Cricut vs Silhouette Comparison 2021 [Unbiased Review]

You will agree with me when I say,

Silhouette and Cricut are the prominent manufacturers dominating the die slicing market.   Many people are not entirely aware of the difference between Silhouette vs Cricut.

Now without wasting any time, let’s talk about the main difference between Cricut and cameo! Some people think that silhouette cameo better than the Cricut but that not be the entire story.

There is a significant debate that you will come across whenever you are planning to buy a DIY machine for the stickers. The two major companies in the competition include circuit and Silhouette vinyl sticker crafting machines. These are the top two crafting machines that most people planned to purchase, whether they are beginners or professionals.

Not only are these known for their excellent features but also their excellent functioning. But which one is a better option? When you compare Silhouette cameo 4 versus circuit maker, you will find out that many features need to be addressed. Let’s talk about 20 features that make any one of them better than the other one.

Note: This review has been written after performing multiple real-life tests on both of the machines but all of the opinions represented are our own

All about Cricut vs Silhouette comparison 2021:

Silhouette cameo 4 Circuit Maker
Cutting mat width: 12 x 12 inches
Access to 100 or more sewing projects
Cutting material width: 9 x 12 inches
50 templates available
Bluetooth available
Bluetooth available
Automated adjustment options available
Push buttons available for controls
Touch screen available
USB port available
Dimensions: 7.87 x 22.44 x 6.69 inches
Dimension: 22.6 x 7.09 x 6.22 inches
Weight: 13.7 lbs
Weight: 15 pounds
1 year warranty available1 year warranty available

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What comes in the box for Both?

Silhouette Cameo 4:

Silhouette Cameo 4 box

things that come in the Silhouette Cameo 4 box

With Silhouette Cameo 4 we get the following:

  • Cameo 4 crafting machine
  • Rotary blade
  • Kraft blade
  • AutoBlade
  • Punch tool
  • Cutting mat
  • Charging adapter
  • Data cable

Circuit Maker:

cricut maker box

Things that come in the Cricut maker box

With Circuit Maker we get the following in the box:

  • Circuit maker machine
  • Rotary blade
  • Knife Blade
  • Pens
  • Scoring tools
  • Data cable
  • 2 Cutting mat

Cricut vs Silhouette Real-life test:

We tested both of them in different conditions and here are our results:

Cricut vs Silhouette comparison chart

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Price comparison:

The first thing that you must consider is the price option. If you are not on a budget, the price might not be an issue, but if you are on a particular budget, then you must make sure that you are checking the price before you finally make a decision to purchase the sticker DIY cutting machine.

Silhouette cameo 4 prices:

Silhouette cameo will cost you $300, which is a better option. Based on all the excellent functioning and the feature is that is offered by Silhouette, we can say that it is a better option because when compared to the circuit maker, we can see that there are comparatively fewer features in a similar price range.

Circuit maker price

The circuit maker’s original price is 369 dollars, but you can still get the circuit maker for $300 if there is any sale or discount option available. But when you are considering the features, you will find that the circuit maker is offering comparatively fewer features than the Silhouette cameo 4, which is delivering advanced features of printing and performance.


Cricut and Silhouette are each about the dimension of a large, compact printer. The silhouette looks to be a little extra expensive, however, overall, the pricing is relatively comparable thinking about the Cricut Explore Air two and the Silhouette Cameo three are the most comparable models between each brand. You can buy a silhouette machine at reasonable prices.

The essential distinction between the Explore sequence machines is the velocity with which they reduce images. Check out this specific listing of comparisons for the Explore family. The Cricut Maker is an effective machine with extra slicing options, so it makes feel for that computer to be priced very best amongst Cricut’s services.

Main Features of Silhouette vs Cricut

Cricut vs Silhouette

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Dimension is one other half that is a must feature to consider. One must make sure that you are considering the space it requires and the weight it has. Whenever you are purchasing the DIY machine, you must make sure that it is compact and easy to accommodate in a smaller space that you can use for domestic use and also for professional use as well.

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine

This DIY craft machine has the dimensions of 7.87 inches X 22.4 inches X 6.69 inches. Also, it has a total weight of 13 pounds which is not so huge. This one is a lightweight and easy-to-use DIY machine that can be replaced easily whether you are planning to use it domestically or if you are planning to use this printer for professional purposes.

Circuit maker DIY cutting machine

The Circuit maker DIY machine has dimensions of 20 2.6 x 7.09 x 6.22 inches. This is the DIY craft machine that is comparatively easier to accommodate as compared to the Silhouette printer. This DIY craft machine weighs only 15 lbs.

Conclusion in terms of dimensions:

In terms of dimensions and weight, we can say that Silhouette cameo 4 is a better DIY machine than circuit make a. The Circuit maker might be a little heavier than the Silhouette cameo 4 DIY machine, but still, if you are looking for the most lightweight option and the perfect easy to accommodate DIY cutting machine, then going for the Silhouette cameo 4 printer is a better choice.

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Cutting force comparison

Once you have checked the pricing and dimension, the one most crucial aspect to consider is the performance and to check the cutting force. You cannot determine the performance of any DIY cutting machine without checking the cutting force of the DIY machine.
One must make sure that the DIY craft machine they choose has the maximum cutting power and the cutting force that enables it to work faster and more efficiently.

Silhouette cameo 4 printer

Silhouette has a total cutting force of 5000 grams. This is a good number when you are comparing it with other competitive options. Silhouette DIY machine is known for providing excellent functioning in a limited amount of time without any troubles and hassle.

Cricut maker DIY cutting machine

The Cricut maker DIY craft machine has a total cutting force of 4000 grams. This cutting force is still better, but if you are comparing it with the Silhouette DIY machine, then we would say that it is less than that. Therefore it is better to go for the Silhouette because of the extravagant working force and cutting force which enables it to work appropriately and even efficiently.
The greater the cutting force is, the better the work will be. Especially if you are choosing the DIY cutting machine for professional use, you must focus on the cutting force to get the ultimate results in a limited amount of time.

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Availability of blades

When you are getting a print, especially for vinyl sticker printing, then there has to be the appropriate amount of blades available with the DIY machine. Let’s find out what is the number of blades that are available with both crafting machines.

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY craft machine

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY machine only has 3 blades available that come with the printer, which limits the functioning and also the performance. For anyone looking for a wider and more versatile functionality, three blades would not be enough. But if you are looking for a domestic use DIY craft machine, then It Would Still work for you.

Circuit maker

The circuit maker DIY machine comes with 10 different blades, which is an extravagant option. Most of the crafting machines do not have even one blade available but having 10 different blades enhances The functioning and the versatility of the DIY cutting machine.

Which DIY craft machine is a better choice in terms of the availability of blades?

When comparing Silhouette cameo 4 versus circuit maker printer, we can see that the circuit makes a DIY machine comes with 10 different blades, which is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a DIY craft machine for professional use. The more significant number of blades also increases the functionality and the versatility that you would require for the better functioning of the DIY cutting machine.

Blade Adjustment

Cricut and Silhouette are each exceptionally handy to set to one-of-a-kind reducing thicknesses. Both silhouette vinyl cutter vs Cricut cut down substances the use of blades.

The Cricut has a knob on the pinnacle of the machine to regulate accurately based totally on the material. To alter the Silhouette blade strength, inevitably twist the blade to a particular range primarily based on the cloth earlier than cutting. Both manufacturers have separate deep-cutting blades on hand for buy as perfect for reducing thicker materials.

Size of the material the DIY craft machine can accommodate

Every printer has a particular size of output medium that it can accommodate. If your DIY machine uses paper or glossy paper, there has to be a particular size that can be used for printing on the DIY craft machine.

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine

For the Silhouette cameo 4 DIY machine, paper, any other material that is 12 inches wide and 12 inches in length can be accommodated very quickly with the printer. The size can be accommodated up to 20 inches, but the ideal size is 12 inches x 12 inches.

Circuit maker DIY cutting machine

The circuit maker DIY machine can only accommodate 12 inches in length, whereas the paper or any other medium has to be 12 inches wide. There is no capacity for any additional functionality that you would wonder about.

Which is the better choice?

Well, both of the crafting machines have a similar capacity to accommodate the output medium. Before, there is no preference when you are choosing based on the size of the material The DIY craft machine can cut. Both of these can accommodate only 12 inches x 12 inches of material.


Cricut and Silhouette each reduce via distinct sorts of materials. Both Cricut and Silhouette can reduce via a long listing of substances which include cardstock, vinyl, warmness switch vinyl, vellum, craft foam, skinny leather, window clings, etc.

However, the more recent Cricut fabric blade has 10x the slicing pressure of the Explore machines and has a rotary blade and a deep knife blade that can reduce even extra materials, which includes cloth barring backing and balsa wood!


Every DIY cutting machine has built-in software that is used for printing several different media and for other DIY functions. Whenever you are choosing the DIY machine, you must make sure that the software is easy to use and easy to learn because if the DIY machine is difficult to use, you will not be able to use the printer.

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY craft machine

Based on the research, this DIY craft machine has software that is easy and simple. The built-in software for the Silhouette cameo 4 is not only simple but offers easy navigation. There are no glitches or hiccups that you will have to face while you are using this DIY machine.

Moreover, you will be getting excellent functioning in a minimal time that is the plus point. When you are using the Silhouette cameo four crafting machine, you will be in a Win-Win situation. It does not require a lot of effort to understand the functioning of the printer, and the software works smoothly without any issues.

Circuit maker DIY cutting machine

When considering the navigation of the Circuit maker, you might not be as happy with the controls and the functioning. For the beginners, who are planning to get their DIY craft project done, you might need a bit of time to understand and learn how to control the Circuit maker. All in all, it is a great option for long-term use but for beginners, it requires a bit longer to understand the functioning of the craft machine.

Which one is a better choice in terms of easy navigation?

In terms of navigation and controls, we can say that the Silhouette cameo 4 DIY machine is definitely the perfect option. The reason why it is hands down the ideal choice is because of the customer’s experience. The customers are happier with the easy navigation and controls of the Silhouette cameo 4 crafting machine than using the circuit maker printer. This is the reason by people do not choose circuit makers and prefer going for the Silhouette printer because of the improvement in the built-in software by the manufacturer.

Cutting speed

For people who are looking for a professional crafting machine, the cutting speed matters a lot. When you have a running business, you will need to get the fast functioning and fast performance from the DIY machine. And whenever you are planning to purchase a DIY craft machine, it is essential that you understand the cutting speed of the printer.

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine

When you are considering the cutting speed of the DIY machine, we can see that the Silhouette cameo DIY craft machine works three times faster and has three times faster cutting speed than any of the previous models. Also, the circuit maker DIY machine. We can see an improvement in the speed and the performance as compared to the earlier models. This one is definitely a game-changer for anyone looking for a professional quality DIY cutting machine for generating massive output. The speed also supports the output requirements of the people.

Circuit maker DIY machine

The circuit maker DIY cutting machine has a minimum speed which cannot be compared to the Silhouette cameo four crafting machine. This one is an advanced printer but still requires a lot of improvement in terms of the software and also in terms of the printing speed. If you are a lot more focused on fast functioning and better is speed, you know that a circuit maker DIY machine is not the appropriate choice.

Which one is a better choice?

For professional purposes, we have a clear winner already. Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine is hands down the perfect choice that you would want to consider. This DIY machine is excellent in terms of functioning and also provides fast operations. For any professional business, this is the ideal option that will get you the best benefit and output in the given time. However, for domestic use, a circuit maker Would Still Be a good option. When you do not have to worry about the speed and the fast functioning, then the circuit maker printer is an excellent choice because of the precise and accurate printing.

Availability of colors

Everyone wants the perfect DIY cutting machine that is excellent in terms of performance and looks perfect. Well, in that case, you will also have to consider the design of the DIY machine and the color of the DIY craft machine. We have the solution for that as well. You can compare both of the different options in C which one has better colors and better designs.

Silhouette cameo DIY machine

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY craft machine only has a few color options available. Even though it is a good quality DIY machine, but the design is not the most spot-on choice. This DIY cutting machine has Limited options and also offers Limited options in terms of design. Therefore if you are willing to look for an extravagant option, then you can look for some other crafting machine available in the market.

Circuit maker DIY craft machine

When you are specifically looking for a DIY machine that looks extravagant and has a decent design, then a circuit maker DIY machine is a perfect choice. This DIY cutting machine has various different colors available and also offers the ideal functioning just the way you want. This circuit maker printer also offers multiple different colors and designs just the way you want in different pastel colors. You can choose the ideal option whenever you are planning to make a final decision.

Sewing patterns

The sewing pattern is another most essential factor to consider. This is the factor that can differentiate the quality and also provide a better idea regarding the features. One has to make sure that the DIY machine offers a better design so that you do not have to worry. But which one is offering better sewing designs? Well, let’s find out.

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine

This DIY machine has excellent Sewing designs but does not has as many designs as the other option. If you are happy with the designs that are already available and you do not want a more advanced design, then the Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine is the best that you can have.

It is ideal for domestic use and also offers excellent functioning. But still, if you are looking for a professional-grade DIY machine with more designs, you know you can always check the circuit maker printer.

Circuit maker DIY cutting machine

Desire can make a DIY cutting machine that is capable of offering you more Sewing designs that you might require. Especially when you are looking for a professional-grade DIY machine, then having more showing options is always a plus point. This DIY craft machine will offer you that just the way you want.

Which one is a better choice in terms of more Sewing designs?

We can see that the circuit make a printer is a comparatively better choice because it has more Sewing designs options. This DIY machine is extravagant and also offers professional print functioning. You will also be getting some fantastic design options along with some other perfect choices that you will require.

Vinyl roll feeder

Most of the crafting machines require a vinyl roll feeder. It is the material that is required for most of the speakers that you want to print. It gives it an extravagant and more sophisticated look that attracts more customers. But not all crafting machines offer vinyl roll feeder.

Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine

Silhouette cameo DIY craft machine is the type of DIY machine that comes with a vinyl roll feeder option. This feature adds in a lot of better functioning. Moreover, this role feeder option provides you better stickers that you want. This will not only in hands your business but also offer you the best quality option that you require.

Circuit maker DIY cutting machine

The Circuit maker DIY cutting machine does not contain the vinyl roll feeder option. This might be a setback for this printer, but for people who are not looking for vinyl output, then this missing feature will not make much of a difference.

Which DIY machine is better?

Based on the vinyl roll feeder feature, we can say that the Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine is a better choice. This DIY craft machine is not only offering to explain functioning but also has some advanced features that will eventually make the output a lot more incredible and better. Therefore going for a DIY machine with more advanced features is always a better idea.


Warranty is one other factor that you can get the DIY cutting machine fixed or exchanged if it stops working. Both the circuit maker and the Silhouette cameo four crafting machine come with a warranty of one year. So in case you are planning to get your DIY machine fixed or have any troubles with using the DIY cutting machine, you can always reach customer support and get the DIY cutting machine fixed. This warranty makes both of these crafting machines the perfect choice to consider. Moreover, the DIY machine will also offer you excellent functioning, and customer support is always available if you need it.

Bluetooth connectivity

For both of these crafting machine, including the circuit maker DIY craft machine and the Silhouette cameo 4 DIY cutting machine, has Bluetooth connectivity options available. In case you want to transfer the media from your phone to the DIY machine, you can always use the Bluetooth connectivity option. This makes it easier for you to print anything you want without any trouble.


Cricut’s free software, Design Space, is web-based and now additionally offline plus provides skills with the aid of Cricut Design Space (iOS). This application lets in for designing and cutting the use of downloaded content material without a web connection.

Importing .jpg pictures and changing them to .svg snapshots to use them for slicing tasks is pretty easy in Design Space. You can additionally use your very own fonts and snapshots for free if you already have them. Besides, you can discover plenty of free .svg documents on the net that can be opened in the Design Space software program for cutting.

Ease of Use

In my private experience, the Cricut had a barely less difficult setup, simpler software, and is less complicated to load the mat effectively properly off the bat. I was once capable to dive properly into finishing plenty of tasks on my very first day of usage of my Cricut Explore. It is hence really worth noting that each of the Cricut and silhouette machine Michaels websites has responsive customer service groups with online chats to ask questions and acquire help.

What can you make with a die slicing machine?

Like a home printer, these machines plug into your PC or Mac PC, and they make cuts in crafting materials.

Both Cricut and Silhouette machines can reduce comparable substances like vinyl, paper, and cardstock. They work as magnificent equipment for developing personalized gifts, cups, t-shirts, home decor signs, organizing labels, birthday celebration supplies, paper crafts, and so much more.

Exterior Design & Tool Storage

The Cricut has barely more significant storage than the Silhouette. My Silhouette and Cricut machines are very comparable in measurement and weight. They are about the measurement of a small printer and can healthy well on a shelf or desk.

The Cricut affords reachable onboard storage each on the pinnacle left of the computing device and beneath to shop all your tools, markers, and more blades. My Silhouette desktop does no longer have any storage; however, the more modern trends do have storage space.

Things to know before buying Silhouette Cameo

Silhouette Cameo pros and cons

Before you decide to go with Silhouette Cameo, these are some pros and cons you need know:

Pros of Silhouette Cameo:

  • You can reduce up to 10 toes lengthy (12 inches wide). I create a lot of stencils to use with timber signs and symptoms that I make to enhance my home and it is less complicated to reduce long stencils than to have to piece collectively smaller stencils. If you do try to reduce longer pieces, I exceptionally advise that you buy a roll feeder.
  • You can reduce besides a mat. This goes hand-in-hand with the above point; however, you can reduce positive substances except for a mat (like vinyl).
  • The Silhouette Cameo three has a twin cartridge setup that means that you can load two pieces of equipment at the same time.
  • Silhouette’s new auto-adjusting blade cuts down on a human error associated with forgetting to reset the blade depth.
  • Silhouette’s software program software is robust. Even after the usage of it for numerous years, I nevertheless discover myself mastering new tricks. The most modern addition, Designer Edition Plus, caters in the main to those who embroider and can open embroidery files.

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Cons of Silhouette Cameo:

  • Silhouette Studio has a large studying curve. There are lots of tutorials online, written utilizing fellow bloggers to assist you out along the way.
  • Silhouette requires you to buy add-ons to beautify the aspects of the Silhouette Studio (Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, and Business Edition, etc). I experience like I bought the costly computing device already, simply provide me the fantastic viable software!
  • The Silhouette blades do not close as long as the Cricut blades.
  • It is loud in the functioning process.

Final verdict

Whether you are planning to purchase a Silhouette cameo four crafting machine or planning to get the circuit maker printer, both of these are some excellent choices. Both of these crafting machines are top-notch choices that are liked by customers. Also, both of these crafting machines are some advanced and improved options by the respective brands.

However, if you are confused between the two, we have separated all the features and the better choices in each and every section. Still, if you are looking for a final verdict, we will recommend you to go for the Silhouette cameo 4 DIY machine. The reason for going for this particular DIY craft machine is because of the advanced features that come with it.

Even though there are a few downsides as well but based on the functioning and the output that it provides, we can definitely tell you that this DIY cutting machine is what you need for domestic and professional use. The overall functioning is extravagant and gives you just the correct output that you need for your company. If you have a small business, you know this one is a good option based on the budget and also because of the functions it provides.

Moreover, not only because of the price but also the Silhouette cameo four crafting machine is the DIY machine that is a lot more improve than all the other previous models that were available by Silhouette company. The cutting speed and cutting efficiency are accurate and perfect in this particular model, and also, the cutting rate is even better in this printer.

There are some excellent and extravagant reasons to purchase a circuit maker DIY cutting machine as well. The designs that are available and the colors that it comes with definitely make it a perfect choice for not only domestic use but also for the small businesses that will provide you Major results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company produces better crafting machines; Silhouette or Circuit?

Both of the companies are known for producing excellent quality DIY machine options. Whereas there are pros and cons for each of these crafting machines. When you are focusing on a better and greater amount of design options, Silhouette can provide you more designing options. People consider this DIY craft machine for better images and precise printing. Whereas the software for the circuit maker is easier to use. For beginners, the circuit maker is a good choice because it does not require a lot of hassle to understand the working and the functioning of the printer.

What is the major difference between circuit maker and Silhouette?

The major difference between both of these crafting machines is that the circuit maker has physical buttons that you can use for easy controlling of the DIY machine. Whereas the Silhouette DIY cutting machine offers a touch screen for easy functioning and controlling of the DIY machine. The people often prefer Silhouette for better controls and also for easier use.
Also, there is a difference between both of the crafting machines based on the construction as well. According to most of the customers, the circuit maker has a better and more substantial construction than the Silhouette DIY cutting machine.

Which DIY craft machine is easier to use; circuit vs silhouette?

Both crafting machines are exceptional in terms of quality, but if you consider them better and easy to use, we will go for the Silhouette DIY machine option. The reason why it is better because it has more designing options and better functionality as compared to the circuit maker. The circuit maker has Limited options and does not provide versatility.

Can you use the material and the supplies for the Silhouette with the circuit maker DIY cutting machine?

The accessories and products used for each DIY cutting machine are almost the same. All those a circuit maker DIY machine has cutting mats that are comparatively thicker than the flimsy cutting mats of Silhouette. But besides that, all the other supplies and the accessories are almost the same. So accessories and other supplies can be used for both of these crafting machines. You can also get the supplies from a local Craft store without any hassle.

Which DIY machine is better in terms of pricing?

In terms of pricing, we would recommend Silhouette cameo 4, which is a comparatively better DIY craft machine in terms of the price and also in terms of the features that are available.

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