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5 Best Cricut Machines to Buy in 2021

When it comes to precision cutting, Cricut machines never let you down

You can design, shape, and cut your desired designs with a single click. The best Cricut machine is available to connect with your device to get your desired results.

Digital Cricut machines have solved the problems of many users. However, it is preferred to use an electronic cutting machine rather than wasting your time and money in cutting and designing things. You can also read the buying guide before you dive in!

Best Cricut Machine 2021:

Here is the list of top Cricut machines

Cricut MAKER Rose10 [Editor's Choice]
Cricut Explore Air 28
Cricut Explore Air Wireless Machine8
Cricut Explore7
Cricut Cuttlebug7

You can also read about Cricut alternatives

1. Cricut MAKER Rose Cutting Machine

Why do we like it?

  • Can be connected to IOS and Android devices
  • Its size is 12 x 24 inches
  • Functional with paper, fabric, chipboard, and balsa
  • It comes with a double tool holder
  • The dual blade inside for heavier material
✅Best electronic cutting machine❌Some people may think it pricy
✅Wireless and affordable
✅Provide unique accessories
✅Has a tool holder
✅Double sticky mat

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2. Cricut Explore Air 2:

Why do we like it?

  • Best machine with 12 x 24 inches
  • Its wireless and can write & score
  • Best for vinyl, cardstocks, and faux leather
  • It comes with a deep point blade
  • Facilitated with double tool holder
✅Served with Bluetooth❌Its software may take time to upload
✅It comes with a smart set dial
✅Faster and durable
✅It has a premium quality fine blade
✅Has tool holder at the top

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3. Cricut Explore Air Wireless Cutting Machine

Why do we like it?

  • Compatible with card stocks, vinyl, iron-on, and tough materials
  • Can write, score and cut the materials
  • Facilitated with deep point blade and tools
  • It comes with a double tool holder.
  • It can be functional with IOS and android devices.
✅Compatible with all Cricut cartridges❌Beginners may take time to understand
✅It comes with embedded Bluetooth
✅Has fine point blade
✅Facilitated with storage compartment
✅Provides the 50,000 accessible images

4. Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine

Why do we like it?

  • It comes with a fine point and deep point blade
  • You can use it for writing and scoring
  • Compatible with cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on
  • Its size is 12 x 24 inches
  • It can be used as a home cutting machine
✅It comes with a tool slot.❌Can be operative with high-quality internet
✅Provides the 50,000 images
✅You can have access through cloud apps.
✅Affordable and durable

5. CricutCuttlebug Die-Cutting & Embossing Machine

Why do we like it?

  • Unique and smart with the size of 5 x 12 inches
  • Can use tissue paper, foil, acetate paper, and thin leather
  • Ideal for cutting and embossing the materials
  • Best for beginners and affordable option
  • The machine can’t write and score the materials
✅Unique and small in built❌It can be operated manually.
✅Best Cricut model to emboss materials
✅Portable and affordable
✅Easy to use and smooth in action
✅No need for cables and connections

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When buying the durable Cricut machine, many options come to mind. Therefore, we have listed some durable and long-lasting products that could help you in detailing your needs. The devices are best in writing and scoring as well as in cutting. You can watch the options that could be facilitative for you.

The machines are easy to use, and you can take benefits of its accessories that come with powerful functionality.

Buyer’s guide

I have provided a list of some amazing Cricut machines that could help you choose the right one for you. I have watched many Cricut machine reviews and concluded these fantastic products for you. The Cricut maker reviews are essential in analyzing the machine and its features to understand cutting and embossing phenomena. You can save your time and, with a touch of a button, can get unlimited options for you.

Well, it’s not easy to buy a device that could be compatible with your needs. You have to watch many options associated with the machine. I have explained the products in detail, but I would like to mention some gross anatomical features for your better assessment. You can observe the features, and it would be beneficial for you to buy the product with incredible capabilities.

What should you consider before buying a Cricut machine?

Before buying any Cricut machine, you should consider some additional features to make the right purchase. Join me to dig further.

Cutting speed

The Cricut machine has a great speed to deliver the project within minutes. Some devices come with two times faster speed, and you can accomplish your work within no time. Thus, you can manage your workload with ease, and its ideal to buy a machine that could provide rapid and faster results. However, its app is available online, and you can download it without any trouble.

If you are concern about your workload, a faster machine will help you in detailing your work. The ease and comfort are the primary options you will be getting after buying any perfect Cricut machine.

Working materials

A Cricut machine is capable of working with light materials to a heavy one. You can use tissue paper and heavy leather as well. It’s your choice what type of work do you want from your device. However, you can check the listed products to buy the machine that could match your needs. If you have some specificity in mind, you can check for the options to buy the accurate product.

Materials can easily stick on the rolling mats, and its pointed or deep blades will provide the desired output. You can select the image from the gallery or your smart device to get the job done.

Blades and pen

Blades are the most incredible part of the device and would aid the cutting procedure with ease. However, the Cricut machine is facilitated with point, deep, rotary, and knife blades to accommodate your needs. Every machine comes with particular blade types, and the number is printed for the comfort of users. If you want to replace your pen or blades, you have to go for the specified number.

Cricut pens also come with the specified number, and you have to choose one that could be compatible with the device.

Writing and scoring

You can write and score by using the font options. If you want to customize the settings, some machines help you make beautiful and unique designs. The designs would accomplish your work, and you can make impressive things.

Depth and pressure

However, you have to adjust the depth and pressure to get precise results. It’s necessary to get the volumetric output every time by comprehending these phenomena. Depth and pressure would allow you to deal with heavy and light material without any trouble.

The wireless machine is portable and provides the comfort of use. Thus, you can see the above-mentioned options to get the ideal Cricut machine.

The listed products are comfortable in operation and come with a storage box to keep your accessories. You can do your work quicker, and there will be no hassle in achieving a well-maintained and beautiful result every time.

You will be impressed by the satisfactory quality results and ease of work that are promising features for these devices. You can buy without worrying about the price because their quality is not compromised over price, and it will deliver long-lasting results.

Why Cricut machines rather than a printer?

Some people think the laser printer is the Cricut alternative. But this concept is wrong, and with the latest innovations, people love to use the advanced digital options available in the market. You just have to place the paper on the machine’s sticky mat and select the device’s required action.

Here you go!

Perfect and impressive cutout with precise and colored detailing is Infront of you. When I saw the Cricut machine reviews, I came across that it has a blade inside the device to cut the paper, card, or felt. Thus, it’s better to get the computer cutting machine rather than using the scissors and scale to value your work.

Some Best Cricut Machines Available on the Market

It’s a challenge to buy a suitable Cricut machine for you that could be affordable and comprehensive in action. Thus, I have made this possible by creating a list of some great Cricut machines that will help you meet your demands. Let’s have a look.


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