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6 Free Cricut Software To Use in 2021 [For Maker, Explore 2 & Joy]

Many of the free Cricut software are pretty complex 

Even though you can pay for these software programs to get access to some more designs, they also have many amazing and beautiful designs that are available for free. With these 6 free Cricut software you will not have to worry about paying for the designs, just get your creative juices flowing and start designing.

We also know that finding free Cricut software programs can be very difficult hence we have done the work for you. Now all you have to do is select one of these software programs and use them to create, design, and inspire.

Note: These are all alternatives to the official Cricut Design Space which most of you know is mostly used for all Cricut design. If you want that then you can go here

Free Cricut Software 2021:

Below are the 6 best Free Cricut software that you will want:

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1. Rapid resizer:

Rapid resizer allows its user to resize their designs according to their choice. This software acts as a helper for designers. We highly recommend Rapid Resizer to every Cricut designer. It is very convenient and helpful. We also think that it is very useful if you choose the wrong size for your design by using Rapid Resizer you will not have to worry about creating your design again.

Rapid resizer also helps you to trace designs. Hence as we mentioned it is an amazing helper.

Upload designs:

Rapid Resizer is also a great platform for you to create and upload your own designs. This way you can reach a community of designers and you can make connections with professional designers and guide designers that need your help.

Stencil maker:

Rapid Resizer is also an amazing stencil maker. It acts as a guide for your designs and does all of the hard work for you. The best thing about rapid resizer is that it gives you access to the size of the font and also allows you to make changes to it hence it is very convenient. Moreover, it also is very easy to use you can easily print your design within few minutes.

2. Background Eraser: 

Magic eraser is a bit different from all of the above-mentioned software programs because it is an app. Even though you will have to create your design on your phone you can easily transfer it to your computer to print it. This app allows you to change the backgrounds of your pictures. This app is amazing for beginners. It allows you to use references. It is convenient and easy to use.

Perfect for beginners:

If you are a beginner Cricut designer then this app is perfect for you. It allows you to edit your pictures and change their backgrounds. It is also perfect for using references. It is also recommended by many beginner designers.

Ending note

In this article, we talked about 6 free Cricut software programs that you can use to create your designs free of cost. We know that finding free software programs can be very difficult hence we have done the research for you.

All of the above-mentioned programs are easy to use and convenient for designers. When you download free fonts make sure that they are safe because sometimes viruses are also downloaded with free fonts. Hence whenever you want to design using a different program for more ideas, check out our list and use a new and different software every time.

3. Design Bundles:

Design Bundles was formed in 2016. It provides its users with a vast marketplace that helps them find digital design assets for any project. As mentioned before you can pay for some more designs but we highly doubt that you will need to pay because Design Bundles has a wide collection of designs and templates from which you can choose from.

The best thing about Design Bundles is that they have 1 dollar deals. Hence even if you like a design that is not free you can easily get it for a dollar.

We highly suggest that you use Design Bundles because it is a tried and tested program and it also has thousands of satisfied users that highly recommend Design Bundles through their positive reviews.

Features of Design Bundles:

We will now discuss some of the features of Design Bundles in detail:


Design Bundles offers its user a wide range of digital design assets to choose from these digital designs came in different themes, colors, fonts and etc. Hence you will not have to comprise on the design if you use Design Bundles.

1 dollar deals:

As we discussed, 1 dollar deals are very convenient and useful. These one-dollar deals are very helpful as they open up a lot more options for you to choose your designs from. We also think that these deals are very affordable and almost everyone can use them.

Free design of the week:

Free design of the week is a different and unique design that is released every week. It is a limited edition design as it lasts for only a week. This feature of the software encourages users to design more.

4. Font Bundles:

Font Bundles was created in 2015. It allows its user to have access to a large variety of fonts that are easy to use.

The best thing about Font Bundles is that even though it does cost money depending on the font that you choose it also has thousands of fonts that are available for free on the website. Hence we highly doubt that you will need to pay for a font. Since a wide range is available you can easily find a font that is according to your theme. It also has some features that are similar to Design Bundles.

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Features of Font Bundles:

Some of the features of Font Bundles are:

Free fonts:

As discussed, if you use Font Bundles you will have access to thousands of free fonts and you can easily find fonts that match your themes, the colors you’re working with, or your designs. Hence you should definitely use Font Bundles.

Free font of the week:

Font Bundles also has a limited edition free font that is available only for a week. This software is made for individual artists.

Design your own font:

Since Font Bundles is a worldwide marketplace it allows its users to create their own designs and sell them at the same time. Hence Font Bundles is also a great place for you to create and share.

5. 1001 Fonts

Like, Design Bundle 1001 Fonts also has a wide range of fonts that you can choose from for your designs and themes. The reason we included 1001 fonts in our list of 6 best Cricut software is that this software has a lot of different themes you can choose from Calligraphy to handwritten designs.

This software is also perfect for individual designers who design as a profession. Moreover, 1001 Fonts is convenient, easy to use, and like we mentioned you can find any kind of font you want. We think that you should consider using 1001 Fonts for your designs as the software will help you get more creative by providing you many options.

Features of 1001 Fonts:

Some of the features of 1001 Fonts include:

Wide Collection:

1001 fonts allow its user to have access to a wide collection of fonts. Moreover, it also has a vast variety of themes and colors for you to choose from.

Free Fonts for commercial use:

This is a very convenient software for individual designers as it provides you with a variety of free fonts that you can easily use. 1001 Fonts also allows you to easily use a vast collection of fonts free of cost. Hence 1001 Fonts is a great option for individual artists.

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6. Dafont:

Dafont is another software made for designers to use free fonts. It provides a wide variety of free fonts for designers. It is also a perfect software for Cricut users. If you are a designer you know that finding fonts according to your designs and themes can be very difficult. Dafonts allows its users to have access to a wide range of designs and fonts.

Another thing that we love about Dafonts is that it is available for free and provides its users with a variety of different fonts that you can use completely free of cost. Moreover, the best thing about this software is that it is completely safe for your computer and will download viruses with the fonts.

New fonts:

This free Cricut software keeps updating and new fonts are added to it openly. Hence you will never run out of ideas if you use Dafonts. It also arranges its fonts according to popularity this will allow you to always know what is trending.

Archive of free fonts:

Like every software in our list, Dafonts also provides its users with an archive of free fonts and you can easily find a font that you like. Dafonts has almost every type of font from handwritten fonts to calligraphy. Hence you will easily find a font that you like.


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