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10 Best Plotter Cutters to Get in 2021【Perfect Vinyl Plotter】

 You will agree with me when I say,  

A good vinyl plotter can save you a lot of time

The plotter cutter reviews will help you learn, which on the plotter is the best option.

There are various options of plotter cutters available, including the desktop plotter cutter. You can determine the perfect options after a little research.

We have made the research process for the top plotter cutter a lot easier for you. Our plotter cutter reviews below will help you out in finding out the most reliable, functional, and desirable plotter cutter model.

If you want to Know How to choose the Top Plotter Cutter, check this:

Best Plotter Cutter 2021

We have compiled the list of the top plotter cutters that you might need below:

Products RatingsPrices
Circut Explore Mint 210/10 [Editor's Choice] Check Price
Brother CM350 cutting machine
9/10 Check Price
Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Starter Kit8/10 Check Price
inyl Cutter Value Sign Making Bundle 8/10 Check Price
Silhouette America Curio Crafting Printer7/10 Check Price
Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in Bundle9/10 Check Price
Circuit Explore wireless cutter7.5/10 Check Price
Graphtec PLUS Professional Vinyl Cutter8/10 Check Price
Cricut Maker9/10 Check Price
Brother ScanNCut Electronic Cutting Machine6/10 Check Price

  Take a look at the vinyl plotter reviews below and determine which one of these is the best vinyl plotter. We also have reviews of the vinyl heat press machines 


1: Circut Explore Mint 2:

What do we like?

  • This is one of the best vinyl plotters that you can determine from the vinyl plotter reviews.
  • It is a vinyl plotter that can be used as the personal vinyl cutter, and also this cutter is also considered the most amazing small vinyl cutter.
  • The elegant design and the small portable size makes this vinyl plotter the favorite of the small businesses.

2: Brother CM350 cutting machine:

What do we like?

  • The best part about this cutting machine is the 600 built-in designs.
  • You will also like the sharp german carbide blades that make this sticker plotter machine even better.
  • The wireless capabilities of the cutting machine help in better sticker cutting and sign cutting. No doubt it an amazing vinyl cutter sign cutting plotter.

3: Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Starter Kit:

Why do we like it?

  • This Silhouette cameo vinyl starter machine is capable of cutting most of the materials quickly.
  • It is capable of cutting the signs and stickers smoothly and neatly.
  • This cutter can cut up to a thickness of 2mm.



4: Vinyl Cutter Value Sign Making Bundle:

Why do we like it?

  • The cutter 28 in vinyl cutter plotter is a trusted cutter that is considered as one of the durable plotter cutters. 
  • It is a 28-inch machine that is great for commercial use 
  • The excellent support and the customer support by the unclutter vinyl plotter team are exemplary. 


5: Silhouette America Curio Crafting Printer:

Why do we like it?

  • It is easy to carry and easy to install a plotter cutter.
  • It is made for beginners and small businesses.
  • It can easily cut up to 2mm of the cutting material and can cut various materials.


Pros Cons
Easy to install
Great for commercial use

Comes with the beginners manual 

Trusted and high-quality machine 

Comes with the beginners manual and Trusted and high-quality machine 

6:Vinyl Cutter USCutter MH 34in Bundle:

Why do we like it?

  • This plotter can be used wirelessly, and it works incredibly
  • There are various designs available that make the designing super effortless
  • It can cut various materials, and the count goes up to 60 materials.


7:Cricuit Explore wireless cutter:

Why do we like it?

  • It offers embedded cutting and also has a Bluetooth feature.
  • It can cut up to 60 different materials.
  • It can connect to android or iOS and work in collaboration with the perfect vinyl cutting software.


8:Graphtec PLUS Professional Vinyl Cutter:

Why do we like this?

  • It is another high-quality product that is perfect for professional use.
  • It comes with the design software that is perfect for designing different intricate designs.
  • It is a long-lasting plotter cutter that has an adjustable height, and the Blades of this cutter is excellent for cutting precisely and sharply.


9:Cricut Maker:

Why do we like it?

  • This plotter machine is excellent for creative mode designs easily with the freedom of creating anything on paper, decals, and any other leather material.
  • You can create endless designs using this plotter cutter and then cut the designs based on your requirement.
  • It has scoring blades for the fabric, which cut precisely whenever you are cutting fabric from this plotting machine.


10:Brother ScanNCut Electronic Cutting Machine:

Why do we like this?

  • Be like this plotter machine because it is excellent for cutting and scanning the material and the designs. It will help you with easy scanning with the built-in scanner.
  • You can create your projects of designing and cutting with plotter by introducing some unique designs



Within the less, you will find many different best plotting machines that you would want to have. However, it still depends upon your requirement and why do you need it. If you want it for personal use, you will find some small slotting machines that work effectively for small businesses and personal use.

The personal cutter is amazing for the people who are beginners and not pros. However, when you are looking for the personal grade cutters, you must look for the cattle that are reliable and compatible with the massive quantity of material cutting and designing.

If you are still looking for our opinion, we recommend you get the Circut Explore mint two plotter cutter. The best part about the slotting machine is that it has several reviews from the customers who love the functioning of this plotting cutter.

This personal cutter is excellent for small businesses. Also, it is a desktop plotter cutter that is easily accessible, and you can carry it whenever you need it. The high-quality material in hands is the reliability of the plotter, and one thing that most people do not like about this plotting cutter is that there are not many designs.

But when you are using the plotter in your home or for the small businesses, you would not require a lot of Built-in designs. Instead, you can design and style on your own.

More information:

Things to remember when you are choosing the plotter cutter:

Check the speed and The Blade precision

When you are working on commercial land, you need to work faster to produce more. If you have a plotter cutter that does not work efficiently and quickly, you would want to replace it. Time matters a lot as you have to meet deadlines and produce a particular amount of production. If you are cutter is glitching, you would not want to use it. Also, finishing and neatness matter a lot. And for that, you have to look for the Precision of The Blade. Most blades and not SO sharp, which is why the production of Signs And stickers is not neat from these plotting machines.

Choose between commercial and personal potting machines:

Based on your requirement, you have to choose between personal or commercial plotting machines. This plotter machine has to offer a lot of different features based on the scale of work. If you are a working professional, you would need a commercial printing machine, but using it as a beginner and for your personal use would not want to have a substantial floating machine that is not in your budget. You are unable to use it because of the complex interface.

Designs available:

Available designs help a lot when you are using the plotting machine. The more designs you have, the easier it will be for you to do your job. With the designs that are available already in the plotting Machines, you can easily use them for your next production.

Price of the plotter machine:

The price of the plotter machine also matters a lot. If you are on a tight budget will still get a lot of machines that can work great. This plotting machine work incredible if you buy them after researching correctly. Make sure you don’t buy the plotter machine because of the price and the features available.

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