Best Vinyl Cutters for UK

10 Best Vinyl Cutters in UK in 2021 – For Commercial + Small Businesses

Find a good Vinyl Cutter in UK can sometimes be a hard task, majorly because there are a lot of them online to choose from. It helps to deal with the right instruments because you want to make sure you get a clear cut and a straight line. I know how complicated it can be to hunt down anything on which you can rely, which is why I give my advice.

I tested the 10 best vinyl cutters for UK a few weeks ago, and today I’m writing down my notes & list for you!

That way, when you come to make your final decision, you’ll sleep easier knowing that nothing but the best is what you’re looking at.

How Does a Vinyl Cutter Work?

After first coming up with a template from the vinyl material that needs to be cut off, you can create your style, select from the software library for cutting, or create a single scratch (using the software for construction).

You would need to open the cutting program that came with your cutting machine and then import the template into the program’s working region to be cut. For smooth cutting, the program will then transform your design into a vector-based graphic. The machine follows the vector direction of the vector-based graphic to monitor when to cut the cutting blade. You will tell your cutting machine to start cutting by pressing the CUT button or the corresponding button (for your particular machine) until you have loaded your picture, and the pattern is ready for cutting.

You can see the vinyl cutter spinning side by side as the vinyl material being sliced moves back and forth, indicating that the cutting is going on. When the machine is finished with the cutting, you will slowly unload the template and weed out any undesired sections before moving it to the target surface. Remember that the blades of the vinyl cutting system software can only cut one color at a time. Therefore, you’ll need to cut one color at a time if you have a multi-color template. Finally, put all these colors separately on the prototype on which you are working to carry out the final design.

Best Vinyl Cutter UK 2021:

Here are the top vinyl cutters for the UK:

Cricut Maker10 [Editors Choice] Check Price
Cricut Explore Air 28 Check Price
Silhouette Portrait 29 Check Price
Gemini by Crafter's Companion8.5 Check Price
Sizzix Big Shot 6604258 Check Price
Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter7 Check Price
Brother Scan and Cut 26 Check Price
ZeHuoGe Vinyl Cutting Plotter6.5 Check Price
Brother ScanNCut CM9006 Check Price
USCutter MH Series7.5 Check Price

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1. Cricut Maker:

Why We Love It:

  • Flawless design
  • Able to deal with multiple thicknesses
  • It can manipulate countless designs

✅Versatile❌Limitedcutting area
✅Amazing performance❌The user has to buy the knife blade separately.
✅Intuitive to use

For domestic use, a system that works flawlessly, the Cricut Explore Air 2 performance is significantly more potent in all the ways to its precursor Cricut Explore Air. It is one of the best ones that you can ship activity to it from wifi Bluetooth technology.

It permits the user to design and add images out of your laptops, smartphone, or any device. The system’s setting is easily clean to manipulate by the smart set dial, and starting from vinyl to leather; you may reduce the many kinds of the substance. You can upload more than 3000 tasks without difficulty. Users’ reviews about the Cricut explore air 2 ranted approximately the double device holder, reducing and marking or reducing and writing in many steps. This system is incredibly flexible by reducing and writing speed. It is more than enough for hobbyist crafters; the Cricut explore air 2 has a most reducing length of 12 × 24 inches. You have the freedom to add your data and, by free means, convert it; this feature attracts the designers. Before sending your instructions to the cutter by wireless means, install an iOS app on your smartphone.

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2. Cricut Explore Air 2:

cricut air 2

Why We Love It:

  • Easy to use
  • Great speed
  • Wonderful software installed

✅wireless Bluetooth technology❌A bit noisy
✅Versatile design
✅Maximum cutting size of 12 x 24 inches


The Cricut maker is one of the top vinyl cutters for the UK; it gives you the liberty to navigate via a considerable sort of initiative and in addition to dabbling into leather-based crafts and stitching initiatives by featuring an advanced rotary cutter that achieves an extra – deep cut. The useful knife blade makes it smooth to address stitching and quilting initiatives. For superior precision, the adaptive tool system controls the blade path routinely. The gadget comes with its very own app.

So that you can layout your challenge and add your very own design for added versatility, whether or not you’re a novice or professional, a Cricut maker is easy to use. A cloud-primarily based garage is available so that you don’t ought to shop your documents in cartridges. This portable vinyl cutter comes with stepped forward, which requires a high-pace net connection to work. If you prefer to work offline, you can use the iOS design space app. There is more than one touches a smart daily device that makes it smooth to pick out proper settings. Because of the quality all – around vainly cutter, the Cricut Maker is one of the most powerful vinyl cutting machines. Users are happy with the programs of these machines.
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3. Silhouette Portrait 2:

Why We Love It:

  • The right choice for beginners
  • Auto adjustable blade
  • 1-month free access to multiple software

✅Compatible with several devices❌The maximum cutting width is 8 inches
✅Ease of use

This gadget is a decent choice for a single user looking very close to the original Silhouette Image. The vinyl cutter is compatible with PC and Mac and serves the user the same as that ofa home printer. However, this mechanical cutting machine uses a narrow blade to cut paper, vinyl card, cloth, stock, and much more, instead of printing.

This device comes with an impressive instrument for DIY fans and can cut in between more than 100 fabrics approximately. This computer is one of the best for beginners out there, and, due to the basic app, users also note how fast it is to set up and use it. Owning Silhouette Portrait 2 allows you unrestricted access to the latest shapes and styles available in the Silhouette Online Store for one month (after that, there is an extra fee). When not in operation, the unit’s compact vinyl cutters make it easy to tuck it away into a cabinet quickly.

]Check Price on Amazon

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4. Gemini by Crafter’s Companion:

Gemini machine

Why We Love It:

  • Easy to use, its multiple buttons
  • User can use multiple dies at a time
  • Reverse button for reversing all the cutting process

✅Able to multitask at a time❌Metal dies face trouble.
✅Number of buttons for the extra control

Crafter’s Companion-Gemini, with its elegant, low-profile nature, uses high power compared to most of the gadgets in the market with a unique set of buttons. It ranks among the great vinyl cutters for the UK.

This gadget can cut the die into countless forms according to the user’s demand in a sleek design die with flawless performance. For connecting the device, the user does not need a laptop. It is the best vinyl decal machine. You have to add your favorite folder and place it in between the dye by clicking the enter button. The stop, restart, and reverse buttons make it quick and easy to use the die cutter.

For card designers, scrappers, and anybody who likes DIY arts & crafts, and collages, the Gemini vinyl cutter works well. It’s not an acceptable option for industrial use, but it is not for small companies that sometimes require this sort of computer.

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5. Sizzix Big Shot 660425:

Why We Love It:

  • Portable design
  • Flawless cutting of various materials
  • Multi-purpose adjustable cutter

✅Ease of use❌Lacks connectivity
✅Compact size

Sizzix big shot vinyl cutter machine is a multi-purpose machine that has many benefits. This is a vinyl cutter that goes best for people who want a portable vinyl cutter machine. Sizzix vinyl cutter can cut anything like it can cut paper as well as fabric.

And it is not applicable only for cutting thin or soft paper, or fabric but also thick ones like it can cut cardboard and leather. It can cut the thickness up to 6 inches. The Sizzix vinyl cutter machine can be used to make patterns on quilts, designing scrapbook pages, customizing invitations and cards, etc. experienced people and beginners can use the machine. The machine can be set up quickly, and due to this, it is included in the list of perfect vinyl cutters for the UK. The machine starts with a single step of turning on the handle, and it will operate automatically. The fabrics supported by this vinyl cutting machine include cards, paper wood, paper, adhesive rubber, and vellum.

Along with these, many other fabrics are also supported, and you can know this and other features of it in the guideline that comes with it.
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6.Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter:


Why We Love It:

  • Affordable price
  • Decent cutting design
  • Multitasking feature

✅Easy to use❌Expensive software
✅Owns an optical eye❌Lacks wireless connectivity
✅Cutting speed of 20 inches per second

Roland GX is also one of the premium vinyl cutters for the UK. The 24-vinyl cutter is an updated version of the Roland GS- 24 vinyl cutter, so those who know this previous version might feel at ease in understanding this new cutter’s functioning. This is a kind of business clutter.

Although the cutting vinyl machines are not cheap, Roland enjoys this benefit as well. 24, in its name, shows its size. 24 Roland size is the one I have intended to review because it is generally affordable and is more prominent in size, which means that it is best for commercial purposes.The first thing after buying it is its set up. So, it is not easy to set and looks like it is something from the future. Along with the hardware, you are charged for the software as well. It comes with an optical eye and 23 – inch surface area, which means that large stickers can be cut out easily.

This vinyl cutter helps in completing more tasks in less time. The machine is quiet and fast comparatively. This machine’s most important benefit is that it has a warranty of 3 years, which is quite rare for commercial products.
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7. Brother Scan and Cut 2:

Best Vinyl Cutters for UK

Why We Love It:

  • Efficient activity
  • Built-in scanner
  • Long term use

✅Comes with an LCD❌Expensive
✅More than 350 grams average cutting force❌Noisy

I will start by defining the brand ‘Brother ‘that you must be already familiar with. It is a well–known brand in commercial products. Brother Scan and Cut 2 is no exception to that. This vinyl cutting machine is best because it has a large LCD screen, making it capable of being self – desktop. You can use this screen for making or cutting out your designs instead of using a separate desktop.

The Brother machines cut right, and to my taste, it’s a little too loud. But with that, there’s nothing to do. I try to work when I use this vinyl cutting machine when I’m not bothering anyone. The computer has some inconveniences. The missing USB cable in the box was the first stupid mistake. And if you want to connect it to your machine, you need it. Make sure you order the right vinyl cutter because there’s no reason for you to take an extra ride.
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8. ZeHuoGe Vinyl Cutting Plotter:

Why We Love It:

  • The dual roller media system
  • A fantastic option for advertising tasks
  • Compatible device

✅Accurate cutting❌Not too handy
✅Smooth performance

Signmaster Cut Simple Program is fitted with the ZeHuoGe vinyl cutter among the amazing vinyl cutters for the UK and is suitable for a range of image formats. It is g business, the makeup business for cars, fashion design, etc.

This unit comes with a blade force and velocity auto memory that is customizable at any time. You will have the most satisfying vinyl cut with a maximum cutting width of 28″(720 mm), a maximum feed width of 24-13/16″(630 mm), and a weight of 10-500 grams. As it comes with compatible and regular blade sizes, a stepper motor type, and any suitable paper thickness of < 0.5 mm, ZeHuoGe can give you an accurate and smooth cut. It comes with two pinch-rollers that can be balanced according to the guide rail’s various paper widths. Instead of inserting roller material every time, the superior ball-bearing dual roller media system allows you to position material on top of rollers.
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9. Brother ScanNCut CM900:

Why We Love It:

  • Innovative standard blade
  • Multi-dimensional color cuttings
  • Touch LCD screen
  • Various fonts

✅Compatible device❌Materials basket is not available
✅Provides USB access❌Not compatible with MAC

If you want to scan the cut, then the best tool for vinyl cutting. What makes this product unique is its built-in scanner for super-accurate and accurate cuts with RGB color recognition. In comparison, the new 4.85 “LCD touch screen is 30 percent wider than the screen size of most vinyl cutters.” This uses a cutting system for making stunning designs using any craft material elementary and convenient. The ScanNCut can be linked in any way possible, wirelessly via Bluetooth for seamless communication, directly to your PC, with the USB memory stick. No issues with large wires! Plus, it also features the ‘pen draw’ function where your cutting styles can be produced.

The unit uses the unique blades of ScanNCut to cut several materials, including vinyl, paper, silk, and much more. Lastly, hundreds of creative built-in prototypes and more than 15 different fonts cutter are available. For crafters, sewers, quilters, and mixed-media makers, ScanNCut is a great tool.

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10. USCutter MH Series:

Why We Love It:

  • Free lifetime support for various software
  • Countless accessories are offered with it

✅Best for both personal and commercial use❌Lacks materials basket
✅Larger cutting capacity

It is one of the great vinyl cutters for the UK, famous for this vinyl cutter to straddle the line between them. It is an excellent alternative for small business installations because it is marginally cheaper than most average screen cutters. But despite that, with the 34-inch version capable of cutting up to a height of 31 inches in width, it provides a lot. Vinyl rolls, squeegees, a knife, magnetic blanks, and transfer tapes are on board the MH Series. Furthermore, the friendly and polite MH team will receive you via phone and map. Currently, the only thing we’ve found missing from this vinyl cutting unit is a basket of materials. As you know, to stop static disrupting your vinyl during its passage through the system, it is essential to have this basket. For larger vinyl cutters, this is quite a common concern, and we, therefore, agree that having a basket of materials would have been such a positive thing for this cutter.

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I’ve used several vinyl cutters and tested them. Even then, finding the right computer for those categories was challenging. I hope you find this post intriguing. I hope you have managed to make up your mind by reading it. There’s the best vinyl cutting machine for you, depending on which end of the market you are based.

Know that there is no such thing as the ultimate vinyl cutter machine for this dear reader, but they do have drawbacks. Read these articles and see if a deal-breaker is one of those drawbacks. Then go ahead and resume crafting if not.


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