Best printer under $300

10 Best Printers Under $300 in 2021 [For Home & Office]

You will agree with me when I say,

To invest in a printer feels like a big investment.

Although, printers are not something that we often required in our daily routine. Whenever we need to print any document or want to scan any page, we face too much hassle. We go to a photocopy shop and wait to get the print. Therefore, it is suggested to most of the business people/persons who need it often to buy your printer at a reasonable cost. However, printers are quite expensive but understand this, a printer is the one investment that can keep you away from many hurdles.

Things to consider before buying:

Print speed: Different printers have diverse printing speeds, and you have to choose according to your needs. Some printers print 9 to 25 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white text. While some printers print 7 to 18 pages per minute, some printers measure their printing speed in pages per minute while some in characters per minute. On the other hand, a high-quality image may take 1 to 4 minutes to print. You need to decide what printing speed you are okay with and which suits your daily task. If you do not want it for office use but for commercial use, it will not hurt you to get a printer with 7 to 18 printing speed ppm.

Quality of print: The quality of print makes a significant impact on the outcome and how the result looks like. Dot Per Inch (DPI) is how people measure the capability of a printer and its ability to produce high-quality prints. On average, even a low-quality printer provides 300-600 DPI. Experts say that DPI is irrelevant, but it is still the only way to measure a printer’s capability. If you want to print black and white papers in high volumes, then a laser printer works great. However, you can go for inkjet printers for printing images and graphics.

Connectivity: Cloud technology has made things easier for people. Manufacturers are also incorporating cloud technology through which you can connect to your printer through Bluetooth and WIFI. If you are a professional photographer or your work requires image printing a lot, investing in Bluetooth or wireless printers is a good idea.

Best printer under $300 in 2021:

Here we have top printers on the list of under 300$. We have reviewed each of the printers by clearly discussing each one’s characteristics.

HP Desk Jet Plus 415510 [Editors Choice] Check Price
HP ENVY 6055 8 Check Price
HP Office Jet Pro 8035 8 Check Price
HP ENVY Pro 6455 8.5 Check Price
HP LaserJet Pro M15w 7 Check Price
HP LaserJet Pro M29w7.5 Check Price

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1. HP Desk Jet Plus 4155

Why do we like it?

  • Rich with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity option
  • It has an LCD display
  • A USB port for PC connection
  • It comes with a one-year warranty

✅ 35-page automatic document feeder
❌ You may face difficulty in Wi-Fi connection
✅ It has an intuitive control panel
✅ HP smart app allows to print, scan, and copy
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2. HP ENVY 6055

Why do we like it?

  • Lets the user get borderless photos
  • Comes with one year of hardware warranty
  • It has genuine HP 67 Black/Tri-color ink cartridges
  • It has a higher page yield, making the per-page cost price much cheaper

✅ All in one printer such as a printer, scanner, and copy maker
❌ It's a bit heavy printer
✅ It has a self-healing wifi connection
✅ It’s a printer with fax
✅ Quickly print from smartphone, tablet, or PC
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3. HP Office Jet Pro 8035

Why do we like it?

  • Organize the documents 50% faster
  • Print remotely using HP smart application
  • ENERGY STAR Certified printer

✅ It has a color touch screen
❌ It may create an issue in connecting with devices.
✅ A smart USB port is inserted to print or scan the documents conveniently
✅ It saves time by printing faster
✅ Get automatic two-sided printing
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4. HP ENVY Pro 6455

Why do we like it?

  • 35-page auto document feeder
  • Auto two-sided printing capability
  • Rich with dual-band wifi
  • Top-rated smart printer

✅ Delivers versatile performance
❌ The printer may take time to reconnect the power.
✅ Get started fast by following the simple instruction
✅ Self-healing wifi keeps the user connected without any interruption
✅ Save the users time by sending mobile fax from digital devices
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5. HP LaserJet Pro M15w

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with a built-in wireless connectivity option
  • Help save energy with HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology
  • It has an intuitive LED control panel

✅ This printer is easy to setup
❌ Sometimes, it may start overheating.
✅ It has a great size that comes along with a minimal look.
✅ Help the user to save the energy
✅ Best 4 in 1 inkjet printers under 50 dollars
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6. HP LaserJet Pro M29w

Why do we like it?

  • all in 1 laser printer, copier, and scanner
  • allows user to easily scan documents from devices
  • Comes with preinstalled cartridges

✅ Gives the fastest print speed up to 18/19ppm
❌ It may take time in installation
✅ Delivers versatile performance
✅ Delivers uncompromising laser quality
✅ Copy scan fast machine for office the best printer
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We have mentioned each printer’s features in the above list of the top printer under 300. In order to run along with this fast world, you need to upgrade your printers with printers copiers, and fax machines. BY having different capabilities like some printers are all-in-one copy machines, some are prime laser systems, these above printers make the people living far easier. All are based upon an advanced technology system that prints the document and allows users to scan and copy. Without wasting any time. Visit these incredible printers and filter the one that fits your requirements the most. In this way, you can get a worthy, powerful, and affordable printer as per your pocket.

Buying Guide

There are diverse printers available in the market, but not all will fit your needs. Hence, it is essential to choose one that fits your needs perfectly. Here are a few things you need to keep in your minds:

Monochrome or colored printer

One thing that allows people to save money is choosing a black and white printer over a colored printer. However, the wise choice is to buy a dual printer with both monochrome and colored printing ability. It is affordable and saves you from the hassle of investing in a separate-colored printer. However, the ultimate choice depends upon you.


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