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12 Best Vinyl Restorers in 2022 [for Exterior & Interior]

 You will agree with me, when say, 

In just one simple and easy step, you can Protect, clean, shine, and condition your required surface.

Vinyl restorers are car care products that are designed to restore the new appearance of vehicle surfaces or cars. It breaks down any oxidation that has occurred and makes the black trim look grey.

The Vinyl restorer deep cleans grime and dirt from all the plastic, rubber, leather, and vinyl surfaces.

Why do you need a Vinyl restorer?

You should invest in a vinyl restorer if the plastic or trim pieces of your vehicle are fading to grey instead of black. They are effective in bringing the shine back to your bumper. The black appearance of plastic will look much cleaner and better.

Most of the products do not require a lot of time to work and simple solutions and easily apply them. Vinyl restorers are time investment and small monetary in making sure your plastic trim pieces last as long as your car.

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Best Vinyl Restorer 2022:

Here are the top vinyl restorers that you can buy:

Vinyl restorers
Meguiar’s M5716SP Vinyl Cleaner10 [Editor's Pick] Check Price
TriNova FBA-33307 Restorer8 Check Price
Rust-Oleum Restorer9 Check Price
Star Brite Vinyl Cleaner7 Check Price
Spray Nine 26932 Cleaner9 Check Price
303 Products Cleaner8 Check Price
Meds (RPK175) Restorer8.5 Check Price
3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner8 Check Price
Star Brite cleaner8 Check Price
Bio-Kleen Vinyl Cleaner7.5 Check Price
Boat Bling VS-0032 cleaner7 Check Price
MEGUIAR'S G15812 Restorer7 Check Price

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1-Meguiar’s M5716SP Vinyl Cleaner:

Why do we like it?

  • It protects from Ultraviolet (UV) light
  • Prevent from cracking or fading
  • It increases the durability of your boat vinyl
  • Having a spray trigger to spray on different surfaces

✅It doesn’t leave any grease on the surface❌No use on clothes
✅Complex cleaner for vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces❌No idea for use on the clear plastic exterior
✅Remove dirt within a short time
✅Very convenient to use
✅Remove dirt spots
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2- TriNova FBA-33307 Restorer:

Why do we like it?

  • A perfect product to give a shiny appearance to your applications
  • It forms a protective gel coating on the surface
  • It prevents premature aging
  • Multipurpose use product
  • It prevents cracking and fading

✅It gives superior shine❌The surface stays wet and oily form some days
✅Quick and easy application❌Can be messy
✅Streak-free formula
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3- Rust-Oleum Restorer:

Why do we like it?

  • One bottle is enough for a medium-sized car
  • It has 2 wipe new applicators with the bottle
  • Two years guarantee
  • It protects from oxidation, sun damage, and fading
  • Has one detail brush
  • One headlight applicator
  • One headlight prep pad

✅Non-silicon formulation❌It is a bit expensive
✅It gives a comprehensive package❌Very small quantity
✅It does not require constant application❌No applicable on glass
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4- Star Brite Vinyl Cleaner:

Why do we like it?

  • Protection against UV light
  • Has a deep cleaning ability
  • Remove ground=in dirt
  • Easy to apply

✅The formula eliminates dirt with ease❌It does not contain spray nozzle
✅Special polymer features that protect the vinyl from damage
✅It is applicable for all vinyl surfaces
✅It provides a waterproof protective coating
✅Keeps your vinyl soft and prevent from cracking
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5- Spray Nine 26932 Cleaner:

Why do we like it?

  • Protect in a tough environment
  • It is an effective multi-purpose cleaner
  • It removes stain and grease

✅A multipurpose cleaner that is for boat cleaning applications❌Regular formula is better than marine one
✅Very easy to use and handle
✅Kill all the germs and bacteria
✅It helps to reduce bacteria odor from carpets and textiles
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6- 303 Products Cleaner:

Why do we like it?

  • It prevents stains and yellowing on your boat vinyl
  • It offers superior protection against harm
  • Save to use on Eisenglass

✅Made in the US❌Does not bleach out
✅It contains no alcohol❌Time is required to eliminate stains from different surfaces
✅Offers protection against huge damage
✅It leaves a streak-fresh finish
✅Easy to use
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7- Meds (RPK175) Restorer:

Why do we like it?

  • It will dry faster
  • It has a large durability
  • Applicable for both cars and trucks

✅Non-silicon formulation

Gives small quantity relative to the price
✅It can be last up to a year❌It can a little messy
✅Easy to wipe-on and wipe-off❌It required little extra precaution
✅Super-fast drying❌It does not work well alone
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8- 3M Marine Vinyl Cleaner:

Why do we like it?

  • It protects your surface from ultraviolet UV radiations and water
  • Protect your vinyl boat from harsh conditions
  • It can easily remove stubborn stains
  • Extremely versatile

✅Act as a cleaner, protector, and conditioner❌It is not effective for sealed vinyl surfaces
✅It deals with a variety of surfaces with its non-toxic formula❌Does not clean waterproof surfaces
✅It gives the fresh lemon fragrance
✅Does not bleach out
✅Eliminates all the dirt, grime, and stains
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9- Star Brite cleaner:

Why do we like it?

  • Triple-action
  • It has a special buffed-bleach formula
  • It is a very fast and easy way to remove stains
  • Contain surfactants and chelating agents
  • It is safe for marine upholstery and acrylic fabrics

✅Can remove mold and mildew stains without heavy scrubbing❌Do not use for indoor clothing
✅Act as a stain remover and cleaner❌No idea for fabric, wood, or painted surfaces
✅It removes grime and grease
✅It is a fast-acting stain remover
✅Effective for removing pink mold stains
✅Made in the US
✅Very easy to use
✅It comes with clear instructions
✅Applicable on various surfaces
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10- Bio-Kleen Vinyl Cleaner:

Why do we like it?

  • It is the safest way to deal with mildew stains
  • It does not deteriorate the quality and appearance
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • It effectively eliminates chalk residue
  • Removes bug and insect debris
  • Non-aerosol

✅Special formula for removing molds and mildew stains❌It is a bit costly
✅Apply on various applications
✅Perfect to use on leather, canvas, and trailers
✅Removes stubborn residues
✅It is bio-degradable
✅Safe to use and apply
✅Pleasant fragrance 
✅It eliminates bad smell, have a pleasant fragrance 
✅Clear and simple instructions
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11- Boat Bling VS-0032 cleaner:

Why do we like it?

  • A well-known name in boating
  • It offers a top-notch dealing product
  • It can quickly remove water spots
  • It is truly outstanding for interior vinyl and leather.

✅Effective and safe❌It does not work well alone
✅Leading by OEM marine vinyl manufacturers❌It needs pairing up with Boat Bling’s condition sauce which is sold separately
✅Bio-degradable, Made in the US
✅Non-silicone formulation
✅It cleans the mildew and mould stains
✅Act as a blocker, Easy to apply
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12- MEGUIAR’S G15812 Restorer:

Why do we like it?

  • It is a quality product
  • Had an advanced polymer technology
  • A highest-rated and most popular item on Amazon
  • It seals non-porous surfaces

✅Reasonable price❌It is not long lasting
✅Trusted brand❌It got damages in the rain
✅Only a small quantity is used to treat the area
✅A hybrid polymer is used
Check Price on Amazon

What to look for when shopping vinyl restorers?

It would be hard to tell which ones will work for you well if you are a novice buyer looking for a food vinyl restorer. However, buying the best automobile or vehicle restorers will only require you to have a look at the following important points.


Most of the vinyl restorers are designed to work on various plastic and vinyl items of the automobiles, some restorers can be very harsh on certain plastic and vinyl components. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is ideal for use on most of the plastic and vinyl types before using restorers

It is a better idea to pick independent products for each material although restorers that can work for different materials. For example, Pick a product for vinyl if you want something for plastic. In the same way, choose a product of vinyl if you want something for vinyl.


A good vinyl restorer should also provide protection from the elements like premature aging besides helping you to restore your vinyl components.

Besides,  it is important to buy a product that has skin-friendly properties because the product is likely to come into contact with your skin.

Ease of Application

The packing or preached vinyl restorers have the same work principle as the car wax. Therefore, to spread it on the vinyl components, you will need a special applicator or cloth. The application method is different for every product so it is important that whatever you choose should be easy to apply to make sure you do not waste a lot of time on such a simple task of the application.


There is no doubt that you will go for such vinyl restorers that do not pose serious risks of safety for the environment.

Therefore, while choosing vinyl restorers, make sure to choose the ones that do not contain any toxic elements and are made from non-toxic components.

In addition, make sure that the scent of the product should not be unpleasant as this can make it hard to work with.


When it comes to choosing a vinyl restorer price really matters because you can only buy what you can afford. They are generally affordable with a price of approximately $20.


A vinyl restorer can assist to give your vehicles their long last shine to make sure that the vehicles maintain a good value and will remain aesthetically appealing. Make sure to choose the best from many options in the market and consider the different buying options such as protection, compatibility, ease of application, and price.

And this article has also provided you with some in-depth reviews to ensure that you can choose the best vinyl restorer. Hence, you need to only choose one option from the 10 high effective plastic restorers.

The above-mentioned vinyl restorers are able to give you the best performance and make sure that you have good looking vinyl trims. All of the models of vinyl restorers mentioned above are exceptionally good. Go ahead and buy them to enjoy having a vehicle with good looking vinyl and plastic trims.


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