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Best 3D Printer for Cosplay in 2021【Tested For All Props】

Nowadays, many people want to print their own costumes, which is why 3D printers are famous.

Many comics lovers are enthusiasts to design and print cosplays of the characters they love, which is possible only by the perfect 3D printer.

In the world of comics, anime, and video games, cosplay is famous and very demanding, which has increased the demand for 3D printers as well.

That’s why we have a detailed review of the best 3D printers for cosplay so that you can choose one.

Best 3D Printers for Cosplay 2021

Here is the list of top 3D Printers for Cosplay 2021:

FDM 3D Printer10 [Editor's Choice]
JGAURORA Upgraded A5S 3D Printer8
LABISTS Auto Leveling 3D Printer8
ANYCUBIC Chiron 3D Printer8.5
Monoprice - 15365 Select Mini 3D Printer8
Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer8
ANYCUBIC Mega S 3D Printer7
Creality CR-10S FDM 3D Printer7
Eryone Thinker SE Quiet 3D Printer7.5
LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer7
Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer8
QIDI TECH Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printer7
FlashForge 3D Printer7.5
BIBO 3D Printer7
Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer7

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1. FDM 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • All the printers are backed with lifetime technical support.
  • It offers silent printing.
  • It prints big models efficiently at once.
  • It provides a good start for creative makers.
✅More funs printing flexible filaments with Titan Direct Drive❌There might not be installation instructions, so you have to check online.
✅Provides ultra-quiet operation.
✅Large Printing Size and Semi-assembled.
✅Automatically stops when it runs out of filament.

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2. JGAURORA Upgraded A5S 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It is the most updated version available.
  • It is equipped with a Self-developed mainboard.
  • It is fast and easy to assemble.
  • It features Filament Run Out Detection.
✅It is equipped with a 2.8" Colorful LCD Touch Screen.❌Its directions are in Chinese that hard to follow for some users.
✅It provides offline printing via SD card.
✅Its assembly can be done in less than 30 minutes.
✅It prints large size models at 305x305x320mm.

3. LABISTS Auto Leveling 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It features an auto-leveling 3D printer.
  • It is widely compatible.
  • The assembly is easy and fast.
  • It resumes print where it left.
✅It provides fast heating to the process.❌Some users find it hard to set up.
✅It is equipped with a large touch screen.
✅The auto-leveling feature provides printing more efficiently and precisely.
✅It is equipped with double fans.

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4. ANYCUBIC Chiron 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It features an extra-large build volume.
  • The semi auto-leveling and resume function make printing better.
  • The printer is relatively easy to use.
  • It provides safe and precise printing.
✅The modular design is easy and quick to assemble.❌It may start sticking in the middle of prints after prolonged use.
✅The huge build volume provides 3D printing on a wide scale.
✅It is backed up with a one-year warranty.
✅It is compatible with other widely used devices.

5. Monoprice – 15365 Select Mini 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It supports all types of filaments.
  • It features a compact desktop design.
  • You don’t have to assemble as it comes already assembled.
  • It is compatible with every widely used device.
✅It is compatible with all types of filaments.❌No technical support was mentioned.
✅It is compatible with all types of used software and systems.
✅It comes pre-assembled.
✅It is equipped with a compact desktop design.

6. Dremel Digilab 3D20 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It is the most reliable 3D printer.
  • The printer offers hours of high-quality printing.
  • The pre-assembled printer is easy to operate.
  • It provides far superior safety as compared to a regular 3D printer.
✅It is the most reliable 3D printer with all the features you need.❌Comparatively Slow.
✅The easy setup and operation let you start immediately.
✅It provides a display with a colorful LCD Touch Screen.
✅It is back up with one year of warranty by the company.

7. ANYCUBIC Mega S 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It takes only three steps to set up the whole system.
  • Its updated extruder design provides precise extrusion.
  • It features resume printing and sensor detection for filaments.
  • It provides excellent adhesion when printing.
✅The fast assembly saves time.❌Not a fire hazard.
✅It auto pauses when it runs out of filaments.
✅The touch screen displays the whole process in multi-languages.
✅It is equipped with a high-quality extruder.

8. Creality CR-10S FDM 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It provides a comparatively big printing size.
  • Like others, it features resume printing.
  • It is upgraded with dual z-axis.
  • The company provides satisfactory services.
✅It prints joining small models to offer a big size.❌Some users get instructions in Chinese.
✅It features resume operation to start where left.
✅It provides high-quality cosplay prints.
✅It is backed up with a 45 days return.

9. Eryone Thinker SE Quiet 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • The amazing3D printer for cosplay is super quiet.
  • It features a glass heated bed surface build.
  • The printer offers a large volume and superior quality.
  • It is compatible with auto-leveling sensors.
✅It features a glass bed for better compatibility.❌No customer support.
✅The quality coupling prints smoothly.
✅The dual bed rails make the process stable.
✅The dividing rule on granny gives precise readings.

10. LulzBot Mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It features whisper-quiet printing.
  • It has flexible and rigid filaments.
  • It provides a tetherless operation.
  • It offers impressive printing quality.
✅Compact design is easy to port.❌Some users find it unstable after prolonged use.
✅It is backed up with a one-year warranty.
✅It provides a better printing quality.
✅The printer is perfect for classrooms and offices.

11. Monoprice Maker Select Plus 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It supports all types of filaments.
  • Its compact desktop design is compact enough for any desk.
  • It comes with a sample PLA filament and a MicroSD card.
  • The printer is compatible with many printing software.
✅It features a unified design.❌None
✅It is equipped with an easy-to-use touch screen user interface.
✅It provides a large volume for printing big models.
✅It comes with all the necessary tools.

12. QIDI TECH Intelligent Industrial Grade 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It offers two different ways of placing the filament.
  • It is equipped with a 5-inch touchscreen for easy operations.
  • It provides full metal support, which is more stable than a plastic one.
  • The printer provides a one-year warranty.
✅It enables users to print bigger sizes.❌Some users find it hard to assemble.
✅It provides quality and durable print.
✅The company provides excellent and satisfying services.
✅It has many features, such as quiet printing, air purification, Wi-Fi connection, and power outage.

13. FlashForge 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It provides a full manufacturer warranty and free email support.
  • Its sturdy frame is more stable.
  • It does not warp during the heating process.
  • Its enclosed chamber protects ABS prints.
✅It is compatible with a lot of filaments.❌Comparatively Expensive.
✅It offers a better printing quality.
✅It works smoothly, making minimum noise.
✅The company provides a manual for instructions that helps a lot.

14. BIBO 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • It is equipped with a full-color touch screen.
  • It offers you printing in two different colors.
  • The filament detection technology saves time and filaments.
  • Its Wi-Fi connection allows you to the network via PC and phone.
✅It features a removable enclosed cover.❌Still, some beginners find it hard to use.
✅The full touchscreen displays all the necessary details.
✅Its WIFI control system makes printing easy and upgraded.
✅It offers resume operation to save time.

15. Sindoh 3DWOX DP200 3D Printer

Why do we love it?

  • Red Dot Design Award winner.
  • It provided automatic filaments loading and unloading.
  • It provides an internal monitoring camera for remote viewing.
  • It is equipped with a 5-inch touch screen LED display.
✅It shows an optimized direction for printing.❌Sometimes its temperature may drop after prolonged use.
✅It supports easy mode for beginners.
✅Its features allow you to adjust the model and printer.
✅It is powered by a trustable company.


All the 3D printers reviewed above are best in the performance and providing premium quality prints. So, you have to choose the one that is easy to use if you are a beginner. But if you are professional don’t go for the one which is specially built for beginners. Similarly, if you have a long-term plan for printing 3D models and starting with zero, choose the one for both beginners and professionals. We hope our guide is enough for you to buy the one you need.


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