Mac Compatible vinyl cutters

10 Best Vinyl Cutters for Mac in 2021 – 100% Compatible

 You will agree with me when I say, 

As an Apple Mac user, it’s not that easy to find compatible vinyl cutters

Not to worry! The market has plenty of vinyl cutter for Mac available. One does not have to compromise on the quality when getting the Mac compatible Vinyl cutter.

After testing various cutters we have found the perfect ones that work with Mac and many other Apple devices.

Essential features to consider before buying the vinyl cutter:

Below we are mentioning some of the important and essential features of the Vinyl cutter Mac. This Vinyl plotter for Mac you find needs to have these qualities to be worthy enough.

  • Size: The size of the top Vinyl cutter matters a lot. When you plan to get a Vinyl cutter for your house or a small office, a smaller or a portable size is much better. However, when you need to get more significant projects done on The Vinyl cutter, getting a more significant-sized plotter is essential.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility is another most important aspect of the vinyl plotter. You can check the compatibility based on how it will work with Windows or Mac Operating System.
  • Functionality: The output and functionality is another feature that needs to be considered with in-depth research. When the Vinyl cutter Mac compatible is not capable of providing you the required output, it will be of no use, making it a lot more important for you to look for the options and the output dimension.
  • Price: You can find the perfect Vinyl cutter for Mac between $300 to $1,000. And you must set a limited budget for it. When you plan to use the plotter at home, then getting a medium-ranged Vinyl cutter is essential.
  • Warranty: Some of the Vinyl cutters come with a warranty of up to one year, which is why it increases the credibility of the company and helps the customer return or get the faulty parts changed from the plotter.

Best Vinyl Cutters for Mac 2021:

Following is the list of the Top vinyl cutters for mac that you can buy:

Cricut Explore Air 210 [Editor's Pick] Check Price
Cricut Maker9 Check Price
Circuit Joy Vinyl Cutter8 Check Price
Silhouette Cameo 49 Check Price
Brother ScanNCut SDX125E8.5 Check Price
Silhouette Portrait 38.5 Check Price

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1. Cricut Explore Air 2:

Why We Love It:

  • Offers compatibility with over a hundred different types of material.
  • Affordable price and offers a great list of features,
  • Speed and the size is super incredible with Windows and Mac Operating System.

✅Precise to use❌The software of the Circuit can get better.
✅Bluetooth connectivity available
✅Compatible with Windows and Mac

2. Circuit Maker Vinyl Cutter:

Why We Love It:

  • Precision and powerful blades
  • Blades are heavy and help with versatile material, including wood and fabric
  • Mac operating system that helps with better compatibility.
  • Now you can make your very own incredibly great designs on this plotter without any difficulty.

✅It can utilize cartridges ❌Somewhat uproarious
✅It is Bluetooth empowered ❌Just works with the Cricut Design Space Software

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3. Circuit joy vinyl cutter:

Why We Love It:

  • Another one of the budget-friendly and the best budget option is the circuit Joy vinyl cutter.
  • The size is super compact and great for having it at home for personalized use.
  • It is compatible with over 50 material, and it is also compatible with the Mac operating system and Windows operating system.

✅Affordable❌The maximum width output is not so good.
✅Great for DIY projects
✅Compact design and compatible with 50 different materials

4. Silhouette Cameo 4 Vinyl Cutter:

Why We Love It:

  • A famous and one of the best Vinyl cutters is the cameo three, known for its great size and output.
  • This compact yet highly versatile plotter will do all the jobs, including precise cutting and quick processing.
  • The cameo 3 is capable of working with various materials, including over a hundred exclusive material.
  • You can create your designs on cameo three, or you can download the designs if needed.

✅Top-quality vinyl cutter❌The sound might be an issue.
✅User-friendly interface
✅Comes with various accessories

5. Brother Electronic Vinyl Cutter:

Why We Love It:

  • The Brother vinyl cutter is compatible with mac and has up to 682 designs for easy use.
  • You can customize and make your designs on this cutter and plotter. It is also a scanner.

✅Trusted choice❌A detailed manual is needed.
✅Comes with various patterns
✅Compatible with a lot of materials

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6. Silhouette crafting printer:

Why We Love It:

  • This America crafting printer has versatile features for scoring and imposing. It is also a precise cutter.
  • This powerful silhouette cutter is compatible with thick products.

✅Powerful and budget-friendly❌The speed is not the best.

Buying guide


When you get a small Vinyl cutter Mac compatible, the length of output will also be small. And with the bigger machines, the result and output are bigger because of the wider working space. Therefore, it is important to determine the purpose of getting the amazing Vinyl cutter for Mac. If you need it for DIY projects or home use, then a smaller and portable cutter will do the job.


It is also vital for you to check if it is compatible with the interface that you are using. If it is compatible with the interface, you are using and other options, including smartphones and tablets, it will be a great choice. But when looking for a Vinyl cutter compatible with Mac, your priority is to check if it is compatible with the Mac operating system or not.


The functionality and the compatibility are also based on the materials that can be used on the plotter. Most people want to work with Vinyl, but they also want to use fabric and other materials, so the functionality is an essential factor that needs to be adequately considered.


The warranty please the role of saving spot to ensure you are not wasting your money.


Now that you have checked our list for the great Vinyl cutter for Mac, you can narrow down to the best option and decide which Vinyl cutter for Mac will work for you. Make sure you are clear about the purpose of the Vinyl cutter. Also, create a budget before you purchase the plotter. It will save you from wasting a huge amount of money on the platters and cutters.

Check the compatibility and the functionality of the vinyl cutter as well. And don’t forget to read the buying guide and its effects after you have gone through the list of best options. It will give you a little more clarity towards which Vinyl cutter you need to buy. Don’t go for the super expensive option. It will lead you to waste your money on something that does not work having. Invest your money on a medium-ranged Vinyl cutter that serves you the purpose and lasts a long time, along with some great features and compatibility options.

Frequently asked questions

Are the best Vinyl cutters compatible with Mac?

Yes, most of the best Vinyl cutters are compatible with the Mac Operating System. Others have a USB interface or have the software installed that works perfectly with the Mac Operating System. You no longer have to worry about finding the top Vinyl cutter for Mac. Most options in the market are compatible with Mac Operating System.

Which is the best mac compatible vinyl cutter?

The Circuit explore 2 Air vinyl cutter is the amazing Vinyl cutter for mac that you can find on the list. You can also search for other incredibly great options when looking for the best budget-friendly options; then, you can go for the silhouette cameo 3.



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