HP Black Screen of Death

How To Fix The HP Black Screen of Death? 【Solved】

Black Screen of Death is a big problem.

While using your HP computer, if your screen has just gone blank for no apparent reason then rest assured you are not alone. This has happened to many other people who are as perplexed as you are in this situation. Where you haven’t done anything at all and your HP laptop screen goes black but still running and you don’t know how do I fix a black screen on my HP laptop. This is known as HP black screen of death. Encountering a black screen in the middle of your work could be a real bugger for anyone and it would be wise to try to figure out what causes it. Not only with laptops this issue can arise with many HP gadgets, as many people seek online help by asking what causes a black screen for HP desktop, some models more than others.

For example, there are more searches of HP Pavillion DV 7 black screen of death fix than other models of HP. 

HP Black Screen of Death Solution 2022:

Many reasons can be attributed to this problem including a corrupt graphic driver, a broken LCD display backlight, or a simple disconnected cord. The solutions below can also be applied to an HP OMEN desktop black screen on startup.

Follow these simple steps to figure out the cause of this

  1. First of all make sure if all the cords are connected to the main power source, especially the one connected with the monitor.
  2. Connect an external monitor with your computer and then restart it. If it shows display, then your monitor needs to be fixed, contact the HP support system for assistance.
  3. If the HP black screen of death PC remains on an external monitor as well, then there is possibly a problem with your graphic driver.

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HP Laptop Black Screen of Death

The black screen of death in HP laptops is also commonly occurring, and you can see many people making queries like why HP laptop screen goes black? To determine the reasons is not very different from what you might do with a desktop, but it wouldn’t be possible to attach an extra monitor to attach with your laptop to check where the problem lies

  1. Interestingly the problem could be as simple as that the brightness was turned to zero on the laptop to cause a black screen.
  2. You can connect your laptop with another display device like a TV to see if there is a problem with the laptop’s screen.

It is important to note that usually HP black screen of death after BIOS update is experienced. Especially HP black screen of death Windows 10 is more common because windows 10 has an option of Fast Startup in it. This system allows your computer to boot fast eventually not allowing it to shut down properly. It prevents any system updates that require shutting down of the computer, barring it from upgrading, which could lead to a black screen.

How To Fix HP black Screen of Death

Once you’ve determined the probable cause of the problem, there are several ways to try and fix it.

First Try:

  • Turn off your HP laptop or desktop.
  • Take out the laptop’s battery and in case of a desktop, detach any outside devices.
  • A non-removable battery for a laptop that displays an HP black screen of death should be connected to a charger. While keeping the computer off, press and hold the Windows key and the B key at the same time. Continue to press the Power button while holding the keys for one second, and then release the keys and the Power button.
  • Press the power button for about a minute.
  • Now insert back the battery and put it on a charge, or plug back your desktop.
  • Reboot the system. 

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Second Try:

If there is a virus in your system, the explorer.exe process of your computer can automatically go into deactivation mode this will make the graphical interface of your computer disappear. And you can be staring at a blank screen in frustration. You can also see an HP black screen with a cursor on the monitor. To fix this you need to

  • Press Ctrl, Shift, and Esc key at the same time, a task manager will be opened.
  • Click on the Details tab
  •  Select explorer.exe and click End task.
  • Reboot the system and see if this works.

Third Try:

The most common reason for the black screens in HP computers is the graphic card driver in the system. The graphic driver should always be upgraded to the latest version in your computer. These latest upgrades can be searched from the HP support online and can be easily installed in our system.

Fourth Try:

If your system has just gone black after an update, especially in Windows 10, then you might need to disable the Fast Startup option from your system. A fast startup can also cause a black screen by not allowing important updates to run. To disable this you need to 

  • Press Windows and X keys at the same time, a quick access menu will be opened, select the Control Panel option.
  • From the Power Options select ‘Choose what the power buttons do’.
  • A new window named ‘System Setting’ will be opened. Click on the administrative setting ‘’Change settings that are currently unavailable’’.
  • Under the ‘Shut-down settings’, uncheck the box saying ‘ Turn on fast startup’, and save changes.
  • Reboot the system

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In case of an HP Chromebook Black Screen of Death, first of all, turn off your Chromebook. Now press and hold the power button and the refresh key for about 10 seconds. This will restart your Chromebook and will probably solve the issue.

A black screen appears on your HP laptop with the HP logo if you are experiencing this problem. Press and hold both Windows and B together without turning on the system. After one second, release all the buttons. Approximately 40 seconds pass before the screen becomes active.

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