Cricut Expression 2 review

Cricut Expression 2 Review [All Pro & Cons]

 If you’ve ever used Cricut expression 1 then you’ll know how good Cricut machines are 

Therefore we have come up with the Cricut expression 2 reviews in order to provide you with the durable and reliable cutter available in the market

Hence, the ability to make your own design makes it more worthy.

NOTE: Please Note that Cricut Expression 2 has been discontinued & the New Version for it is Called Cricut Explore Air 2. Which you Can Find here

Cricut Expression 2 Review 2021:

Why we like it:

  • Create your own projects and designs with the help of an LCD touch screen
  • Create any design on your personal computer
  • Independent image sizing
  • Easy on your budget

✅Handy for all types of projects❌You are bound to use merely downloaded images
✅Larger mats (24x12)
✅Easy to utilize
✅No internet connection is required

Cricut expression 2 is one of the best cutter people have been using previously. Additionally, it is

By the time, it got discontinued for a specific period of time, but still, there are some projects that can not be done without this machine.

There are some queries arisen that can I still use my Cricut expression? To answer this, let’s go into the details:

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Size & Design:

Looking at the product, you may find it a bit large, but it is an entirely lightweight machine. In addition to this, if you have been previously using Cricut expression, then there is a huge difference between Cricut expression and expression 2.

Similarly, expression 2 is easy to carry which makes it quite portable. It hardly weighs 16 pounds, makes it one of the lightest cutting machines available in the market.

LCD Screen:

This is one of the best features you can find in a cutting machine. Nevertheless, it enables you to create any sort of image and design you want.

Furthermore, the clear and widescreen allows you to observe the placement of the images, and it can likewise provide you with a complete view of the images.

Besides, you can utilize the touch screen in order to handle speed setting for some particular materials and designs.

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Cuts Well:

Do not be in a hurry if you are unaware of what to look first in a Cricut machine expression 2 before buying. Likewise, you must look for how well it cuts.

The answer is probably YES! It can cut well and makes you create wonderful large designs.

You can also draw by removing the blades and replacing it with the pens.

This cutting machine is not properly used for professional purposes, as it can side more to the hobbies. Moreover, still, some crafters and designers search for a good product with perfect accuracy.

Cricut Image Library:

The Cricut image library consists of hundreds of designs. There are attractive digital images available in the library, which you can purchase accordingly. Additionally, there are Cricut cartridges that you can utilize with your machine.

These cartridges allow you to access millions of already designed and drawn images. Besides, some of them even come with fonts as well.

The availability of these cartridges is almost 300, where you can find a different range of themes.

Design On Your Computer:

If you are the one who wants to create designs on your own computer, so now it has been made very easy. In addition, there is a software named Cricut Craft Room that enables you to makes changes with the pictures you own already.

Moreover, you can simply drag the image and place it on the matt. Now you can set, rotate, and flip the images to have an accurate.

It likewise allows you to connect the Cricut expression 2 machines to the computer via USB cable in order to cut what you have made.

Make Things You Have Never Made

Expression 2 Cricut provides you with the ability to make such designs that you have never created. However, now it is all in your hands whether you want to make cards, which is now possible with a single touch.

Furthermore, it will likewise help you to decorate your room and the entire home. Meanwhile, you have got the chance to polish your crafting skills with the help of Cricut expression 2. Along with other best Cricut machines.

After reviewing the positive sides, we have got a few negative factors as well since the machine is an old, outdated tool.

You Can not Utilize The Craft Room Without AN Internet Connection

One of the downsides of cricket expression 2 where you make the little problem is that you can use the craft room if there is no internet connection. In addition to this, once you find an active internet connection, you are ready to use it.

Besides, in some cases, if there is no internet connection at all, you will require to use the LCD screen and Cartridges.

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No Wireless Cutting Available

There was a time when Cricut used to come with wireless adapters. However, that would allow the user to easily connect the circuit with the computer.

Moreover, you were not supposed to utilize the USB cables in order to connect it to the Cricut craft software. This may seem a bit irritating as well for the new users.

Recently, Cricut has planned to provide the adapters if you are willing to use the Cricut Craft Software.

You Are Unable To Design Your Own Images

There was a time when Cricut used to come with wireless adapters. However, that would allow the user to easily connect the Cricut with the computer.

Moreover, you were not supposed to utilize the USB cables in order to connect it to the Cricut craft software. This may seem a bit irritating as well for the new users.

Recently, Cricut has planned to provide the adapters if you are willing to use the Cricut Craft Software.

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Cricut Expression Details:

Cricut Expression 2

It is still one of the most popular machines available in the market, but if you are wondering out there is how it entered into the Cricut ecosystem, you will get to know about this right here.

In addition, after the Cricut expression, there came the Cricut Expression 2, which most of the fans call E2. Hence, you may take it as the modified version of the first machine.

Here, you will find more improvements and features that were lacking in the previous crafting machine.

This product was created before the E1 machine. Without a doubt, it still depends on using images from cartridges. When it comes to Explore machines, you are able to upload your own images and create them the way you want.

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Difference between Cricut expression and expression 2:


Are you confused between the two expression Cricut? We will make the things cleared, and you will realize the difference is much cleared.

Let’s see who dominated who?

First of all, you will observe many improvements in Expression 2, which were not available in Cricut 1. However, some of the professional crafters still give preference to the 1st edition.

One of the similarities is that the cutting performance of both is equal. It cuts well and accurately. Moreover, the 2nd edition enables you to do more creativity as compared to the first one.

The expression Cricut 1 contains a keyboard area and a screen as well. Nevertheless, you can likewise use these in order to find out more abilities and functions. On the other hand, it comes up with a dial that allows you to resize the images.

The expression 2 can dominate the first one in terms of the large color display. Moreover, there is a stylus as well, In case if you want to do the work via an LCD screen.

The stylus has so many benefits. However, you can easily rotate, flip, and turn the images. It shows that you will not have to use the keyboard, which is a hectic thing

The main difference that is not available in Expression 1 is that there is a preview mat in Expression 2. With this, you can preview the images and check how it will really look at the material you will place it on.

That was all about the differences and similarities between the old and new versions of crafting machines.

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Cricut Expression 2 Specifications:

What else can you expect in the box?

  • Cricut machine
  • Stylus
  • Blade assembly
  • User instruction
  • LCD protector
  • USB cable
  • Quick start instruction
  • Number of cartridges

Materials It Can Easily Go with:

Here,  we will sort out which type of materials this product can work with so that it becomes easier for the users to avoid other stuff that is not mentioned here.

  • Thin foils
  • Foam
  • Vellum
  • Cardstock
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl

Additionally, some of the users are wandering out for a deep cut. However, it is really sure about the deep cut, but you can go up to 1.5mm.

Cutting Width:

There have been exploring machines in the market that offers 11.5 x 23.5 inches of width and length. Your Cricut expression 2 has the same cutting width and length.

Of course, you will not find the same measurements in the product description. It states that the machine can cut 12 inches of width to 24 inches lengthy materials.

Therefore, you must look for the right measurements so that you don’t make any mistakes while working

You need to sort out your requirements. As this will be the maximum width and length of the materials that you can deal with this Expression 2. Contrarily, if you need to deal with larger materials, you need a better machine

For example, the latest model of the Silhouette Cameo 3 is much better with longer and wider materials. Thus, it allows you to cut the materials that are wider than 12 inches and are around 10 feet long.

With every requirement, you will need extra support too. For instance, when you buy the expression 2 machine, you will have the cutting mat as well.

Therefore, if that cutting mat is not enough for your work, you will have to buy another one.

The mat that is included in the package is having the standard measuring size that is 12 x 12 inches.

Extra cutting essentials are always available in the market, and you can buy them if needed. Hence, you should hold on for it in light of the fact that not everything in life is free. You should not be getting greedier as they are offering a smaller mat, which is free. So, bear with it. But if you can’t, it will cause you to go for a separate purchase accordingly.

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Software and Cartridges:

The compatibility of this Cricut Expression 2 is amazing. You will get some free cartridges along with the package, use them for the test. Afterward, when you need to work on different designs, you can download them.

When talking about the downloading of designs, you will face certain limitations. For example, you will be requiring the image store to download them. This image store is provided on the software. Therefore, you will also need the Cricut Craft room software for that.

But wait,

The craft room won’t provide you all the designs for free. You will need to purchase some of the designs. That’s right. The purchase thing. It’s here again. Cricut is asking you to buy things again and again. But you will not have to worry a lot because they do not cost more.


It’s not that Cricut is asking you to buy everything separately. The manufacturer is offering you all the essentials that you will need to get a start. You will get the software, the cartridges, designs, and cutting mat for free.

Therefore, if you need to start working immediately, you will have everything ready in the package. You will only have to plug in the machine and start working.

A guide to Cricut Expression 2 cartridges: Pink Cricut Expression Electronic Cutting Machine

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You might be worried about getting the Cricut Craft Room software. Another separate purchase? No, not at all. You can find the software on the official website “”. Besides,

Moreover, you don’t even have to worry about the compatibility of your device. One of the best things about this software is that it is both compatible with Windows and Mac. Hence, you are now able to make use of it for both Windows and Mac.

You will have to pay for merely one thing which is an Internet connection. But you are already paying for that, aren’t you? You will be needing software that will only require a few MBs and doesn’t cost much.

When it comes to the functioning of the Craft room, it is quite much similar to that of the LCD. The only thing which makes it different is the screen size and nothing much.

Talking about the designs and cartridges, you have certain limitations. This cutting machine is only compatible with the designs that are from Cricut.

Therefore, whether you download free designs or purchase the others, they should be from Cricut.

There are a few factors that you should know beforehand. It’s about the errors that you will face.

When talking about the cutting of the different materials, of course, Cricut blades are good enough. Contrarily, the software is not much of a match.

Cricut really need to work on the optimization of their software. As it shows service errors and shows connection problems. In addition to this, the software is of basic level and also has a lot of restrictions. And we don’t really like restrictions when it comes to designing.

Therefore, if you are facing any of the above-mentioned issues, it is not the mistake on your side. Moreover, you should not worry about it either. Sit back and relax and try again. The problem will resolve in a few tries. It’s is just about software optimization.

Despite not being perfect, the Cricut software is still good enough. Considering the different options available in the market, it is still good enough. Furthermore, it is also offering you the amazing Cricut Design Space that is software to explore machines.


Our verdict on the Cricut Expression 2 Machine:

deifference between cricut expression 2 and cricut expression

Considering the time of release and the technology of that time, it was a relatively good cutting machine. But things have changed now. Technology has advanced and so does the cutting machines. In addition to this, Cricut has also introduced some latest models.

The newest models from Cricut are better in craft cutting than the Expression 2, but there are still differences.

For example, the latest models have been developed by using modern-day technology. In addition to this, the usage is a bit different. Furthermore, the price tag is also different.

Therefore, considering the requirements of basic users and craft learners, Expression 2 is still good. It has been built with quality material, has sharp blades and that is why gives a sharp cut. The most amazing thing is that it is relatively easy to use.

In addition to this, it will not require your quality time. Just open up the package and assemble the parts and that’s it. You are now ready to begin your work through it.

This Cricut Expression 2 is especially best for people who do not show much interest in designing. For example, you need to work on a project but you are not a good designer.

What will you do now? Yes, here comes the Cricut to your rescue. You won’t have to draw the designs. As mentioned above, you can get free designs or purchase from the Cricut online store and software.

Thus, you will only have to select the design you want and make the cut of it. In addition to this, you will get the LCD screen that gives you the expressive details of the designs. It is perfect in this aspect. You will be done with the crafting work in no time. Furthermore, this is a feature that makes it perfect for beginners.

You won’t be getting the freedom of cutting your own designs through this Cricut craft machine. Therefore, if you are a designer and the automated designs don’t approve your taste, you need something else.

You can easily find some craft cutting machines in the market that will let you scan your own designs. Furthermore, this is the major aspect that will make your decision.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can Cricut expression be used in design space?

Yes, all the machines that were created before Cricut explore machines can be used in the design space. But first, you will require to install the Cricut room software.

Q: Can you use Cricut expression without cartridges?
You can likewise use the machine both with and without the computer. In addition to this, if you want to use it without the computer, so then there must be cartridges in your machine to help you cut the images.

Q: How to use Cricut design space with Cricut expression 2?

As previously discussed, you will need to download and install the software named Cricut Room in order to use the Cricut design space.

Q: Can I connect my Cricut expression 2 to my computer?

The process is much easy. Follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to visit the
  • There you will download a software named Cricut Craft Room ( CCR )
  • Install it on your computer or laptop
  • Connect it through a USB cable

Q: What comes with Cricut expression?

After buying it, there will be a machine, user manual, blades, and cutting mats in the box.


Finally, the complete details of the Cricut Expression 2 have been explained. You can find the cutting aspects, ratio, and the width and length of the materials that you can use.

Moreover, you will also have the details of the compatible designs and where to find them. All of the facts will help you in making your decision about the purchase of this crafting machine.

But the most important one is the scanning option. If you are comfortable with the provided designs, this is the craft cutter for you. Otherwise, you might look forward to others

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