a machine that you thought was right for you only to discover it’s limited in its features or doesn’t fulfill all your requirements.

This is why you should carefully examine the features before purchasing an expensive device. Check out our review of best vinyl cutter machines of 2022 here to learn more.

This guide shortlists the top 10 vinyl cutting machines for you; check out the factors to consider when purchasing this machine!

  • To begin with, you have to consider the cutting force the machine can apply.
  • Check if the device offers wireless connectivity; this allows you to create designs easily.
  • Buying the best vinyl cutter machine with an LCD controller will allow you to control the entire device.
  • Cutting speed also matters for this product.
  • Keep in mind that the size of the cutting bed will depend on your usage.
  • In some products, the design can be automatically detected and made.
  • Choose a cutter that is easy to operate.
  • Many of the new machines feature automatic blades!

Best Vinyl Cutter 2021:

 To choose the best vinyl cutting machines for you, you simply need to consider how and when you will use them. Read Features To Consider With A Vinyl Cutter Machine if you need help understanding that. 

You might have already looked at the best vinyl cutter 2021, but now that we are in the year 2022, let’s look at the best vinyl cutter for 2022.


1: Cricut Explore Air 2:

Why We Love It:

best permanent vinyl for cricut

  • The machine can cut over 100 types of materials
  • Fine point blades of the highest quality
  • Includes a cutting mat
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology
  • Suitable for Cricut cartridges

✅Small in size & Portable❌Slow performance of online software
✅Efficient❌Projects can only be stored in the cloud
✅Durable & Versatile
✅Perfect for beginners
Check Price on Amazon


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2: Cricut Maker:

Why We Love It:

best permanent vinyl for cricut

  • Up to 4 kilograms of vinyl can be cut with this machine.
  • Bluetooth and USB connections are available.

✅Versatile❌There is a limited cutting area of 12 X 24 inches for this machine.
✅Easy to use
✅Ideal for bulk materials
Check Price on Amazon


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3: Cricut Joy DIY Machine For Quick Vinyl:

Why We Love It:

best permanent vinyl for cricut

  • This would be a top contender, and the fact that it’s a number one bestseller on Amazon just shows you how well it can perform.
  • Work with materials up to 34” so it’s not just great for home hobbyists but small scale commercial use.
  • Great beginner kit that has everything you need to work with vinyl cutting

✅Lightweight❌You can only cut up to 4.5 inches in width
✅Easy to learn & use❌Limited materials compatibility
✅Versatile & Portable
✅Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac
Check Price on Amazon


4: Brother’s ScanNCut DIY Cutting Machine:

Why We Love It:

best place to buy cricut supplies

  • Featuring 682 built-in designs and 9 fonts, including 100 quilting patterns
  • Material thickness is automatically detected by automatic material sensors

✅You do not need internet access to operate it❌Cutting Mats that come with the machine are not compatible. You have to purchase them separately.
✅A variety of built-in designs are available❌Only materials up to a thickness of three millimeters can be cut
✅Measures material thickness automatically
✅Touchscreen display
Check Price on Amazon


5: Cricut Maker 3 Compatible with Matless Cutting Cricut Smart Materials:

Why We Love It:

best place to buy cricut supplies

  • Cuts 300+ Materials
  • Utilizes 13 tools to score, write, and cut material
  • The Materials can be cut up to 12 feet (3.65 meters) long

✅Easily cuts materials without a mat❌Costly
✅It can automate multiple crafting processes
✅Fast & efficient
✅Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac
Check Price on Amazon


About Free Cricut Software


6: Silhouette's Cameo 4 with Bluetooth:

Why We Love It:

best place to buy cricut supplies

  • Provides a variety of design options
  • 5,000 grams force
  • Tool detection sensors
  • Dual motor system
  • Cutting speed of 30 cm/second

✅Powerful❌You will need to purchase additional tools separately such as Rotary Blades, Kraft Blades, Punch Tools, and Pen Holders.
✅Has a built-in Bluetooth functionality
✅Auto-adjusting blades
✅Compatibility with both MAC and Windows
Check Price on Amazon


7: Mophorn Heat Press and Vinyl Cutter Machine:

best cricut for stickers

  • Illuminated LCD screen
  • 500g of cutting force
  • Cutting speed of 10-800 mm/second

✅ Precise cutter❌ Currently not compatible with Mac systems.
✅ Efficient❌ If you are new to it, you might find it difficult to use
✅ Versatile
✅ Comes with special software for designing
✅ Compatible with most Windows products
Check Price on Amazon


8: VEVOR 28 Inch Vinyl Cutter Machine with 20 Blades:

Why We Love It:

best cricut for stickers

  • This model comes with 20 blades and a backlight display to boost its visibility.
  • The digital speed and force controls can be adjusted for cutting. The cutting speed is 10-800 mm/s, and the cutting force is 10-500g.
  • Four caster wheels make transportation easy.

✅ Adjustable cutter pressure and speed❌Currently not compatible with the Mac system.
✅ LCD display with backlight for easy use
✅ Durable
✅ Portable
✅ Quiet
✅ Compatible with Windows products
Check Price on Amazon


9: USCutter Vinyl Cutter Plotter with Stand:

Why We Love It:

best cricut for stickers

  • It has a dual-position carriage (front for cut-through and rear for vinyl).
  • Parallel, serial, and USB are the three connectivity options available for this machine
  • You can easily adjust two pinch-rollers to use a range of different materials.

✅ Free VinylMaster Cut and Design Software❌ Incompatible with Apple/Mac system
✅ You get three cutting blades
✅ Reliable lifetime customer support
✅ Easy to use, making it ideal for beginners
Check Price on Amazon


10: VEVOR 14 inch Vinyl Cutter Machine:

Why We Love It:

best iron on vinyl for cricut maker

  • A large control panel and an illuminated LCD screen are attached to the vinyl printer.
  • Cuts at a speed of 10-800 mm per second and with a cutting pressure of 10-500g. (Both are adjustable)
  • 16 MB of fast cache memory.

✅ Compatible with most Windows products❌ Not compatible with the Mac system
✅ Adjustable cutter pressure and speed
✅ Digital Precise Control
✅ High Compatibility
Check Price on Amazon


Vinyl Cutter Buying guide:

Vinyl cutter brands like Silhouette, Cricut, Brother, VEVOR, GCC, and many more are famous for their performance and versatility. Every brand is making these types of products!

However, some of them may not be helpful to you because they may not provide any assistance. It is important to keep in mind many factors before purchasing!


The Importance Of Choosing the best vinyl machine:

A vinyl cutter is a machine that is incredibly important to many small businesses and home hobbyists. When the device doesn't work correctly or breaks down, they're often left lost and unable to complete much of their work, which is why it's important to choose one that meets your needs.

Vinyl cutters don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive machines, but it's certainly worth the investment, provided it comes with a solid warranty because this initial purchase should last for many years and be useful for countless projects going forward.

  • With a vinyl cutter, you can make stickers in many different designs, as well as labels that can be personalized
  • It is easy to create iron-on transfers with vinyl cutters that can be placed on clothes, bags, and other items, giving you a distinctive look to mass-produced items
  • With a vinyl cutter, you can easily cut fine and delicate shapes and patterns out of cardstock and other materials.
  • A vinyl cutter is most often used professionally by sign makers due to its ability to cut precisely and accurately.
  • You can cut out patterns for headbands, t-shirts, bags, and other things with the right vinyl cutter that can work with fabric.


1. Is there a blade for vinyl cutting machines that can be used with materials of different thicknesses?

Various kinds of blades are available for some machines, such as rotary blades or fabric blades, but most of them don't come with all of their blade options. You'll have to buy them separately and replace them as soon as they become dull.

2. Is it possible to cut my own hand-drawn designs on a vinyl cutter?

Some machines allow you to do this. The best vinyl machines can produce cutting patterns by scanning images. Some manufacturers have downloadable software for creating your own designs, but these designs aren’t quite “hand-drawn.” If you are technically inclined, you can import designs from other programs that allow freehand design provided they are formatted correctly into the manufacturer's software.

3. Is it possible for vinyl cutting machines to cut through multiple layers of fabric?

Machines are available that can cut through more than one layer of material, which will greatly reduce the amount of time you have to spend cutting. You should make sure the blade is sharp enough and is the right size. These days, one of the best vinyl cutting machines is available in the market that does the job perfectly.


In conclusion, these cutters are among the best options you can choose from when it comes to personal vinyl cutters. Cricut Explorer is a great vinyl cutter option if you are looking for the perfect vinyl cutter. When searching for a vinyl sticker cutter, you need to look for a cheap machine that will last longer. It is also possible to use some of the best vinyl decal machines on the market. You also have to search a little for other machines that qualify as great commercial vinyl cutters.


What To Look For In A Vinyl Cutter Machine:

Consider carefully the features of a vinyl cutter before you decide to make one of the biggest investments in your home workshop.


A desktop vinyl cutter is usually quite compact and can be used at home. It is also important to consider the size of the cutting area. This is measured in inches and will give you an idea of how much space you’ll need when cutting any given material.


Some devices can have built-in memory that contains functions, patterns, and designs. It is vital for anyone who makes multiple copies of the same design or prefers to avoid using the software.

Cutting Capabilities

In addition to vinyl, the vinyl cutter can be used with cardstock, paper, and some lightweight fabrics. Consider a pinch roller that can be adjusted to match the type of materials you work with.

Ease to use

A vinyl cutter is sometimes difficult to operate for beginners due to its complex interface. To be sure, you need to check how easy it is to operate the vinyl cutter you decide to purchase. Beginners need to understand how to operate the vinyl cutter in order to use it effectively for their projects.


When buying a vinyl cutter, be sure to check the warranty as well. If there is any damage or issue with these cutters, you can also have them replaced or repaired. A warranty is therefore necessary for every vinyl cutter.


Make sure to check the vinyl cutter’s price before purchasing it. There are various types of cutters available in the market with different price ranges. When you compare the different cutters within the same range, you will be able to find the best vinyl cutting machine.

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