Best printer under $300

10 Best Printers Under $300 in 2021 [For Home & Office]

You will agree with me when I say,

To invest in a printer feels like a big investment.

Although, printers are not something that we often required in our daily routine. Whenever we need to print any document or want to scan any page, we face too much hassle. We go to a photocopy shop and wait to get the print. Therefore, it is suggested to most of the business people/persons who need it often to buy your printer at a reasonable cost. However, printers are quite expensive but understand this, a printer is the one investment that can keep you away from many hurdles.

Things to consider before buying:

Print speed: Different printers have diverse printing speeds, and you have to choose according to your needs. Some printers print 9 to 25 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white text. While some printers print 7 to 18 pages per minute, some printers measure their printing speed in pages per minute while some in characters per minute. On the other hand, a high-quality image may take 1 to 4 minutes to print. You need to decide what printing speed you are okay with and which suits your daily task. If you do not want it for office use but for commercial use, it will not hurt you to get a printer with 7 to 18 printing speed ppm.

Quality of print: The quality of print makes a significant impact on the outcome and how the result looks like. Dot Per Inch (DPI) is how people measure the capability of a printer and its ability to produce high-quality prints. On average, even a low-quality printer provides 300-600 DPI. Experts say that DPI is irrelevant, but it is still the only way to measure a printer’s capability. If you want to print black and white papers in high volumes, then a laser printer works great. However, you can go for inkjet printers for printing images and graphics.

Connectivity: Cloud technology has made things easier for people. Manufacturers are also incorporating cloud technology through which you can connect to your printer through Bluetooth and WIFI. If you are a professional photographer or your work requires image printing a lot, investing in Bluetooth or wireless printers is a good idea.

Best printer under $300 in 2021:

Here we have top printers on the list of under 300$. We have reviewed each of the printers by clearly discussing each one’s characteristics.

HP Desk Jet Plus 415510 [Editors Choice]
HP ENVY 6055 8
HP Office Jet Pro 8035 8
HP ENVY Pro 6455 8.5
HP LaserJet Pro M15w 7
HP LaserJet Pro M29w7.5

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1. HP Desk Jet Plus 4155

Why do we like it?

  • Rich with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity option
  • It has an LCD display
  • A USB port for PC connection
  • It comes with a one-year warranty
✅35-page automatic document feeder
❌You may face difficulty in Wi-Fi connection
✅It has an intuitive control panel
✅HP smart app allows to print, scan, and copy

This wireless all-in-one, HP desk printer works amazingly. It is the top printer for office use or any other place as it copies and scans fast. The fact of liking this product by people is that its Ink is delivered to home without being tensed to go to the market, choose your favorite color or brand, and then buy it. Not only this, when customers enrolled in the HP link, they get their two months free when setting the printer. After this trial process, the payment is 0.99$ per month, which includes shipping and another process.

In-Depth Details

This heavy-duty printer scanner is simple multitasking and can be used by any person at home. As it prints, scans, and has a versatile copy range, it includes a control panel and a small fax system made with 20% recycled material. Its advantage is that it’s wireless secondly, no worries for Wi-Fi dual connection system, as it is reliable and self-rest. Moreover, it prints and scan easily on the go anywhere with the help of smartphone-only and can share this with another person with the help of HP great in the class mobile print app.

This printer allows you to send versatile faxes with the HP Smart application: This remote printer allows you to fax in a hurry, directly from your cell phone, tablet, or PC within two years utilizing the HP Smart application.

This Programmed record feeder is an all-in-1 printer’s 35-page programmed archive feeder that assists you with floating through output and duplicate positions rapidly, which directly reflects its quality. Ultimately, this capability makes it the local fast printer. It is a portable systematic arrangement that only requires HP smart application to run the system simple printer arrangement that guides you, bit by bit; download the HP Smart application, interface with Wi-Fi, and offer the inkjet printer across the entirety of your gadgets. It comes with a one-year warranty, and their system is always available for their customers for 24/7 a week support.

Why get this?

It is also expensive for those who cannot afford this, as the printer does not cost that much, but a gallon of printer ink can cost you $12,000. When in cartridge structure, it is more costly than any other important thing and surprisingly human blood. Indeed, it very well may be less expensive to purchase a whole printer than it is to buy new ink cartridges. It is a decent system for printing photos. It has excellent shading precision and acceptable photograph printing quality, but the overall tone appears level. It has a low shading page yield, so if you print many photographs, you will need to change the cartridges frequently.

2. HP ENVY 6055

Why do we like it?

  • Let the user get borderless photos
  • Comes with one year of hardware warranty
  • It has genuine HP 67 Black/Tri-color ink cartridges
  • It has a higher page yield, making the per-page cost price much cheaper
✅All in one printer such as a printer, scanner, and copy maker
❌It's a bit heavy printer
✅It has a self-healing wifi connection
✅It’s a printer with fax
✅Quickly print from smartphone, tablet, or PC

HP ENVY 6055 is a heavy-duty printer, scanner, and copier. It is one of the top 4-in-1 inkjet printers with fax, which is under the budget. It is the premium printer as it is mostly used in office works and copy and scans fast. This incredible device is also known as the printer and fax machine combo. It’s a professional product checked and tested by the suppliers of Amazon to qualify its well-known product. By checking this, there will be no visible damage or any imperfections when carried by one. It comes with a three-month replacement product service that, if it is damaged or has any fault, can be changed in these months for customers who believe it is not reliable.

In-Depth Details

This is known as an all-in-one printer capable of managing all the tasks in one go. Like handling the task anywhere, any place it manages and saves time can do printing, scanning, and copying and has an option of an automatic color printing system made with 20% recycled plastic. It provides more than anyone’s availability: Ensure your family remains associated with self-recuperating Wi-Fi; this across-the-board printer’s Bluetooth 5.0 innovation additionally allows the family to interface and print from their cell phone or tablet. With the feasibility of using this system from anywhere, any person in the family can use it from anywhere with the help of a smartphone and can be sent to another person with the help of Dropbox or google drive.
It gives a one-year warranty to customers, and customers can take help from its system 24/7 a week at their website. This system is not only wireless but has an option for borderless photos as well. One can print photos and documents from anywhere at home.

Why get this?

Like other printer’s it’s process is also the same it prints, scan online from anywhere. Still, for this, you need to get the application of HP in mobile devices that helps get up and running quickly with simple HP Printers, which really walks you through each step; simply download the Software Smart app, attach to Wi-Fi, and start sharing the inkjet printer across all of your devices. Ink is conveyed to your home by HP online service, and you can get your initial two months free when you take a system at HP Instant Ink during printer set up plans beginning at $2.99 each month after the time for testing transportation and reusing included.

The 6055 printer has a slightly higher page yield, resulting in a lower cost per print, and it has better photograph printing quality. Moreover, the checking highlights on the HP ENVY 6055 are average. It only has a flatbed scanner and does not support duplex examining, so if you need to filter twofold-sided reports, you must physically check each side.

3. HP Office Jet Pro 8035

Why do we like it?

  • Organize the documents 50% faster
  • Print remotely using HP smart application
  • ENERGY STAR Certified printer
✅It has a color touch screen
❌It may create an issue in connecting with devices.
✅A smart USB port is inserted to print or scan the documents conveniently
✅It saves time by printing faster
✅Get automatic two-sided printing

This printer is cheaper than competitors are. It is a fax and printer machine combo. It is a great thing used in offices to upgrade to a new system. Supplanting the HP Office Jet Pro 6978, this home office printer offers quicker printing at 20 pages each moment, incorporates fax and output to-USB abilities, and is 14% more modest. It provides Eight months of Ink, delivered. This remote printer comes with an option that allows you to reclaim eight months of Instant Ink based on printing 100 pages per month, allowing you to save money on Ink while having it delivered to your door.

In-Depth Details

It is 50 % faster than any other system as it prints and organizes documents in a Managing way as it reduces wastage of time doing more tasks like going to file or Google or books and then getting the document. It is the easiest method to organize and revolutionize your business processes and ideas only on your phone. It acts remotely from anywhere only. You need to access the HP smart printer with the user devices and access the system easily.

Then one can print, scan or monitor the data from anywhere, anytime around the world. It is only possible with HP high-rated smart printer. The HP Jet pro 8035 smart printer is specifically designed in a way that adds value to places like offices/workplaces and ventures as well. Furthermore, you can start it by using its touch screen and finish with the help of smart tasks application.

Why get this?

Self-healing WI-FI – Keeps you linked by levels of perceived and, as a result, going through up to three stages of reconnection to keep your Wi-Fi stable and strong. This heavy-duty printer has implicit security fundamentals. It protects touchy information with worked-in security fundamentals like essential encryption, secret word insurance, Wi-Fi security, and record assurance. Not only this inkjet printer has a substantial design, but also it’s made from recycled material. Additionally, the laptop is light in weight, which credit all goes to its 15% plastic body.

This HP Instant Ink conveyance administration begins at $3 per month and includes original HP ink delivered before you run out, as well as extraordinary savings on Ink. It has a one-year limited equipment warranty. One can get FREE HP Web support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Set up your all-in-one remote printer efficiently by downloading the HP Smart application to your smartphone. This printer utilizes HP 910 or 910XL ink cartridges, which come in dark, cyan, fuchsia, and yellow. You can supplant HP 910 cartridges with unique HP ink.

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4. HP ENVY Pro 6455

Why do we like it?

  • 35-page auto document feeder
  • Auto two-sided printing capability
  • Rich with dual-band wifi
  • Top-rated smart printer
✅Delivers versatile performance
❌The printer may take time to reconnect the power.
✅Get started fast by following the simple instruction
✅Self-healing wifi keeps the user connected without any interruption
✅Save the users time by sending mobile fax from digital devices

It is basic performing multiple tasks for a home-like print, output, and duplicate adaptability, programmed two-sided printing, borderless photographs, a without hands 35-page programmed record feeder, and versatile fax with a printer made with 20% reused plastic. Unlike other printer’s Ink conveyed to your home: Get your first two months free when you try HP Instant Ink that is optional during the printer setup.

In-Depth Details

The plans start at $0.99 per month after testing, transportation, and reusing time are taken into account. Portable setup with the required HP Smart application: Fast and simple printer setup that guides you step by step; simply download the HP Smart application, connect to Wi-Fi, and share the inkjet printer across all of your devices.
Exceptional network facility makes certain that your family is connected to self-recovering Wi-Fi.

With the HP Smart app, everyone in the family can print, sweep, and duplicate from their phone, as well as offer archives to third-party applications like Dropbox and Google Drive. It has a great print quality, a reasonable list of capabilities for the price, and low running costs make the Envy Pro 6455 an excellent alternative to our current top pick among section level shading AIOs for the home and home-office setting. Concerning this item. The HP ENVY Pro 6455 All-in-One Printer provides brilliant, natural solutions for handling everything from home—multipage checking, portable faxing, interface and printing.

Furthermore, send portable faxes using the HP Smart app: For two years, this remote printer allows you to fax quickly, directly from your cell phone, tablet, or PC via the HP Smart application. The 35-page programmed archive feeder on this all-in-one printer helps you quickly move through output and duplicate positions. 1-year limited equipment warranty: Get free Web support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It uses genuine HP 67 Black/Tri-colour ink cartridges.

Why get this?

The HP ENVY Pro 6455 is an across-the-board printer that performs like most HP’s ENVY setup models. It has somewhat reduced and feels genuine, very much constructed. However, because its cartridge framework yields a low number of pages, you may need to purchase new cartridges frequently, resulting in a perplexing cost for each print.

Its printing speed is also an issue, as it does not print ten pages per minute. On the other hand, it has excellent shading precision and reasonable photograph printing quality. It also has excellent examining features, including a flatbed and a shifted scanner. Overall, it does not support duplex examining, so you must physically flip two fold-sided records.

Although, the device does not support Bluetooth. However, a user can connect it to via Wi-Fi. Additionally, the printer allows taking print by connecting the USB or SD card as well.

5. HP LaserJet Pro M15w

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with a built-in wireless connectivity option
  • Help save energy with HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology
  • It has an intuitive LED control panel
✅This printer is easy to setup
❌Sometimes, it may start overheating.
✅It has a great size that comes along with a minimal look.
✅Help the user to save the energy
✅best 4 in 1 inkjet printers under 50 dollars

This is the world’s smallest laser printer in its class – HP’s smallest LaserJet Pro is 35% smaller than its predecessor is while still delivering the same expert quality high contrast prints you have come to expect. It does quick printing and Prints up to 19 pages per minute, with the first page out in as little as 8.1 seconds.

In-Depth Details

Your laser printer’s power in the palm of your hand – The HP Smart app allows you to check from your phone or tablet, order toner, and print from the cloud, such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. You can rely on remote accessibility that Built-in remote abilities enable you to access, print effectively, and distribute assets on an organization; for those without Wi-Fi.

Its Inflexible quality is the expert; dependable quality you require for less this simple-to-use laser printer is HP’s most affordable LaserJet ever. Intended for simplicity – This LaserJet Pro is exceptionally simple to use and measures just 13.6 “w X 7.5” d X 6.3 “h, making it the smallest LaserJet in its class.

When you need it, turn it on; when you do not, turn it off – With HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology, you can save energy by turning your remote laser printer on when you need it and off when you don’t. The HP LaserJet Pro M15w is a brilliant, inexpensive, and small monochrome laser printer that is as simple to use in the field as it is to conceal in a small office. HP’s $99.99 LaserJet Pro M15w is a passage-level individual monochrome laser printer intended for use in small and locally situated offices, understudy dorms and rooms, and pretty much any other place where space is limited.


Given the M15w’s moderately low-resolution goal of 600 by 600 dpi, yield quality is surprisingly good. However, at that point, the bounty is sufficiently high for delivering appealing content, which monochrome laser printers are primarily designed to print. I thoroughly examined the M15w’s content yield and found no flaws in character shape, dispersing fluffiness, or other factors.

The M15w printer is the smallest laser printer we have ever seen. It prints well in general and quickly given its low cost, but its operating costs are high enough to limit it to low-volume use. Its extraordinary size and HP’s Smart Task cell phone coordination, on the other hand, put it in a class of its own, making it our top pick as a light-obligation individual laser printer.

For establishing a one-contact association with your remote organization, you have three options: Power, Cancel, and WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Each catch also has a contrasting LED status indicator. Like most business-arranged printers, particularly laser printers, you can design and screen the unit and produce reports from the M15w’s primary web worker.

Why get this?

Its paper handling part is rich with a 150 sheet tray that folds down from the front while operating the device. Furthermore, HL L2370DW contains 251 sheets that are split into one override tray and 250 sheet cassette. Besides that, M15w is one of the laser printers that doesn’t come with an ethernet port connectivity option. for a great user experience, this printer offers standard interfaces such as Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, Mopria, and smart application for smartphone connectivity.

Besides providing a consistent interface across various stages for associating with and dealing with your printer, it gives you access to HP’s Smart Tasks, which are work process profiles that reduce multistep exercises to tapping or clicking a symbol. By HP printer task also allows the user to scan a full-size document just by using a tablet or smartphone camera as a scanner.

6. HP LaserJet Pro M29w

Why do we like it?

  • all in 1 laser printer, copier, and scanner
  • allows user to easily scan documents from devices
  • Comes with preinstalled cartridges
✅Gives the fastest print speed up to 18/19ppm
❌It may take time in installation
✅Delivers versatile performance
✅Delivers uncompromising laser quality
✅copy scan fast machine for office the best printer

HP LaserJet Pro M29w is the same as the M19 printer. Another, world’s smallest HP LaserJet printer that is much smaller than its other product components. It delivers a wonderful performance as compare to its competitive models. Its speed is faster as light travels as it prints pages faster it can print 19 pages per minute, which is quite good compared to another one. From this, we can identify the time it takes 7 sec to print per page.

In-Depth Details

It has a mobile printing system available in it as well as it only looks small but is a very high-quality print. It allows one to scan print from other small devices like smartphones or tablets and then can be printed through dropbox or iCloud.

Why get this?

It also has a wireless system. Therefore, it helps one to access it from anywhere, any place on any device. It has wireless connectivity built in it so that other persons in the family can also use it. Moreover, if there are no network connections available, one can use direct connecting with the printer to print. When printing pages, it directly saves them from business apps or pdf. Lastly, it has a one-year warranty and every time web support from HP suppliers. It has an automatic on/off technology that helps not to get worried about charging for long periods.

However, suppose you need to conceal your annoyance. In that case, we recommend a laser printer: Not only do laser printers print sharp content and new designs, but they also run more reliably than inkjet printers run and will not stop working if left idle for an extended period between jobs.


We have mentioned each printer’s features in the above list of the top printer under 300. In order to run along with this fast world, you need to upgrade your printers with printers copiers, and fax machines. BY having different capabilities like some printers are all-in-one copy machines, some are prime laser systems, these above printers make the people living far easier. All are based upon an advanced technology system that prints the document and allows users to scan and copy. Without wasting any time. Visit these incredible printers and filter the one that fits your requirements the most. In this way, you can get a worthy, powerful, and affordable printer as per your pocket.

Buying Guide

There are diverse printers available in the market, but not all will fit your needs. Hence, it is essential to choose one that fits your needs perfectly. Here are a few things you need to keep in your minds:

Monochrome or colored printer

One thing that allows people to save money is choosing a black and white printer over a colored printer. However, the wise choice is to buy a dual printer with both monochrome and colored printing ability. It is affordable and saves you from the hassle of investing in a separate-colored printer. However, the ultimate choice depends upon you.


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