8 Best Vinyl Cutter & Heat Press Combos to Buy in 2021

  Thinking of starting a new business of printing custom deisgns?  

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We are going to review the 8 best vinyl cutter and heat press combos. You will find here, every kind of suitable vinyl machine to make shirts, both start a business or to upgrade it. As every company is introducing their machine with specific attributes all bearing label of “top vinyl cutter for t-shirts”. We tested all the top ones mentioned and found the following results:

For Dummies, Read First: What are Vinyl Cutters and Heat press machines

Factors to consider before buying vinyl cutter:

  1. User interface: The machine must be easy to use and should be compatible with the maximum number of operating systems. Replacing different parts of the machine should not be a hefty job. Prefer those machines which have preinstalled software to make ease the use of the machine.
  1. Warranty: It is common for a cutter machine to become malfunctioned. Therefore t vinyl cutter and heat press combo should have a warranty to claim for damage. Sometimes the issue is complex and we cannot solve it ourselves. In that case, companies are bound to replace the products with the correct ones.
  1. Cost: Whether a vinyl T-shirt printing machine a simpler one or an advance one, it should be the best bang for your bucks. It usually is cost-effective if you go for this vinyl cutter and heat press combo because companies often offer less price for a bundle. Although it is difficult to choose a single best vinyl maker for shirts, our list will help you a lot with the decision.
  1. Compatibility of Materials: It is a very important feature that many newbies ignore in the beginning. You should look into the specifications of a cutter machine deeply. Look for the materials it can cut, which of course should be a wide variety. It must support a large variety of fabrics.

Best Vinyl Cutter & Heat Press Combo 2021:

Here is the list of our top vinyl cutter that comes with a heat press combination.

USCutter 28" Digital Heat Press Machine10 [Editor's Pick] Check Price
INTBUYING Heat Press Machine Cutter8 Check Price
FOCUSBINDING Heat Transfer Vinyl Cutter9 Check Price
FocusBinding Heat Press, Force Metal Cutter8 Check Price
Techtongda Vinyl Cutter Plotter8 Check Price
Mophorn Heat Press Machine and Vinyl Cutter7.5 Check Price
IntBuying Cutting Heat Press Machine8 Check Price
CN Vinyl Cutting Plotter Heat Transfer Vinyl8 Check Price

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1: USCutter 28″ Digital Heat Press Machine:

Why We Love It:

  • Easy to use
  • LCD control panel
  • Comes with VinylMaster Cut

✔️Very affordable
❌Cannot define the offset
✔️LCD panel
❌Doesn’t works with Corel Draw
✔️User friendly

2: INTBUYING Heat Press Machine Cutter:

Why We Love It:

  • A complete business package
  • CISS Ink System
  • High speed

✔️All-rounder❌Outdated software
✔️CISS Ink system
❌Printer quality not very impressive
✔️High force

3: FOCUSBINDING Heat Transfer Vinyl Cutter:

Why We Love It:

  • Impressive heat press
  • Good customer service
  • Strong power

✔️Strong downforce❌Oversimplified software
✔️Responsive customer care
✔️Big heat press

4: FocusBinding Heat Press, Force Metal Cutter:

Why We Love It:

  • DVD containing ART collection
  • A very detailed set of components
  • Promising customer care

✔️A lot of accessories❌Not for large scale operations
✔️Good customer care
❌Not of very high quality

5: Techtongda Vinyl Cutter Plotter:

Why We Love It:

  • Comes with Epson C88 printer
  • CISS Ink system
  • Best for beginners

✔️Best vinyl printer for shirts❌Too small for XXL shirts
✔️User-friendly interface
❌A little costly
✔️CISS system

6: Mophorn Heat Press Machine and Vinyl Cutter:

Why We Love It:

  • Very wide plotter machine
  • 5 cm of paper feed
  • High cutting speed of up to 800mm/s
  • Backlit LCD display

✔️Wide vinyl cutter❌Inadequate instructions
✔️Overload Protection
❌Below average customer care
✔️Backlit LCD
✔️Swift speed

7: IntBuying Cutting Heat Press Machine:

Why We Love It:

  • Wider cutting width
  • Vinyl CD of 10yards
  • artcut Software

✔️High speed❌High on price point
✔️Worldwide voltage acceptability
✔️High cutting width

8: CN Vinyl Cutting Plotter Heat Transfer Vinyl:

Why We Love It:

  • Big heat press
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be used commercially
✔️Good bang for your bucks❌Software
✔️Commercially applicable
❌A little narrow cutting width

What are Vinyl Cutters and Heat press machines?

You can consider vinyl cutters as “computer-controlled cutters” which receive instructions digitally. It can be for commercial or personal use. Commercial cutters are for a very complex and huge amount of designs. Personal cutters are for those who have a hobby to print designs for different products like T-shirts, cups, and mouse pads. It doesn’t print images instead it cuts a vinyl sheet into a specifically given shape. This piece of vinyl then can be embossed with a heat press machine.

What to consider if you are a beginner?

Although there are quite a lot of machines that can do this job perfectly, you have to be cautious. Instead of considering just speed and power, you should take into account the achievability and cutting precision of the machine. We will help you with the cheap vinyl cutter for T-shirts and its pros and cons.

In order to make this decision easy for you, we have made a collection of the 8 best vinyl cutter and heat press combo machines. The list contains some best budgets as well as a high-quality vinyl cutting machine for T-shirts. We will also give you tips to deliver the perfect vinyl designs to your T-shirts.

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