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8 Best Multifunction Heat Press Machines in 2021 【8in1 & 5in1】

You will agree with me when I say,

It is a great idea to invest your money in multifunctional machinery that can kill multiple birds with one stone.

Well, you got it right; we are talking about multifunctional heat press machines. It may be challenging to find the top multifunction heat press machine for yourself.

A machine with features such as flat-surfaced, Teflon coated plates, vibrant print translating, and affordability are hard to find. Have you ever been in a situation where you liked a product, but it missed one feature you wanted? It is hard to make a decision when you have to compromise on something.

A heat press machine is not the most affordable thing in the world. However, you can find a heat press machine under $200 if you make an effort to do your research. There 5-in-1 and 9-in-1 heat press machines available. Of course, the more multi-function a machine is, the more costly it is. However, if you think you can benefit from multiple options, it would not hurt to pay a little extra.

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Best Multifunction Heat Press Machine 2021:

Here is the list of top Multifunction Heat Press Machine

F2C Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press10 [Editor's Choice]
Royal Press 5 in 1 Heat Press8
CO-Z 110V 5 in 1 Heat Press8.5
Slendor Heat Press 5 in 1 Heat Press7.5
VIVOHOME Upgraded 5 in 1 Heat Press8
VEVOR Heat Press 15x15 Inch7
Weanas Pro 6 in 1 Heat Press7

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1. F2C Pro 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine

Why do we like it?

  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Nonstick surfaces
  • Create customized t-shirts
  • Detachable aluminum alloy
  • Make pads and plate
✅12 x 15 inches heat press
❌Limited temperature range
✅Compatible with any dye sublimation
✅LED controller
✅Industrial grade build
✅360-degree swing-away arm

Strength, adjustability, and durability

Do you wonder what makes F2C the great multifunction heat press machine? It is its adjustability; it is not a specific type of heat press. You can use it to print t-shirts, mugs and different kinds of materials. The adjustable knobs restrict the plate from shaking and keeps the item secure until you are done. The noteworthy features within the F2C heat press are its durability and strength that make it stand out amongst its competitors.

360-degree swing arm

The F2C multi-use heat press is exceptional when we look at the leverage it provides. It has a 360-degree swing arm which helps in handling different kinds of items with ease. It is a pro combo heat press powered with a 1200W machine.

It has a wide variety of temperature ranges and a quick warm-up time. We love that it is a beginner-friendly machine with adjustable knobs to keep items in place when heat pressing.

12 x 15 heat press

If you are looking for an exceptional heat plate surface area for t-shirt printing, then the F2C heat press is phenomenal. The 12 x 15 inches heat press allows you to make custom t-shirts and print versatile designs. You can include different sizes in your business as the heat press is ideal for printing on just about every sized t-shirt.

5-in-1 heat press

The F2C heat press combo is an exceptional choice to expand your business. Not many heat presses provide the user a chance to work with different dye sublimation. You can use this 5-in-1 multi-heat press to make custom t-shirts, custom mugs, hats, and pads. It is an excellent investment if you want variety within your business.

Industrial-grade build

One of the things that we find unique is its industrial-grade build and automized settings. You get an LED light control and adjustable settings to lock your preferred printing design.

It is made with a high-quality aluminum alloy cradle and non-stick surface for seamless production and durability.

2. Royal Press 5 in 1 Heat Press

Why do we like it?

  • Aluminum heating plate
  • Colored LED lights
  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Variable temperature range
  • Make customized items
✅Colored LED light
❌Only one mug press attachment
✅Triple function controller
✅Great mug attachment
✅Versatile shirt printing
✅Thickened plates

Special thickened plate

The Royal Press all-in-one heat press machine works exceptionally well as a t-shirt printer as it has thickened plates. The thickened plate works quite well for smooth and steady print. The 12 x 12 inches heat press dimension is ideal for printing in large, small, and medium t-shirts, diversifying your brand. The aluminum heating plate has a Teflon coating that does not stick to the shirt or damage it in any way.

Colored LED lights

Isn’t it attractive to have LED lights in a heat press machine? The Royal press 5-in-1 heat press machine is designed intuitively to provide users with the LED light temperature indications. The intelligent memory digital temperature is an excellent way to note down the temperature levels.

Triple function controller

One outstanding feature that makes the Royal press stand out is its triple function controller. It is an excellent function that helps you master the art of calculating your production and the value you are gaining. You can easily lock in the printing design that you are using at the moment through controllers.

360-degree swing arm

A heat press machine must have a 360-degree swing arm. Royal Press has one, and it makes the life of a user extremely easy. It helps in keeping the t-shirt in place while printing and glides on smoothly for a perfect print.

Temperature range

The Royal press has a great design and 0 to 480F temperature controls. The effective steam release and temperature settings are exceptional as it makes the print appear smoother. It has a phenomenal multifunction heat press mug attachment making the machine more versatile.

3. SUPER DEAL PRO 5 in 1 Heat Press Machine

Why do we like it?

  • Removable silicone pads
  • Adjustable time and temperature
  • Adjustable knob pressure
  • 360-degree swing arm
  • Flexible and easy to use
✅Audible alarm
❌Difficult to align
✅360-degree swivel rotation
✅Up to 400F heat setting

Extremely flexible and easy to use

The Super deal 5-1 heat press stands out amongst its competitors due to built-in structural super and upgraded features to maintain flatness. It glides on smoothly over a shirt and prints a consistent and seamless design. The color transfer on tile, jigsaw puzzle, t-shirt, and mug are smooth.

360-degree swivel rotation

The full-range adjustable knobs are exemplary in evenly distributing pressure across the platen when locked. The 360-degree swivel rotation moves the heating plate and gets the precision you are trying to achieve.

Uses silicon pads

The Super deal hot press machine control box has different temperature control between 350 to 400F. The silicon pads in the heat press help in evenly distributing the heat and print a seamless design.

Other heat press machines are unable to provide consistent heat and ruin the design often.

Set time and temperature

One of the great things about the multi heat press machine is that it has a heat range of up to 400F and 999 seconds timer.

The machine has an audible alarm which indicates a user about the overheat exposure and when the printing is complete.

4. CO-Z 110V 5 in 1 Heat Press

Why do we like it?

  • FCC certified
  • No-slip grip handle
  • Spring press plate
  • Dual LED display
  • Teflon-coated heating press
✅Ergonomic handle design
❌Hard to fix shirt between plate and padding
✅Teflon-coated heat element
✅Spring press plates

Great transferability

If you are into graphic t-shirts, we are sure that you will love the CO-Z heat press. It transfers colors, images, texts, and lively letters beautifully on tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, hats, etc.

Swing-away heat press

The swing-away heat press works phenomenally to distribute the heat and the heat press for a seamless design. It is one of the prime heat presses under $150 as it has no inconsistencies while printing and easily handles any material.

Non-slip handle grip

One thing we find so crucial in a heat press is the non-slip handle which most machines lack. A slip-resistant rubber is used to help a user have a steady grip on the handle. The ergonomic design allows a user to have a secure grip when performing tasks involving high heat.

Dual LED display

Many heat presses only have one heating setting in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. However, this fantastic multifunction hat press has a dual LED display in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can track the timing and temperature for precise application and safety.

Spring press plates

The Teflon-coated heated element is non-stick for a cleaner application. You require minimal assembly for production and delivery. The spring press plates are exceptional in enhancing the image quality and allow easy operations.

5. Slendor Heat Press 5 in 1 Heat Press

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean Teflon sheet
  • 360-degree swivel arm
  • Adjustable knobs
  • Ideal for different items
  • Digital control box
✅12 x 15 inches heat press
❌Limited temperature range
✅Adjustable knobs
✅Full-range pressure
✅Industrial grade build
✅360-degree swing-away arm

Teflon plate coating

The Slendor heat press 5 in 1 heat press has Teflon-coated heat plates as it does not stick to regular or vinyl clothes. The dishes are easy to clean when moving to the next design. It does not burn quickly and provides consistent and smooth prints.

360-degree swing arm

The Slendor heat press machine double functions are exceptional when we look at the leverage it provides. It has a 360-degree swing arm which helps in handling different kinds of items with ease. It warms up quickly and has temperature adjustment up to 482F with exceptional customizable features.

Full-range pressure

We love that it is a beginner-friendly machine with adjustable knobs to keep items in place when heat pressing. The 12 x 15 inches heat press allows you to print versatile designs on t-shirts of varying sizes.

5-in-1 heat press

The Slendor heat press is an outstanding choice if you want versatility in your business. It is an excellent heat press if you want to use different dyes and print various items. You can print images, letters, graphics, and bright abstracts on hats, mugs, t-shirts, ceramics, glasses, etc.

Removable silicone pads

The heat press vinyl machine has an exemplary design with adjustable knobs to fix items of your choice. The printing plate is thickened according to the material a user wants to print. It has removable silicone pads, which is excellent as it allows user control on heat distribution.

6. VIVOHOME Upgraded 5 in 1 Heat Press

Why do we like it?

  • 360-degree rotation
  • LCD screen display
  • Safe to use
  • Variable temperature range
  • 5-in-1 design
✅LCD screen
❌Single mug attachment
✅360-degree swivel
✅Great mug attachment
✅Versatile shirt printing
✅Thickened plates

360-degree rotation

The VIVOHOME heat press stands out amongst its competitors as it has an excellent swing-away grail design. It allows a user to control how the design turns out as it makes the plate flatter and the design appears cleaner. The quality of the transfer is much more precise and high-quality.

LCD screen display

The VIVOHOME heat press has a large LCD screen display that allows users to control the outcome. The silicon buttons are easy to press and help in customizing the consequences significantly. The three-button controls work exceptionally well in starting and maintaining the process.

Easy to use

One of the good things about the VIVOHOME heat press is that anyone can use it. It has excellent safety controls and a surface temperature of 50-70 degrees which is safe to use. Also, you can use a heat glove to be extra secure when dealing with heated plates. The control buttons are labeled so that a user does not have to struggle with settings.

360-degree swing arm

A heat press machine must have a 360-degree swing arm. The multi-heat press machine makes it easy for users to control the item they are printing and adjust the design. It helps the thickened plate glide smoothly over the shirt, mug, or hat, which helps achieve a smooth print.

Wide temperature range

The VIVOHOME heat press has a great design and 0 to 200F temperature controls. The constant release of heat makes the print stick to the item smoothly and does not move around. It has a phenomenal multifunction heat press mug attachment making the machine more versatile.

7. VEVOR Heat Press 15×15 Inch Heat Press Machine

Why do we like it?

  • Teflon coated platen press
  • Digital LED controller
  • Adjustable knob pressure
  • 360-degree swing arm
  • Durable, reliable handles
✅Reliable handles
❌Difficult to align
✅360-degree swivel rotation
✅Complete accessories

Teflon-coated pressure plates

The Teflon coated pressure plates are becoming necessary to prevent the printing plates from being stuck to the item’s surface. You can adjust the plate pressure according to the material thickness. They are super easy to clean when printing another design.

360-degree swivel arm

It is an outstanding feature to lock in the complete range design you want to print. The 360-degree swivel rotation moves the heating plate and provides full pressure for a seamless print.

Reliable handles

The VEVOR heat press has excellent quality and an exceptional design. It has reliable handles and adjustable knobs to avoid slipperiness. The knobs have an ergonomic design to promote firm hold and sturdy grip. Apart from handles, the heating plates also come with silicon paper to allow a seamless print transfer.

Complete accessories

One of the best things about the VEVOR heat plate is that it prints multiple items, including ceramic plates, t-shirt, caps, mugs, etc. It has flexible buttons through which you can facilitate smooth movements and adjust the plate height. It is a super easy and fun way to print different accessories and make everything according to the theme.

8. Weanas Pro 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine

Why do we like it?

  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Digital LED controller
  • Quick installation
  • Constant heat flow
  • Removable silicone pads
✅Ergonomic handle design
❌low space between plate and padding
✅LED controller

Removable silicone pads

The Weanas Pro 6 heat press can easily compete with the Yifei heat press due to its high-quality and sturdy build. It has removable heat pads that are ideal for seamless heat distribution and smooth print. It provides the user more control over the heat flow and enhances the color vibrancy.

Swing-away heat press

The swing-away heat press is the sole reason why the letters and images print so smoothly on a mug, shirt, and cap. It is amongst the top heat presses under $150 as it is super easy to handle and has no design inconsistencies.

Sturdy grip

One thing that we think is exceptional about this market buys heat press is the non-slip handle which we don’t find in most machines. The ergonomic design helps in having a smooth grip over the controls when handling high-heat stuff.

Constant heat flow

The Teflon-coated heated element is perfect for consistent heat flow and not sticking to the shirt. It is rapid to install and has LED controllers to customize heat flow. The spring press plates make it more functional as the design transfer is seamless.


A heat press is a great machine to own, especially if you want to create customized merchandise and step into the business world. Investing in a scalable and multifunction heat press is the key to introducing versatility to your business. It can be confusing to find the great multifunction heat press as a person may not know which is suitable for themselves. However, you can find the best one and that too in your budget if you make up your mind about what you want and do not want in a heat press. It is an exciting machine to own, and the customizable features make it more interesting.

Buying guide

If you are new to the heat press business, we understand how difficult it can be to decide which machine is good for you. There are not many people who talk about what you should consider in a heat press machine. Like always, we have your back, and we will help you choose the premium heat press machine for yourself. Here is what you should consider in a heat press machine:

Factors to consider before buying:

Type of heat press

Do you like it when your equipment is portable? In the heat press, you will not find many machines that you can easily carry with you. The portable heat press machines are not made with industrial-grade material, but they provide enough functionality, seamless printing, and vibrant color transfer. However, you may not find a thickened plate that is responsible for smooth and hassle press printing. On the other hand, the heat press machines made with industrial-grade material and aluminum are more heavy-duty. Their plates are thickened and coated with Teflon for a smoother and mess-free print. They work great for printing on a mug, ceramic dish, t-shirt, cap, etc. The ultimate choice depends on whether you want it for a fun activity or professional use.


Budget is one of the biggest concerns of any buyer when they are investing in something. A heat press is not a budget-friendly machine for most people. However, you can find some for under $200. They are not the most sturdy or high-quality machines, but they work well for flat printing. However, if you invest for professional use, make sure you invest a little more and avail more features such as mug printing, hat printing, etc.


Before you purchase anything, you must sit and analyze the purpose of buying the item. Het press machine serves a bigger purpose than just being a hobby. People owning small t-shirt businesses use a heat press to customize logo shirts. You may also want a heat press machine if you own heat or a straw bag business. You have to keep the quality in mind; hence, always choose a heat press with a thickened plate.

It is essential to ensure the printing plate is as flat as possible for a smooth design. If you want the heat press machine for commercial or casual use, it’s okay to invest in a cheaper one.

Plate coating

If you do your research about heat presses, you would know that there are different kinds of heated or printing plates. The most common one is the Teflon-coated plate and a ceramic-coated plate. Both of these plates work exceptionally well as they do not stick and transfer print smoothly. Hence, always invest in a Teflon or a ceramic coated plate if you want a smooth design. It is a necessity if you own a business because you cannot afford to ruin any item.


A self-timer or an internal alarm comes in handy if you are a beginner and do not know technical things. A self-timer goes off when a shirt or any other item is done printing and starting to overheat. The alarm indicates that it is time to turn off the heat press to avoid heat damages. It is a lifesaver for people who have no experience with the heat press before. It ensures your safety and prevents any kinds of burns. We recommend looking out for the self-timer and heat alarm if you are scared of handling hot objects.

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