12 Best Vinyl Heat Press Machines in 2021 [Reviewed All Machines]

  You’ll agree with me when I say: 

 Heat press machines save you a lot of time 

Private jobs have no security with very small pay, so starting your own business can be a good idea. Printing small articles like shirts, mugs, etc is one of the small businesses as well.

It is easy to start and easy to continue. You need to have the right equipment, the right ideas, and you’re good to go. You can also read the Buying guide we have along with what factors you need to know before buying one if you are curious

Working Style & Types of Heat press:

The heat press machines are also categorized based on working style. The main working styles are manual, automatic, and semi-automatic.

  • Manual Machine
    These machines offer time and pressure settings on the device. Clamshell and swing away often use this style. The only safety requirement is to open and close the press carefully.
  • Semi-Automatic Machines
    These machines closed automatically according to the timer. Clamshell-style machines offer semi-automatic functions. But need open to start the heat transfer process.
  • Automatic Types
    These are also known as “vacuum presses” All types like swang, clam, and draw using this working style. These machines control heat, time, and pressure settings. Mostly considered quality machines but are rather costly. One main precaution is that professionals can use it only as it is faster and automatic machines.

Best Vinyl Heat Press Machines 2021:

Here, we have a detailed list of the top choices for vinyl heat press machines:

Vinyl Heat PressRatingsPrice
Cricut 2 Vinyl Projects, Raspberry10/10 [Editor's choice] Check Price
ePhoto New Digital Heat Press 9/10 Check Price
PowerPress Digital Sublimation Machine8/10 Check Price
Promo Heat - Clamshell - Model PRO8.5/10 Check Price
Fancierstudio Power Heat Press9/10 Check Price
Hotronix Fusion Heat Transfer Press Machine6/10 Check Price
ZENY Press Machine For T-Shirt7/10 Check Price
F2C Pro Swing-away Heat Press Machine6/10 Check Price
Cricut Easy Press - Heat Press Machine9/10 Check Price
PowerPress HPM-00008/10 Check Price
FeiLian Easy Heat Machine Portable7/10 Check Price
O BOSS TOP  Portable Machine7/10 Check Price

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1: Cricut 2 Vinyl Projects, Raspberry:

Why do we like it?

  • The one thing we like the most is its design. It is not boring at all.
  • Available in five different colors.
  • Easy to use
  • Its size is the biggest advantage Product Dimensions are 13.07H x 13.98W x 7.36D inches
  • It offers 400℉ Temperature control

✅Different sizes available 
❌Smaller size in comparison to others
✅Long-lasting results

✅Digital display

The first vinyl heat press is by Cricut named easy to press 2. This plotter is also one of the top-rated heat press machines. Why? Because it provides you results in 60 seconds or less. The heat plate on the bottom is ceramic coated, which gives you the best results. You can set the exact temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and also the time for your project.

This heat press for vinyl is an amazing heat press machine for home use instead of the heat press machine for small businesses. It means if printing is just your hobby, then this is the machine you should be getting.

In-Depth Details

Anyone who wants the perfect iron on press within 60 seconds, we recommend this product to him. Cricut EasyPress 2 is a medium-sized heat-press like an original easy press, but not big-sized like a professionals presser but still offers more capabilities and faster results than ordinary iron. With modern design, It provides user-friendly pressing at a very affordable price. Lower price does not mean low-quality features, but some heavy-duty heat pressing options are missing.


If we talk about dimensions, Item Weight is 0.139 ounces and the Plate size is 6 x 7, 9 x 9 inches,\ and 10 x 12 inches. This heat press machine has a 400℉ Temperature control with 110 Volts power. Overall, Product Dimensions is 13.07H x 13.98W x 7.36D inches


Cricut EasyPress 2 is small-sized but many benefits as compared to a heavy-sized presser. Due to its lightweight, you can carry it anywhere. Large-size pressers are costly and heavy weighted, but this model offers the perfect quality at an affordable price. The temperature setting is 400 degrees F; that’s like professional, great heat presses, much hotter than a typical iron. It heats up within three minutes and presses your dresses in less than 60 seconds.

Now, you can check temperature and time settings on the LCD digital display. Through the push button, time and temperature settings are much easy. When the temperature becomes set, the Audible sound beeps, and it repeats at each heat cycle. In case the heat becomes high, auto shut-off features prevent any loss.

Why get this?

Its base is insulated from scorched. So any printing material remains safe during press due to a Non-stick heat plate. This heat press machine can transfer images, vinyl in 60 seconds on T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, and blankets. Overall, it’s Extremely lightweight with small footprints and easy to use for everyone with pre-settings.
Few drawbacks are: At 400 degrees of temperature, It provides professional presser-like qualities but can’t suitable for higher temperature projects. If you think that price is high compared to the size, don’t worry because many quality features are the best investment to the unit.

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2:ePhoto New Digital Heat Press Machine:

Why do we like it?

  • The first thing we like about this is its signal alarm.
  • It alerts you when the transfer is done.
  • The Temperature Range from 0~ 500°F
  • Time Range is 0~ 999 seconds
  • Ideal presser for T-shirts, garments, bag printing.

✅Large printing area ❌Heavyweight 
✅Teflon sheet

This great heat press for vinyl is suitable for any surface you can think of. It is photonic, and you can print almost anything, be it a shirt, a bag, ceramic tiles, garments, etc. The only limitation is that the surface should be flat. This heat press machine for vinyl comes completely assembled. Temperature reach is up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit from room temperature. It has an LED temperature and time display.

Its heating plate is already covered with Teflon, so you don’t need an extra sheet. The pressure and temperature are high so that the transfer is permanent.

In-Depth Details

For professional and small industrial usage, our choice is a photo new digital presser for vinyl. With its 110v power and 0.999 heating time, it is best for transfer design on your garments. Onto your garments, bags, mouse mats, T-shirts, jigsaw puzzles, garments, ceramic tiles, plates, and transfers design and press permanently compared to similar models like easy press 2.

It comes with Teflon coated Aluminum heat platen that distributes the heat evenly to all surfaces. You need a planned cover for the press, and your dress will be looking great within no time. This presser is equipped with an LCD that shows the temperature and time control. These digital temperature control and time settings allow you to a swift control over pressing.

In terms of dimensions, it is 110V fully assembled T-shirt heat press machine. It has a Heat Press silicon pad that provides 500 degrees continuously at 1500W. This Heat Press Machine is designed with the latest digital Temperature and Time Controller. The Temperature Range from 0~ 500°F and Time Range is 0~ 999 seconds can check the temps and time setting on LCD. These Electronic time and heat control give precise control for consistent results.


This heat press machine for vinyl has 28\” Lx 19\” H x 19\ “W packing size- many benefits and fewer cons. These pros are such impressive that they urge you to buy for home and small business. It is 50lbs weighs machine, Arrives fully assembled. It has a Press Handle and Pressure Knob allows adjusting the pressure on the top.

Why get this?

It is an Ideal presser for T-shirts, garments, bags printing with a 15\” x 15\” Printing Area and On/Off switch system. Its Time signal alarm will sound when the heat reaches maximum level, A Heat Press silicon pad provides 500 degrees without any distortion, so it’s an Ideal presser for T-shirts, garments, bag printing.

As for each product, this presser has some cons; these cons are not significant but affect somehow. Smells very not good and The bottom plate gets hot for an unknown reason.

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3:PowerPress Digital Sublimation Machine:

Why do we like it?

  • One thing to like about this great vinyl heat press is the adjustable pressure.
  • You can adjust different pressure for different products.
  • The other thing is that this power press industrial heat presses easy to clean.
  • Temperature can reach up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The LCD display on this makes it so much easer to know when things are done.

✅Perfect size 
❌Can take a little time to adjust
✅No extra sheet required 

✅Safe with the professional plug

This amazing heat press machine for vinyl has a silicone gel baseboard. The machine has a replaceable fuse in case the current one stops working. This fuse also protects the machine from overheating. It has an LCD display from where you can control the temperature and time. Temperature can reach up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit from 32 degrees. The heating plate in this durable heat press machine is also Teflon coated. This makes it safe for cloth. Make sure you learn to use it before using it professionally.

In-Depth Details

For anyone who lives in small places and has minimal space for pressing, We recommend buying PowerPress Industrial Heat Press. This Clamshell-style presser is designed with a thick aluminum plate that allows the perfect heat distribution. The unique thing about the scale is the Teflon coating that never will damage your dresses. This presser uses 110V of power and never overloads, it’s perfect for home usage.


This presser provides excellent quality with heat control and timer settings. It has a silicone base plate that gives pressure and maximum stability. It is the best space-saving heat press with medium size. It is amazing for home-use to design images, transfer digits on various garments such as T-shirts, tote bags, jigsaw puzzles, and mousepads, ceramic tiles, baseball caps, and sweatshirts.

Why get this?

The presser has Teflon coated platen, avoids sticking of dresses, and provides quality transfers for one who wants high quality at the cheapest price. It features hardly overheating or electrical shorts due to a replaceable fuse. Last but not least, the LCD control board is relatively easy to control temperature and time settings.
It looks strange, but we hardly found any cons except solid odor at first usage. That \’s not a significant problem. It can be solved easily by opening windows and switch on your fan at first use.

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4:Hotronix Fusion Heat Transfer Press Machine:

Why do we like it?

  • What we like about this swing-away heat press is how strong it is.
  • This machine can be a long-time partner.
  • On LCD Touch screen technology, you can input your desired settings like time, temperature, and pressure.
  • Its ¾ inch non-stick heat platen prevents damage to garments.

✅High quality

None as for now
✅Lifetime warranty on heating elements
5-year warranty on major parts

This heat press machine is by Phoronix, and we can assure you that this is the cheapest vinyl heat press you can find in the market. It is a bit expensive, but this investment would be worth it. The swing-away style helps you to take a peek at your material while it is being printed. The temperature and time of this machine can be controlled through the touch screen LCD.

The thick aluminum platens provide excellent conduction and heat. You also wouldn’t have to apply extreme pressure manually as compared to other machines. This machine is also faster, and you will not need an additional pad due to its EZ-on platen technology.

In-Depth Details

This Hotronix vinyl press machine is famous in professional and industries level pressing. It is the gold standard for heat presses and comes with everyday operations. If you are looking for a long-lasting heat press machine with the fantastic build quality and stellar customer service, Hotronix is the best option.

It seems costly, but you will hardly found the same features at such an affordable price. This vinyl clamshell press works as a swing-away or is used as a heat press.


It is available in various sizes, but the most popular is the 16 x 24 inches heavy-duty model.
This heavy-duty presser is designed with cutting-edge technology and high-quality, lasting materials. It has many benefits to ensure that you are investing your money in the right place. It has the following services. On LCD Touch screen technology, you can input your desired settings like time, temperature, and pressure.

According to your choice, install interchangeable heat platens. All platens deliver efficient quality. Its Live reading of time provides fast results and increased productivity. You can also check Records the number of pressing cycles so you can count your completed projects. All constable programs like time, temps settings, and one button touch are outstanding. In case, presser remains on, and a four-hour sleep mode conserves energy.

Why get this?

Its ¾ inch non-stick heat platen prevents damage to garments. The EZ-On platen helps to load shirts and provides faster productivity. The frame of the presser is long-lasting cast aluminum with Five years warranty of all significant parts, two years on the circuitry board, 1-year warranty on labor parts.

Some non-significant downsides are one of the highest quality pressers trending on the market, and obviously, you will hardly found any drawback of the presser. If you are still want to find flaws, then we think that it is rather costly. But cost-effect is neglected over top-quality features

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5:Promo Heat – Clamshell – Model PRO:

Why do we like it?

  • The max temperature this machine can achieve is 520 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The second thing is that it’s also the best sublimation heat press.
  • It gets heated up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for thicker materials
  • Works smoothly with surfaces like metal, fabric, wood, glass, and ceramics

✅Good price 
❌Requires practice
✅Easy to use

You know what? This is a great heat press machine for home use as well. This is because it comes completely assembled, and you will just have to plug it.

The max temperature this machine can achieve is 520 degrees Fahrenheit. You can adjust the time and temperature through its LCD display. Along with a top-mounted pressure knob, it also has an adjustable multi-spring balancer. This helps with more even pressure throughout the whole surface. The heat platen is Teflon coated, so it doesn’t require an extra sheet-like of silicone.

In-Depth Details

The Promo Heat 15″ x 15\” Heat Transfer Press Machine Model PRO-3804X has many unique features, so the best-selling product in the market. Due to its versatility, unique space-saving design, it is popular with customers. Its temperature is up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit which’s perfect for vinyl transfer of thicker materials and transfer design easily on flat surfaces like metal, fabric, wood, glass, and ceramic.


The machine dimensions 29.8×20.1×19.3 inches for L, H, W and weighs only67 lbs. It has a Clamshell configuration design with a Digital LCD timer and temperature control. It comes with a parallel arm handle with a foam grip and is Furnished with a top-mounted for easy access control. Some other features are Audible warning sounds, An adjustable pressure adjustment knob, multi-spring balancer with 110 volts that Provides an output of 1400 watts.

Why get this?

Still, you are finding pros, then know that this is a Fully assembled, high-quality, portable and compact-sized presser. The size is a space-saving configuration with a more prominent working element.

You can adjust the accurate timer and temperature on the LCD digital temperature control. The temperature ranges to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and an alarm inform at over temperatures and Auto stops heating. The pressure is so high that it can transfer thickness material into prints. A non-stick The Teflon-coated surface over the plate prevents damage
Some non-significant cons are Only working with flat surfaces, Sold quickly and get out of stock, Limited shipping, and Limited warranty.

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6:Fancierstudio Power Heat Press Rhinestone:

Why do we like it?

  • We like the temperature range of this top heat press machine and the only slightly glued silicone pad.
  • It comes with a 15 to 15-inch heat plate
  • Can be easily replaced.
  • It’s great for commercial crafting because of the quality.


❌Setting pressure can be difficult. 
✅Excellent results 
✅Heats up quick

This heat press machine for vinyl is by FancierStudio. It requires a voltage of 110V, which is a standard for America and Canada. It can reach a temperature of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit quite easily. Both time and temperature can be controlled electronically. You can use it at home or for your business. It is powerful, as well. The platen will have an equal distribution of heat, which means the print will be perfect.

In-Depth Details

The upward-style vinyl press machine is made for hostels, smaller spaces, and homes. It comes with a 15 to 15-inch heat plate that provides more extensive options by providing many print designs on flat surfaces. It uses 110V of electricity that can be afforded easily at home without the danger of short-circuiting or power overloading. But use a separate power strip or a wall outlet.

The presser uses a silicone pad with coated plates for equal heating. On the side, the LCD allows temperature and time settings options. All features are automatic, so hardly any chance of any danger as it shut off automatically. When the process becomes complete, a beep sound informs you.


The FancierStudio Heat Press Machine offers plenty of advantages, but users review the most notable pros of this heat press. It is an industrialist heat-press so that it can be used for all types of purposes, from commercial crafting to home production. This machine is designed with heavy-duty steel and aluminum that lasts for years and withstands any damage.

Why get this?

The digital temperature and timer on LCD allow easy use and even heat transfer for the best prints. It is designed with a compact size and vertical top that take minimal space but provides large printing. This heat press sheet has an aluminum platen coated that prevents sticking and offers excellent stability with Silicone gel baseboard. The pressure knob adjusts unique designs, images, and digits over T-shirts, tote bags, mousepads, puzzles, and ceramic tiles. Overall, it’s an affordable press machine with man qualities.

Some downsides are It doesn’t heat quickly as the same-sized heat presses offer. At first use, it emits a bit of an odor that’s common, but further, you will never feel any smell.

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7:ZENY 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine For T-Shirt:

Why do we like it?

  • This beast can not only print on flat surfaces but on mugs and glasses too.
  • Zeny 5 allows for full 360-degree rotation of the main press.
  • The second good thing about this vinyl heat press is that you can select whether to see the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

✅Alert beep when the print is complete
✅Pressure adjustment available 
❌The temperature reaches a bit lower than others 
✅Large surface area

If you are looking for the answer to what is a good heat press machine? Then this vinyl heat press machine is the perfect answer. It has not only the necessary features but extra ones as well. These machines work well on ceramics and fabrics. The top can be swung to 360 degrees, which makes this machine easy to handle. Pressure and heat will be evenly distributed on your material.

In-Depth Details

The ZENY digital heat press has many outstanding features. With its two-in-one digital controller, swing-away design, this presser has all attachments to work on many techniques and materials. It is not only a heat press but a 5-in-1 machine- it works as transferring Ink onto ceramic products, fabrics, prints on glass and mugs, metal, and ceramic tiles. Such options are found hardly at a reasonable price.

The pressing process works accurately at a full 360-degree rotation and maintains an acute level through swing-away design. It is equipped with a 12 x 15-inch plate that distributes heat evenly and simplifies the printing process.


The ZENY Digital Heat Press Machine offers a variety of benefits at affordable rates. Some of the most significant benefits are five heating elements used for a wide variety of images like garments, tote bags, cups, mugs, thermoses, plates, hats, caps, and ID badges.

Why get this?

It has a swing-away arm with Full 360-degree rotation, increased safety by moving the heating element. The non-stick heating prevents damage to the surface of the image. Touch setting of time and temperature can be displayed on LCD; At maximum temperature, the Audible alarm sounds a beep.
Some other benefits are Adjustable pressure, rubber grip handle, Longarm handles preventing burnings from heat elements. A fuse prevents from burning or short circuit, a heavy-duty metal frame that lasts for years, Flat platen press for best transfer images and affordably priced.

Some reports found defective parts, but the manufacturer replaces them nicely. Instructions for use are self-explanatory, but the operation is pretty impressive, so detailed instructions are necessary.

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8:F2C Pro Swing-away Heat Press Machine:

Why do we like it?

  • We love how this heat press can be used to print on multiple surfaces and materials.
  • The second good thing is this machine can work with material of almost any thickness.
  • F2C Heat Press Machine is affordably priced

❌Less temperature reaches as compared to others.
✅Large surface
✅Commercial-grade aluminum 

With this machine, you can expand your business. It gives you the versatility of surfaces to print on. This vinyl heat press is compatible with many materials, from ceramic to cotton fabric. If you adjust the pressure, time, and temperature right, your result will be just as you want.

If you are looking for a unique heat-press, the F2C Pro Heat Press is a great option with all great features. This 6-in-1 heat press provides sublimation pressing on a wide variety of materials like shirts, bags, plates, coasters, mousepads, and mugs.

In-Depth Details

The presser is built in steel framing that lasts for years and prevents intense heat. Now you don’t need continuous-time checking and temperature settings as LCD readout informs you about the remaining tie and beep when pressing is done. Such great features are found hardly at an affordable price.

The F2C Heat Press Machine is a high-quality, easy-to-use for professional-grade. This press machine has many benefits like the presser has a 360-degree rotating swing arm for injury protection. It Used on high-quality heat transfer-printed products like mugs, hats, mousepads, plates, baseball caps, T-shirts, tote bags, and jigsaw puzzles.

Why get this?

Compared to other swing-away heat presses, the F2C Heat Press Machine is affordably priced. A multi-spring balancer ensures safety, and A Teflon-coated heat platen prevents steeping and Easy to adjust pressure knob- such an option found rare at this price.

Overall, it’s great machine constructed with durable solid aluminum and can withstand scratches. Last but not most minor benefit is small footprint requires less working space.


Some non-significant downside is The heating plates take time to heat up but not slow, so may less productivity at commercial use, and A heat press is not even that may affect design.

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9:Cricut Easy Press – Heat Press Machine:

Why do we like it?

  • If you are looking for a heat press for a vinyl shirt, which is light on your pocket.
  • Safe anti-overheating system
  • It’s perfect for products like hats, shoes, or stuffed animals.


❌Voltage and adapter suitable for the US only
✅Good results 

This heat press machine for vinyl is the best for crafters. It is lightweight and extremely portable. Through this, you can customize multiple items like shoes, scarves, clothes bags, etc. It is ceramic coated for excellent printing. This comes with an insulated safety base and also comprises 3 heat settings.

In-Depth Details

This mini-sized heat press is best for unusual projects as printing on hats, shoes, or stuffed animals. It has a ceramic coated heat plate for even heat and 120V input has three heat settings with auto shut-off features protected from damage. Presser has a small handle like a standard iron for easy control and use.

The heat setting is reliable and pre-adjusting. The even heat and consistent pressure prevent any burning. So, We recommend it for beginners.

Why get this?

Some unique features are Lightweight and portable machine with Timer settings, Easy store compact design, a solid safety base, quality, and pretty prints.
Some cons are: The cost is $70, which is more than the qualities, Not for the manufacturer’s use, The mini size is not suitable for large business and Available in one color.

Check Price on Amazon

10:PowerPress HPM-0000-GD Heat Press Machine:

Why do we like it?

  • We love the design of this vinyl heat press.
  • Easily it can be operated.
  • It’s safe because the 3-layers of heat-resistant construction prevent your hands from burning


❌Temperature reach isn't much high
✅Large size

If the heat press is your hobby or running a small-scale business, this heat press will be the best choice for you. The size is great for any of the apparel, be it a shirt, scarf, bed sheet, or an unstitched fabric. It can reach a temperature of 355 degrees Fahrenheit. All the settings can be controlled through a sensitive touch screen, making the whole process easy sleazy.

In-Depth Details

It is a large size press machine amazing for banners, T-shirts, blankets, and sweatshirts. It is constructed with a lightweight and compact design, only weighs 8lbs for easy use. it has a touch screen control panel that makes use easy and smooth.

The 3-layers of heat-resistant construction prevent your hands from burning—besides, an shut-off. On function, switch off the presser automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Why get this?

The power press machine is Built with a lightweight design, Wide applications like a large touch screen control panel for easy control.

This heat machine comes with an insulted dual-function base and Auto shut-off function for safety.
According to some customer’s reviews, some drawbacks are heated up slowly and The base does not heat evenly.

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11:FeiLian Easy Heat Machine Portable:

Why do we like it?

  • This one could be anyone’s favorite; you don’t have to press this machine manually.
  • It adjusts the pressure itself.
  • It is a Lightweight, easy-to-use machine

 ✅Perfect size
None as for now
✅Easy to use

If any machine in this whole list is the easiest and comfortable to use, then this is the one. As it is easy to handle, it can be termed as the perfect heat press for beginners. You can first learn about this and then transfer it to a commercial-grade machine. From fabric to metal, it will print just as beautifully. The most important feature is it can be used for ironing too, which saves you some greens.

In-Depth Details

This FeiLian Easy Heat Press Machine for T-Shirts comes in purple-white, black-red, white-red, and black-white colors. Not only pretty but also has automatic use with a manual press and automatically shut down after half an hour of inactivity.

It has a large digital LCD for temperature and timer settings shows in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. It provides 232°C, quite pretty for best pressing. This lightweight presser is a great printer for bags, headbands, pillows, T-shirts, and jumpers.


It comes with a black pallet; the digital display gives you the perfect control overprinting and Shuts down automatically after half an hour.

Overall, it is a Lightweight, easy-to-use machine and Ideal for small runs of printing or personalized gifts. But, for any large printing jobs, it is small and Leaves a line on big projects.

Check Price on Amazon

12:O BOSS TOP  Portable Machine:

Why do we like it?

  • We like it because of its functional design and also easy controls.
  • Anyone can use it if they’re familiar even with a bit of technology.

✅Perfect size for home

Not the best quality

If you want to kick start your new adventure of heat press printing, this is the best machine to invest in. The grip is excellent, and it comes with three insulated bases. The package also includes 4 Teflon sheets and a silicone mat. It comes entirely assembles. Temperature and time can be controlled digitally through LEDs. The alert beep goes off when the set timer is ended.

In-Depth Details

This press machine uses Double-Tube Heating technology. that provides the perfect temperature control. It provides 390F, the temperature within 0-300s. At maximum temperature, it gives a beep sound and shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of activity.

This iron-on heat press machine makes designs, photos, words on cotton, fiber, metal, mats, jigsaw puzzles, bags, mouse and hats. So, use it as gift printing, advertisement, and fun stickers. It is designed in a portable way- easy to use and has a comfortable grip with a handle.

Why get this?

This Multi-Function Heat Press Machine has an Ergonomic, Lightweight, portable design with Double-tube heating technology. Some features like Teflon Sheet and Silicone Mat, 110V outlet, and10 minutes standby time makes it the T-shirt machine. But, It may destroy images if not used carefully.

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We hope that the list of our most amazing vinyl heat press helped you. In any business, the most essential thing is to have the right equipment. That is why we choose the best one from this list and get your work started. Even for your hobby and crafts, we have included some heat press. And each one of them has a good quality.

Now either you want to put your creative mode or work mode on, you can find all the right heating press here in this list.


For buying a new model, you need to know everything about the best heat press machine in 2021. So, here is a detailed guide in which we have described all essential aspects. Not only beginners but experts can also take benefit from our guide before purchasing a new machine. Have a look

What is a heat press machine?

A heat press machine is the best way to apply and print designs by pressure and heat on different substances like T-shirts, Cups, mousepads, hats, and coffee mugs. These designs are developed on computer and transfer, print through other transfer materials like Sublimation Paper, Ink transfer paper, Plastisol, and important vinyl.
Nowadays, printing professionals use heat press machines, but these are popular in small businesses and families for gift printing.

Types of heat pressing machine

Three heat pressing machines are standard: Swing Away, Draw, and Clamshell. These machines use different methods like manual, semi-automatic, and automatic methods for printing. You can identify each type by its working style.
Clamshell Type
Like the name, these machines are designed with top and bottom heat plates that resemble a clamshell. These works like jaw- need to down the upper part onto bottom and apply pressure. For beginners, small businesses, and home usage, these machines are ideal. On a straightforward budget, Clashmel offers a sturdy design and vinyl-pressed T-shirts. However, beginners needed caution from heat plates while placing items.

Swing Away Heat Press machines ( Safe and maximum quality)

These machines work like clam style, but the difference is top plate rotates at 360 degrees over the down plate, and user can lay out their material easily without any safety risk. One disadvantage is it requires more clearance room and needs a slightly larger footprint for swing correctly.
Overall, they provide maximum productivity and efficiency with convenience.


These machines use the lower jaw for movement, so it has a different working style. But the risky thing is needed excellent safety while printing t-shirts. The bottom heating plate caused injury and hand burns if not used carefully.

Factors to consider before buying the heat press:

heat press hats

Printing and designing on T. shirts, bags, and mugs is a critical job. It would be good if you get a device which worth the price with quality. Before being a new heat press machine, must check the following function.

  • Size of the machine
  • Materials being pressed
  • Type of machine
  • Safety Options
  • Volume and Portability
  • Budget
  • Heat Platen
  • Adjustable Pressure and Force Knobs
  • Digital Timer and Temperature Control

Size of the machine

The size of the heat pressing machine depends upon your printing material and available space. For less space, you need clamshell heat presses. The draw press and the swing away press machines have footprints and are used for professional usage, requiring a large room. However, the choice depends upon your needs. For beginners, clamshell size is great for industries, swing and draw machines are ideal.

Materials being pressed

Different materials are standard for design and printing like Vinyl, Sublimation paper, Ink transfer paper, and Plastisol. If you are confused, then remember, vinyl-type materials are the best option for the printing industry. Other materials are also suitable for homes and small businesses.

Type of machines and Safety Options

Types of machine selection depend upon your need, pressing material, and safety materials. The swing machine that has the upper heat part is perfect for safety. Clashmel is suitable for beginners, but draw machines required much care.

Volume and Portability

The volume of a machine depends upon your printing needs. If you need a lot of printing material, then swing options are best. For home printing and mugs designs, Clamshell is great as it is compact sized and perfect for small businesses and home usage. Overall, clam style is portable and lightweight, while others require space.


Before purchasing a new heat press machine, budget is an essential thing that needs focus. As a beginner, opt for a device that is portable, easy to use, and budget-friendly. At the start, never spend your money on costly and draw machines at it requires practice.

Digital Temperature and Heat Control

The manual machines that offer temperature and time setting on LCD are best. The heat press machines that shut off automatically are idle for safety. If you need quick production, then the device offers 350 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in 10 seconds is a perfect choice. Improper heat distribution can cause burning and blur style design, so select carefully.

Adjustable Pressure and Force Knobs

Pressure control is much necessary as a wretched constructed pressure knob can affect your design. Little pressure force will blur design and high-pressure backaches your design. So, select a machine with an easily adjustable pressure knob.

Heat Platen

The heat platen is an essential factor that needs attention before buying. Check heat machine that its platen distributes heat evenly or not. The improper heat distribution will give you the perfect design on one side and imprint on the other, so check the plan surface by moving your hands on the plate.

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