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Cricut vs Silhouette Comparison 2021 [Unbiased Review]

If you are a crafter, you have most in all likelihood heard about all the magnificent DIY craft tasks you can make the use of a single machine die slicing machine.

Silhouette and Cricut are the prominent manufacturers dominating the die slicing market.  Many people are not entirely aware of the difference between Silhouette vs Cricut.

Now without wasting any time, let’s talk about the main difference between Cricut and cameo! Some so many people want to know that is the silhouette cameo better than the Cricut!

All about Cricut vs Silhouette comparison 2021:

Cricut vs Silhouette

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  1. Software

Cricut’s free software, Design Space, is web-based and now additionally offline plus provides skills with the aid of Cricut Design Space (iOS). This application lets in for designing and cutting the use of downloaded content material without a web connection.

Importing .jpg pictures and changing them to .svg snapshots to use them for slicing tasks is pretty easy in Design Space. You can additionally use your very own fonts and snapshots for free if you already have them. Besides, you can discover plenty of free .svg documents on the net that can be opened in the Design Space software program for cutting.

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Cricut vs Silhouette Real-life test:

We tested both of them in different conditions and here are our results:

Cricut vs Silhouette comparison chart

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  1. Exterior Design & Tool Storage

The Cricut has barely more significant storage than the Silhouette. My Silhouette and Cricut machines are very comparable in measurement and weight. They are about the measurement of a small printer and can healthy well on a shelf or desk.

The Cricut affords reachable onboard storage each on the pinnacle left of the computing device and beneath to shop all your tools, markers, and more blades. My Silhouette desktop does no longer have any storage; however, the more modern trends do have storage space.

  1. Blade Adjustment

Cricut and Silhouette are each exceptionally handy to set to one-of-a-kind reducing thicknesses. Both silhouette vinyl cutter vs Cricut cut down substances the use of blades.

The Cricut has a knob on the pinnacle of the machine to regulate accurately based totally on the material. To alter the Silhouette blade strength, inevitably twist the blade to a particular range primarily based on the cloth earlier than cutting. Both manufacturers have separate deep-cutting blades on hand for buy as perfect for reducing thicker materials.

  1. Materials

Cricut and Silhouette each reduce via distinct sorts of materials. Both Cricut and Silhouette can reduce via a long listing of substances which include cardstock, vinyl, warmness switch vinyl, vellum, craft foam, skinny leather, window clings, etc.

However, the more recent Cricut fabric blade has 10x the slicing pressure of the Explore machines and has a rotary blade and a deep knife blade that can reduce even extra materials, which includes cloth barring backing and balsa wood!
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  1. Ease of Use

In my private experience, the Cricut had a barely less difficult setup, simpler software, and is less complicated to load the mat effectively proper off the bat. I was once capable to dive properly into finishing plenty of tasks on my very first day of usage of my Cricut Explore. It is hence really worth noting that each of the Cricut and silhouette machine Michaels websites has responsive customer service groups with on-line chats to ask questions and acquire help.

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  1. Price Range

Cricut and Silhouette are each about the dimension of a large, compact printer. The silhouette looks to be a little extra expensive, however, overall, the pricing is relatively comparable thinking about the Cricut Explore Air two and the Silhouette Cameo three are the most comparable models between each brand. You can buy a silhouette machine at reasonable prices.

The essential distinction between the Explore sequence machines is the velocity with which they reduce images. Check out this specific listing of comparisons for the Explore family. The Cricut Maker is an effective machine with extra slicing options, so it makes feel for that computer to be priced very best amongst Cricut’s services.

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  • You can reduce up to 10 toes lengthy (12 inches wide). I create a lot of stencils to use with timber signs and symptoms that I make to enhance my home and it is less complicated to reduce long stencils than to have to piece collectively smaller stencils. If you do try to reduce longer pieces, I exceptionally advise that you buy a roll feeder.
  • You can reduce besides a mat. This goes hand-in-hand with the above point; however, you can reduce positive substances except for a mat (like vinyl).
  • The Silhouette Cameo three has a twin cartridge setup that means that you can load two pieces of equipment at the same time.
  • Silhouette’s new auto-adjusting blade cuts down on a human error associated with forgetting to reset the blade depth.
  • Silhouette’s software program software is robust. Even after the usage of it for numerous years, I nevertheless discover myself mastering new tricks. The most modern addition, Designer Edition Plus, caters in the main to those who embroider and can open embroidery files.

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  • Silhouette Studio has a large studying curve. There are lots of tutorials online, written utilizing fellow bloggers to assist you out along the way.
  • Silhouette requires you to buy add-ons to beautify the aspects of the Silhouette Studio (Designer Edition, Designer Edition Plus, and Business Edition, etc). I experience like I bought the costly computing device already, simply provide me the fantastic viable software!
  • The Silhouette blades do not close as long as the Cricut blades.
  • It is loud in the functioning process.

What can you make with a die slicing machine?

Like a home printer, these machines plug into your PC or Mac PC, and they make cuts in crafting materials.

Both Cricut and Silhouette machines can reduce comparable substances like vinyl, paper, and cardstock. They work as magnificent equipment for developing personalized gifts, cups, t-shirts, home decor signs, organizing labels, birthday celebration supplies, paper crafts, and so much more.

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