O2 Nail Printer Review

O2 Nail Printer Review of 2021 – Buying Guide

If you are looking for a nail printer that works perfectly but uses less space, an o2 nail printer will be a perfect choice.

It uses printing technology for nail design, so this best nail printer 2021 can print any image on the nail; even you can print your photo. The O’2nails app controls the printer through WIFI, which is free to use. So basically, it is 3d art nail printer with wifi control that looks great, uses less space, and is Suitable for iPhone and Android phones.

O2 nails printer uses up to 800 nail designs available in the application library, or collect your favorite photos from your smartphone photo album. Then, a professional design team uploads them. Every week, there are various new themes available for you to download and use for free. In addition, its unique inkjet technology provides a high-resolution and clear print view.

How to use o2 nail printer

First, download the Inspiration APP; there are more than 700 ready-made designs to choose from. You can also visit his photo gallery to get inspiration from his daily life. Then, you can print on the nail in 30 seconds. Only the sky is the limit; let you love life and enjoy colorful printing.
You need primary nail care first; you should apply primer as a background and then use this best nail printer to print the image that you like. .. The image stays on your nails in just 40 seconds.

O’2Nails printers can print natural or artificial nails. First, download the O’2 APP to your mobile, and connect the printer through wifi. Then, publish more than 700 complex designs, or choose your favorite picture from your phone. From 2017, SM10 is the latest cartridge of O’2 Nails, which provides high resolution and vivid colors for nail printing. o2 nail printer cartridges can print 700 to 800 nails. The gel can capture pixels of any color for Designed to work with SM10 cartridges.

Each of the latest PG gels has unique characteristics, allowing people to create different effects on nail art. There are many ways to apply your nail art, but O’2 Nail Base Gel is a solid foundation for your nail art creation. It is the first layer after a simple manicure.

  • Once set up correctly, O2 is very easy to use. You need to apply a layer of white gel polish first; any brand will do.
  • Secondly, apply nail polish around the stratum corneum to prevent the ink from directly adhering to the skin, don’t worry; the nail polish comes with the printer. Then apply a special pressure gel.
  • Then go to the app to upload pictures.
  • Now your nails and pictures are ready, please insert your fingers into the machine.
  • Adjust the image in the application to your liking, then click print. Finally, remove the mask from the stratum corneum and dry the nails for 1 minute. You can apply a top coat to make your nails last longer.

There are many negative comments and reviews about O2 printers, but we suspect that most of the words come from people who configure and misuse the device. So please take a moment and follow all instructions for the best results. When inserting your finger, ensure the platform on which your finger is placed is raised to fix the nail firmly. For best results, use only high-quality images.

✅ Portable❌ It is rather expensive
✅ Easy to find refills❌ You can use one nail at a Time
✅ Colors to choose from❌ You should require a SmartPhone for printing
✅ You can upload any images
✅ It comes pre-loaded with patterns
✅ User-friendly operation from the app

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Guarantee certificate:

This nail printer has passed ROHS, CE, FCC certification, and Besi printer certification. All accessories used with the machine have MSDS reports. In addition, the O’2nails Protect security system ensures complete protection for you.

What will you get after buying?

It creates various designs from professional designers. O’2 Nails, the printer that prints any design onto your nails in seconds. This revolutionary machine uses inkjet and gel polish to print directly on your artificial or natural nails. Choose from hundreds of pre-installed designs or create your custom nail art using your favorite photos or images with the nail printers we reviewed.

There are no limits to nail design options, as the O’2 nail printer enables full-color and high-definition printing. Each print only takes 30 seconds and lasts 3-4 weeks, and now you are ready to create the nails you want.

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Why we love O2 nail art printers

Print out self-explanatory pictures

O2 nail art printers can print sharp and clear pictures, which is much better than other nail art printers. However, older O2 models now have lower DPI, Poor quality nail art, but all new O2 printers are 2400 dpi.

Update Softwares

O2’s advanced software has incredibly advanced and complex software. First, once you insert your finger, O2 will automatically recognize your nail and start taking a custom picture. But of course, you can also make adjustments by zooming in and out to crop your favorite image and improve the nail’s adjustment.

Quick work

It is very fast O2 can print one nail design in 30 seconds; no matter how complicated the picture is, O2 can quickly print your nail design. Can your nail expert finish it in 30 seconds?

You can print any picture.

O2 can print any picture on your nails quickly and easily. The possibilities are endless-from printing your cat as your favorite movie character. Just upload the photo to the O2 app on your phone and then print it out. This is why O2 comes with hundreds of pre-installed images that you can print out immediately.

Very easy to use

Impression gel and nail polish are also easy to find. It makes O2 very easy to transport and store when not in use. It Features Antifouling technology O2 uses special printing gels and inks to prevent stains.

Where to buy an O2 nail printer?

You can directly buy a nail printer machine on amazon or click on the o2 nail printer. Some other nail printers, such as the tuoshi nail printer and the Koizumi nail printer, are also best.

If you are looking for a nail printer that works perfectly but uses less space, and o2 nail printer will be a perfect choice.

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