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12 Best Fonts for Cricut to Use in 2022

When you initially get a Cricut Maker you need to download design space first

In the design space, there are 2 most important fonts that are system font and circuit font. 

System Fonts:

These are simple and most commonly used fonts. You use these fonts in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Folder Names. There is nothing too extraordinary. These are simple ol fonts. You can easily use it for your projects. 

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Cricut Fonts:

These fonts are a bit catchy. They are specially designed and are amazing while typing.

It is perfectly designed to quote. This is the most common font used worldwide for machines. 

Best fonts for Cricut:

If you are looking for some amazing and best circuit fonts then this article will be of great help. You can easily select or download any font you like for your project or even its merch. We have a huge collection of different fonts. 

Babette font best Cricut fonts for vinyl:

Babette font is mostly used for scriptwriting. Many people used this font for labeling. This is a very unique and innovative font. It is linked with language support and advanced updated features.

It is stylistic and numeral. Everyone has to choose his own typeface according to his design and work. Once you use this font for your work next onwards you won’t be choosing any other font. It contains medium strokes and has very smart and fine edges. 

Silhouette Cameo Alternatives

Popular Cricut fonts:

The few most popular are Brush Script, Chloe, Emma Rae, Embassy, Emiline, Lipstick lettering, Mahogany, Merlot, P.S. Script Font, Pen Pals and Quarter note. 

  1. Brush Script:

This font seems like it’s dancing. This font has a very unique design of calligraphy. You can easily use this font for modern designs. This font has been famous since the ’90s. 

  1. Embassy:

This font is best for work wonders or for class projects. It gives a stencil vibe. The fashion or beauty industry uses this font the most. 

  1. Chloe: 

This font is used in bold and is mainly used for headings. It has an elegant design. It looks very graceful with a flair of vintage. It gives a neat and sleek look to the design, headings or logos. You can easily customize wedding cards, birthday invites, billboards, or pamphlets with this font. 

  1. Emiline: 

This font is a rough paintbrush-like font. You can easily use this font for artistic and innovative logos, quote cards, headlines, or posters. This is such an amazing font that gives a classy and sleek look. 

  1. Mahogany:

This font is so amazing. Both genders love using it. It gives a little whimsey to a work. Few letters have a mustache which gives a funky look. 

  1. Emma Rae:

This font is specially used to light up your work or designs. This font was designed by Ink Creative Art. This font is designed in a modern area having the taste and style of modernism. You can easily use it for your different projects even if it’s of small scale or of large scale. This font gives a charming doodling effect to your work. You will see that the font is semi bold which is mostly used for branding, books, magazines, or posters. 

  1. Lipstick lettering:

This font is used for invitations and customized decor. It gives a sweet and bubbly effect. It contains a full font in a brush scripted form. It is perfectly used for forming messages or monograms. You can easily use it with explorers or cutting machines. 

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Cricut design space fonts:

It is very important to have knowledge about the fonts you use. Here I will tell you how to adjust the space. For that, you need to bring close both the letters so they overlap. Drag the letters near each other.

Once you have adjusted the letter you can leave it and it will automatically be linked with the other letter. It will save your time and will cut as a single letter rather than overlapping. Many people make similar mistakes.

So it is better to read a detailed review or an article related to the font they want to use. It will make their lives way too easy. 

Favorite Cricut fonts:

Few fonts and free and few you have to purchase. All the fonts are less than 10 dollars. A few of the favorite Cricut fonts are Succulent, Windsor Great Park, Young Coconut, Pinsetter, Nautilus Pompilius, Bebas, and King Basil. 

  1. Succulent:

It is a handwritten kind of font which seems to be very skinny and slim. It is perfectly used for funky stuff and can be used for all age projects. This font is available in different languages. They may have a repeated pattern which will surely help you in designed edges. All you have to do is enter a few letters and click to have a bold border. It has almost 350 characters including different languages. 

  1. Bebas:

This font is basically used for captions and for product packaging. All the fonts are under license so there will be no copyright issues. You can use it whenever you want on your products, packages, banners or pamphlets. You are allowed to use these fonts wherever you want but selling the font isn’t allowed. 

  1. King Basil:

This font is the biggest font to date. It includes alphabets, numbers, punctuations, etc. Every single character is hand-drawn with great effort. They have used a Tombow brush pen to design this font. Later, after writing the specific font with your hand it gets printed and scanned so you are able to use it. 

  1. Pinsetter:

This font is mostly used by crafters. Tombstones are prepared by using Pinsetter. It is available in three heights. Big and small alphabets can easily be used alone and can be overlapped as well. You can have an amazing combination of all three different heights. All the letters are structured very gracefully and given an italic effect. 

  1. Young Coconut:

This young coconut font is very popular. It has a modern, simple, and versatile effect. This font is available in almost 200 languages. 

  1. Nautilus Pompilius:

This font is a modern script having fine edges and finishing. It is specially designed for logos, headings, and banners. 

  1. Windsor Great Park:

This font is handwritten and is styled in 5 different styles. All the fonts are perfectly aligned and when they are blended together they form very innovative and stylish fonts. You can use it for logos, invitation cards, posters, billboards, t-shirts, mugs, and caps.

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Best Cricut cursive fonts:

All the fonts are liked by people and they adore it but the few best cursive fonts are Palace Bold Calligraphy Cricut Font, Wild Hazelnut Cricut Lettering Fonts, Eiffel Script Handwritten Cricut Font, Avaline Ornaments Cricut Writing Fonts, and Hello Sweets Cricut Script Font.

  1. Palace Bold Calligraphy Cricut Font:

This font has a touch of modern calligraphy. This font is used for product packaging, magazines, captions, slogans, and wedding cards.

This font is designed to express your emotions in words. It also has multilingual support.  

  1. Eiffel Script Handwritten Cricut Font:

This font is very innovative and stylish. It has a french charm in it. The capital letters are designed very elegantly. It is used for typing, logos, billboards, etc. It is also used for hand-scripted projects.

Fonts have Latin characters, numbers, uppercase, and lowercase as well. The resolution is very high and is of good quality. You will see a few characters in the French language as well. 

  1. Wild Hazelnut Cricut Lettering Fonts:

This Wild Hazelnut Cricut Lettering Font is very versatile and classy. Most people who love arts use this font in their projects. It is multilingual and includes uppercase, lowercase, alphabets, characters, and numbers. 

  1. Hello Sweets Cricut Script Font:

This font is hand brushed and has a touch of modern calligraphy. This font is designed by using pen and brush to give it a trendy and elegant look. It was initially designed on paper then it was scanned and later converted into a font. It has a western language included in it. It is perfect for event management, logo designed, magazines, business cards, scarfs, quotes and denim. 

  1. Avaline Ornaments Cricut Writing Fonts:

This font is also handwritten. It has a classy style as it has a doodling effect in it. The letters are bold, light, and italic. It has various language supports. Avaline Ornaments Cricut Writing Font is used worldwide on a large scale.

It has catchy words, arrows, symbols, punctuation, and frames in it. Once you use this, you will never choose another one. This font is in the list of top 10 most used fonts. 


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