12 Best Heat Press to Buy in Canada [Reviewed 2021]

You will agree with me when I say,

Choosing the right Heat press machine to buy in Canada is not easy.

Now, heat transferring devices are available with a digital controller and LCD to monitor the whole process effortlessly. Heat sublimation machines are available in small and light-weight frames to serve you with the best operating unit.

We tested and reviewed some of the most famous heat press machines available in Canada and here is what we found:

Best Heat Press Canada 2021:

Here is the list of top heat press for Canada that you need in your life.

Cricut Easy Press 210 [Editor's Choice] Check Price
PowerPress Digital Sublimation Heat Press9 Check Price
F2C 15" x 15" Black Machine8 Check Price
F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine8.5 Check Price
Fancierstudio Power Heat press8 Check Price
ePhotoInc T-Shirt Heat Press Machine8 Check Price
TUSY Heat Press Machine7.5 Check Price
F2C Black Heat Press Machine7 Check Price
Super Deal Pro 6 in 1 Sublimation8.5 Check Price
ZENY Heat Press machine7 Check Price
PowerPress Heat Press Machine7 Check Price
Mophorn 4 in 1 Gas Spring machine6 Check Price

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1. Cricut Easy Press 2

Why we loved it?

  • The machine takes 60 seconds to heat up and provide accurate functions.
  • Its light-weight and small-sized machine with 9 x 9 inches dimensions
  • It is provided with a plastic handle made with high-quality material.
  • It comes with a sturdy plastic base to serve you in the best possible way.

✅Easy to operate and comfortable in designing the projects❌Thick objects can take time to get printed.
✅Uses 400 degrees temperature to define the needs
✅Portable and affordable
✅User-friendly and has an auto shut-off feature.
✅Has plastic handle of high quality
Check Price on Amazon

2. PowerPress Digital Sublimation Heat Press

Why we loved it?

  • The device consumes 1400 W power and 110 V
  • It comes with a silicone gel baseboard.
  • Provided with a replaceable fuse that controls the temperature and pressure
  • Best heat press for Cricut

✅Temperature ranges from 0-500F and Time range: 0-999s❌Comparatively small than the other models of the same sorts
✅Stable and best heat press Canada
✅the pressure is adjustable because of the silicon-based board
✅Coated with sheet
✅Affordable and user-friendly
Check Price on Amazon

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3. F2C 15″ x 15″ Black Heat Press Machine

Why we loved it?

  • An easier and practical device that consumes 1200 watts of power
  • Durable and compatible with strong and rigid steel frame
  • Uses 0 to 200 degrees of temperature
  • Best heat transfer machine with precise timings

✅15 x 15 base with accurate operating unit❌You have to set the timer for avoiding any unusual condition
✅One of the best heat presses among many available options
✅1200 watts power
✅Made with steel and durable
✅It can be used commercially
Check Price on Amazon

4. F2C 5 in 1 Pro Heat Press Machine

Why we loved it?

  • Its surface is non-stick, and there would be no chance of burning.
  • Best to transfer colors, and the working surface is 12 X 15 inches.
  • It comes with a professional swing-away design and has a 360-degree rotation angle.
  • It has a digital controller for high precision and accuracy.

✅Large heating element with 12 x 15 inches size❌Avoid using the temperature above than given range
✅Has digital timer and temperature controller
✅Easy to use and affordable
✅One of the best heat press machines
✅Excellent come back of money.
Check Price on Amazon

5. Fancierstudio Power Heat press

Why we loved it?

  • The device is the latest and equipped with the latest heat press techniques.
  • It can consume 1800 watts of power and has coated sheet.
  • Temperature ranges from 0 to 699 degrees.
  • Best heat transfer machine with precise and unique printing capabilities

✅Its commercial grade heat press❌You have to adjust the timer for specified materials
✅Heavy machine with robust features
✅Swing-away design with adjustable design
✅Facilitated with digital timer and temperature
✅Top heat press machine with aluminum plate
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6. ePhotoInc T-Shirt Heat Press Machine

Why we loved it?

  • Device ahs 15 x 15 inches in size with excellent heat press qualities
  • Facilitated with LCD and digital temperature and timer controller
  • Consumes 1400 watts of power
  • It uses heavy pressure and high temperature to transfer heat

✅It comes with a digital LCD controller❌A bit heavy and suitable for commercial use
✅Has pre-installed Teflon coated sheet
✅Professional heat press machine
✅Can print on various objects of your choice
✅Swing-away design with user-friendly feature
Check Price on Amazon

7. TUSY Heat Press Machine

Why we loved it?

  • The machine is easy to use and can print shirts, mugs, plates, and toys.
  • LCD to set temperature and time
  • Larger and durable plate with 15 X 15 inches size
  • It comes with a full range adjustable pressure knob.

✅It comes with durable metal frame construction.❌You may use the hand-held pistol to check the heat distribution
✅Has non-stick coated plate
✅Provided with digital controller and timer
✅Can serve the high performance
✅Hotpress machine for high-quality accuracy
Check Price on Amazon

8. F2C Black Heat Press Machine

Why we loved it?

  • The machine is easier and practical and can be used professionally.
  • Compatible to 1200 watts power and uses 110 volts
  • It comes with a rigid steel frame and has a 15 x 15 inches surface area.
  • Temperature ranges from 0 to 200 degrees, and the timer is there to serve you well.

✅Provided with digital display and timer❌It's affordable and doesn't come with a warranty.
✅Has indicator when the heat transfer process is over
✅Heat press for home use
✅It comes with an aluminum heat plate for homogenous heat.
✅Easy parameter settings with adjustable pressure
Check Price on Amazon

9. Super Deal Pro 6 in 1 Sublimation Heat Press

Why we loved it?

  • The machine has a swing-away design of 12 x 15 inches.
  • There is a digital controller with neon digits
  • Have a heat press machine to deliver the images on ceramics and fabrics
  • Unlike clamshell machines, you don’t need to move the object.

✅Swing-away machine with 6 in 1 action❌There is no Teflon coating
✅Digital meter to show the temperature and time.
✅Size is medium and can print big projects as well.
✅Facilitated with all accessories
✅Best affordable heat press
Check Price on Amazon

10. ZENY Heat Press machine

Why we loved it?

  • It comes with a bright red digital meter with slots
  • You can adjust the pressure with a knob
  • 15 x 15 inches plate with shirt heat press qualities
  • Temperature ranges from 0 to 380 degrees

✅Excellent heat transferring feature.❌Only suitable for flat surfaces
✅Best size with accurate results
✅Digital meter to monitor the working process
✅It can be used commercially or for home
✅Top-rated heat press machine with affordable price
Check Price on Amazon

11. PowerPress Heat Press Machine

Why we loved it?

  • The machine has a suitable 15 X 15 inches size.
  • It comes with adjustable pressure and a silicon base.
  • Provided with a replaceable fuse that protects the device from overheating
  • It has a digital temperature and time controller.

✅The machine comes with a swing-away design for easier and safer use.❌Watch for the weight of the object being printed
✅Light-weight and can be used commercially.
✅Temperature ranges from 0 to 750 degrees.
✅Adjustable pressure and temperature
✅Best t-shirt heat press machine
Check Price on Amazon

12. Mophorn 4 in 1 Hat Press Gas Spring machine

Why we loved it?

  • Best 4 in 1 heat press machine with a durable frame
  • It comes with four printing sizes for designing various hats and caps.
  • Provided with a digital timer and temperature control system
  • Swing-away design and suitable for multiple products

✅12 X 15 inches in size❌Some people may consider it pricy
✅6 X 3 heat press machine
✅Temperature ranges from 0 to 400 degrees
✅Swing-away design with commercial grade qualities
✅It comes with removable silicon and cotton pads
Check Price on Amazon

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Finally, I have come to a point where I think I have made things understandable for you. Now, you can choose the one according to your requirements. I have listed the best heat press Canada to facilitate you with impressive and outclass products. Hence, the choice is yours. What type of machine do you like for yourself.

Let’s buy the heat sublimation machine and get crazy and funky tees to impress your friends.

Buyer’s guide

It’s a challenge to buy the heat press machine with all favorable features because you will find various products of the same sort that could fascinate you. But you have to choose one with excellent features and longevity. However, I have done a lot of struggle in finding the right options for you and got the list of some best heat press Canada. You can see the details with precise features.

However, buying the best among similar products is not easy for the beginner because heat press units come with variable features. You may get confused about buying the right machine. Well, its a matter of understanding, and you have to know about your needs before buying any heat sublimation machine. The machine should be durable and compatible enough to define your needs and to accomplish your work with ease.

Let me explain some facts that could help you in choosing the right product for yourself.

Type of machine

I have explained the products in detail that could match your needs. Here, I would like to mention the types involving weight. If you are a beginner, you must buy a light-weight and portable machine that could help you detail the printing job.

The devices for commercial uses are comparatively heavy and has a larger surface area to provide comfortable working options.

What is the purpose of buying a heat press machine?

Well, it’s quite amazing if you want to print the tees and bags. You can buy the clamshell or swing-away sublimation unit to get the job done easily. But for the curved surfaces, you need to buy the machine with accessories, and it may be pricy. However, machine quality would be fantastic for easier and practical use.

Hence, it’s favorable to know about the types and features before buying one for you. Some machines come to deal with a flat and curved surface, and you can buy them without any effort. The listed products have all varieties, and you can manage your budget to buy the machine with terrific features.

Safety and budget

When buying a machine, it’s essential to ensure safety features because some devices may get overheated and burn your hands. Thus, it would be best to go for a digital display and the temperature timer controller system to get a safe product for you.

If we talk about budget, the listed products are budget-friendly and easy to operate. You can get unlimited advantages by spending few amounts of money. Thus, try to know about your requirement and buy the one to serve you in the best possible way.

Digital controller

Some machines come with a digital controller and display to monitor the working process. You can set the time and temperature according to the material’s nature and get the accurate outcome right after a specified time. Hence, a beep will let you know the completion of the process, and you can adjust the pressure to design the features articles.

However, a heat press machine is a way to express your personality by designing your tees and accessories. Thus, find the best way to compose your personality and express your feelings for your family. You can customize designs to gift your family and friends, and I’m sure it would be a unique and impressive thing to explain your feelings.

Why heat press rather than iron?

Most people have become convinced by watching the best outcome of the heat press machines. The best heat press Canada would provide ease and accuracy in designing the various materials. You can use ceramic, cotton, vinyl, and glass material to print attractive designs on the surface. The machines can do printing on flat and curved surfaces with ease.

Unlike iron, where you can burn your hand and the printing object, heat press comes with a digital controller, and you can set the time to get the accurate output. Some machines come with a manual guide, and you can learn to operate the device. However, there is no need o assemble the product, and you can start your work right after unboxing the device.


Heat-pressed ceramics: technology and strength.

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