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5 Best Brother Printer Software to Use in 2021

Brother driver allows your brother printer or sewing machine to talk directly with your device making your work easier.

Brother Industries is a famous company with millions of good reviews and satisfied customers. They are famous for their Brother printers. These printers are used by many designers and all of them say that these printers are very reliable.

To go along with these exceptional printers you also need exceptional software programs that are compatible with the printers. In this article, we talk about 5 of the best brother printer software that you can use along with your brother printer.

Brother Printer Software 2021:

Below are the 5 Brother Printer software that you will want:

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1. Readiris:

Readiris is an amazing software made to help you scan files, edit, and create PDFs. It is convenient, efficient, and easy to use but the best thing about Readiris is that it is able to convert scanned documents into audio files.

We absolutely love this function and it also makes reading documents easier. It converts the text using the built-in OCR and then simply reads it using a human-like voice.

Qualities of Readiris:

Audio documents:

It easily converts scanned information into audio and reads it for you, using OCR. This is a very helpful and convenient feature.

Free trial:

Readiris also has a free trial that you can use. We also highly recommend that you try the free trial before buying the program. It is a perfect brother printer driver for windows 10.

2. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat is a versatile tool perfect for almost anything including professional use. When you hear the word adobe you automatically think that the software is reliable and efficient. It is also a perfect brother printer software.

If you use Adobe Acrobat DC you will be able to not only scan your files but you will also be able to use it from other devices without any difference in the quality.

Adobe is a safe platform used by many companies hence you will not have to worry about viruses.

Even though you will have to pay for Adobe Acrobat DC you will have access to a variety of different tools that are easy to use.

By using adobe you can create, edit convert files to the format that you desire. Moreover, it also allows its users to work freely with people from all around the world.

What do we love about Adobe Acrobat DC?


Since Adobe is a famous program it keeps its users happy by frequently updating its software programs. The Adobe Acrobat DC is a perfect program for anyone who keeps up with the trend. Since the software is frequently updated you will never get bored of it.


It also provides its users with an extensive range of tools that you can use to create almost anything you like. Moreover, the tools are also frequently updated.

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3. Paper Scan:

Paper Scan is a multi-purpose tool and it is also perfect for a number of different printers. Hence even if you don’t have a Brother printer you can still use it. Paper Scan was made to satisfy the needs of different users that is why it is easily compatible with different frequently used printers. If you are looking for brother printer software then Paper Scan is perfect for you.

Since Paper Scan can be used with different printers people prefer to use Paper Scan.

Qualities of Paper Scan:

Free Version:

Paper Scan has a free version that can be used by anyone. The free version does not cost you a dollar but it has limited tools. Even though it is free it has almost all of the important tools that you will need.


Compared to some other programs Paper Scan is an affordable option. It gives you access to a wide range of tools at an easily affordable price.

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4. OmniPage Standards:

The best quality of the OmniPage Standards is that it has OCR that is updated and allows you to work efficiently and scans your files and convert them in just a few minutes.

It also provides you with great image quality even if the original quality of the document is not good it is able to provide you with an improved and better quality result. 

Features of OmniPage Standards:


It is a very convenient and user-friendly software made to provide its user with the best experience hence you should definitely consider using OmniPage Standards.


It is able to provide you with high-quality scans. We also highly recommend this to everyone who is looking for affordable and easy-to-use software. 

5. Abbyy:

Abby is an amazing, efficient, and multi-purpose tool that will help you to not only scan but will also allow you to do much more.

It is able to use OCR to identify text and like any other software, it can be used to create and edit PDF files. It is also considered one of the best brother printer software.

It is also very helpful if you want to find information on something as it allows you to use full-text keyword search and bookmarks.

We also highly recommend this to anyone who wants a program for professional use.

Some features of Abby:


Abby is very easy to use. All of the tools in it are easily accessible. If you use Abby you will not have to worry about watching YouTube videos and learning how to use the software you paid for.


OCR is also known as Optical Character Recognition is a very helpful feature that makes searching and exploring easier and more effective. Hence you should definitely try using Abby.


Brother industries are known to make amazing and reliable products. Their printers are one of the most popular products. Since the printers are very popular and have many good reviews they should be used with software programs that are also up to the mark and compatible with the printers. Hence in this article, we talked about 5 of the best pieces of software that are compatible with Brother printers.


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