Singer M1000 sewing machine bobbin problems

How To Use Singer M1000 Sewing Machine

 In this piece, we will show you How to use the Singer M1000 sewing machine so that you can save time in the future. Additionally, we will show you How to thread the Singer M1000. 

This Singer M1000 sewing machine will make mending and sewing a breeze! At an affordable price, this compact machine is an excellent choice for simple mending and repairs. A sewing machine like this is also ideal for any sewer on the go, or even as a first machine for a child who is interested in sewing. Furthermore, this machine can handle basic tasks on fabrics weighing from light to medium weight.

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Features Of The Singer M1000 Sewing Machine

The following is a list of the Singer M1000 Sewing Machine components and their functions;

  • Foot Switch:  

The foot switch turns the machine on and off. You can start the machine by pressing the foot switch. And when you wish to stop the machine, you can release the foot switch. Furthermore, the foot switch does not control the sewing speed.

Singer M1000 sewing machine bobbin problems

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  • Presser Foot Lifter:

This feature lowers and raises the presser foot. The fabric can be placed under the presser foot more easily if you raise the presser foot lifter higher than normal. Make sure your presser foot is lowered onto the fabric before sewing.

Singer M1000 sewing machine bobbin problems

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  • Reverse Stitch Control:

Reverse stitching is achieved by pressing and holding the Reverse Stitch Lever.

Singer M1000 sewing machine bobbin problems


  • Finger Guard:

The purpose of this feature is to prevent your fingers from coming into contact with the needle. The finger guard can be removed by loosening the setscrew. Moreover, ensure the presser foot and its holder are positioned correctly, then tighten the setscrew using a screwdriver.

How to thread a Singer M1000 sewing machine

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Let’s see how to use the Singer Sewing Machine M1000;

How To Use Singer M1000 Sewing Machine

Setting Up The Sewing Machine:

  • Connect the foot switch plug to the foot switch jack. 
  • Then, connect the AC adapter plug to the AC adapter jack. 
  • And finally, plug the AC adapter into a power outlet.

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How to thread a Singer M1000 sewing machine 

The first step in threading the machine is to wind a bobbin. 

Wind a bobbin 

  • Remove the bobbin cover plate. In some cases, your machine comes with a bobbin that is already wound, but if you want to wind a different color of thread, pull the bobbin out and use an empty bobbin that came with your machine. 
  • Put the spool of thread on the spool pin. The end of the thread should be coming out from the spool.

How to use Singer M1000

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  • Bring the end of the thread toward the right after passing the thread clockwise in front of the bobbin winding tension disk. Make sure the thread is tucked under the tension disk when winding the bobbin. Then pass the thread through the hole from the inside to the outside of the bobbin as shown in the figure. 
        1. Bobbin winding tension disk
        2. Bobbin winder spindle

How to use Singer M1000


  • The bobbin should then be placed on the bobbin winder spindle. Next, make sure the bobbin spindle is pushed to the right.

How to use Singer M1000

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  • Depress the foot switch while holding the free end of the thread. You should stop the machine after about 10 seconds and cut the thread near the hole in the bobbin.
  • Once again, depress the foot switch. The bobbin will automatically stop once fully wound. Then, move the spindle to the left, cut the thread, and place the bobbin winder back into its place.

Insert the bobbin

  • Once the bobbin has been wound, it is time to insert it into the machine. 
  • Make sure the thread runs counterclockwise when you place the bobbin in the bobbin holder. As shown in the picture, place the thread in the notch on the front of the bobbin holder.

How to thread a Singer M1000

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  • Then the thread should be drawn to the left, slipping it between the tension spring blades. Holding the thread lightly, slide it into the notch on the side.

How to use Singer sewing machine M1000


  • Extend the thread about 10 cm to the rear. Now attach the bobbin cover plate again

Thread the top of the machine

  • Now that the bobbin is threaded and inserted; you can thread the top of the machine.
  • On the spool pin, place a spool with thread coming off. Turn your hand wheel towards you so that you can see the take-up lever at the top of the machine.

How to thread a Singer M1000

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  • Bring the thread end under the thread guide while raising the presser foot.
        1. Thread guide

How to use Singer sewing machine M1000

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  • Using your left hand, draw the thread down along the right channel and around the bottom of the guide plate while holding the thread with your right hand. Then, pull the thread firmly up along the left channel as shown below.

How to thread a Singer M1000


  • Take the thread and pass it through the take-up lever, from the right side to the left.

How to article

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  • After this, bring the thread all the way down to the needle. A wire needle clamp guide is located at the top of the workspace. Insert the thread into this guide.

how to article

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  • Afterward, manually thread the needle from the front to the back.

How to article


Drawing up Bobbin 

  • Gently turn the handwheel towards you while holding the upper thread in order to move the needle down and then up. When the needle comes back up, gently pull the upper thread, so that the bobbin thread passes through the small hole in the needle plate.

sewing machine

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  • Place both threads behind the finger guard and underneath the presser foot. 
    Now, you are ready to stitch!

M1000 sewing machine

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Test Stitch

Threading a machine


  • After threading the top of the machine, you need to check your stitch to make sure you threaded it correctly. Place your fabric underneath the presser foot, lower the presser foot lifter and step on the foot control to begin sewing.
  • When you come to the end of the fabric, continue turning the hand wheel towards you until the needle is all the way up and just starts to come down. 
  • Raise the presser foot lifter and bring your work over to the side and trim your threads with the thread cutter. 
  • Check your stitch. If you find thread loops or bunching on the back side of the fabric; it is actually an indication that you thread at the top of the machine incorrectly. So remove the thread and rethread the top of the machine.

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1- Why does my Singer sewing machine not pick up the bobbin thread?

Be sure that the machine’s bobbin winding spindle is pushed all the way to the left before you start sewing. Your needle will not pick up your bobbin thread if it is not in the correct position. Additionally, a poorly threaded sewing machine will not pull up the bobbin thread into the fabric properly. The upper thread can sometimes entangle itself in a moving part or get stuck, preventing the thread from flowing smoothly through the needle. So, make sure the machine is threaded properly. Hopefully, these suggestions solved your Singer M1000 sewing machine bobbin problems.

2- Is the M1000 Singer sewing machine a good choice for beginners?

Yes, the Singer M1000 Sewing Machine is a great choice for beginners. It is small and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry around. That makes it an ideal learning tool for both kids and adults.

3- How often do you need to service your sewing machine?

A professional service should be performed on your sewing machine at least once a year. Since sewing machines are composed of many moving parts, it is crucial to keep them maintained. And almost anything with moving parts needs to be lubricated.

Final Thoughts

By now you should know how to use a Singer M1000 sewing machine. This machine is a must-have if you frequently mend children’s clothing. It might even be useful for teaching kids how to mend and sew their clothes. Easy set-up and the needle guard make this a good, safe sewing machine for kids who are eager to learn. Thanks for picking out our article; How To Use Singer M1000 Sewing Machine. Hopefully, it proves useful to you.

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